Thursday, December 3, 2009

A very good day Nov, 30th!!

I just have not been able to run this whole time except for 2 days a total of about 12 miles. From injury of the last 2 races of an achilles an hamstring from correcting for it. I've had to SWIM I hate swimming and have had to count the days and resist the temptation to go and to just heal. Especially since I look like a fish flopping around in the water. Though the steamroom is worth the embarassment.

The last day of November I got to run with wifes get out and go run an mostly the left leg saying yes give it a try. The turkey day holiday weekend was not good for us. Well up untill Saterday where it went downhill where the alternater and battery bit the dust and working the part-time job. Then getting home and sleeping though a family Christmas party get togather where I never made it there.

Now really trying to get out to run after Monday and Thurs, 2 basketball games and a late nite I only had time for the yoga class at the Y on Wednesday with a 1000 meters in the pool. Friday I need to get out but for some reason I think it's going to be a day. If anything I'll try to sneak in a swim if I have to.

Well the daughter got popped in the nose and bloody and they won both there b-ball games this week, I'd say a fair trade off.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

After the race

Almost 2 months from the race and only 11 or maybe 12 miles run. It's not that I didn't want to get out there, it was the hamstring, nerve and the achilles that was good till the second mile of both of those runs. I've had to go to the Y and swim which I hate to do. I do not like swimming, but I have to do something. I've got at least a quater of a mile M-W and TH-F a little over 1/2 mile. Then to the yoga class on Wed or Thurs for an hour. That is a workout itself just streching.

My significant other expressed the question of isn't that for wemen and or gay guys? Well I said no and hey if it's going to give me an extra at least 20 minutes I will take it and do it. There have been at least 3 other men in there to that I know or have found that are married and with kids. But I know she still isn't convinced!!

But I though will still tell runners to try it. Because for me it works by just doing it for 25 minutes 5 days of the week and being able to finish the ultra when it was so in question. This is usually my down time anyway just not this much. Last year I still ran least a bit.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Heartland 50 mile ultra race report

The race report, just a little late but here it is. The friday before the race was looking pretty good , but such was not the case at the begining of the week. They were saying rain and 37 to 40 degree's. That Friday it was 50 and sunny after a week of clouds and cold. The prerace meal was awesome as always with roast, chichen in cream sauce, a slaw H/M bread and potato's with a desert you cannot resist.

That was Friday and Saterday was another very different story. As 99% were already asleep I had been awake till 12:30am and finally asleep about 1:00.
Weather had said it was really going to be 50 and partly sunny that looked as if it was going to come true at daybreak, but it was going to be a far different story in an hour and what a difference it makes.

Then it was all to change the wind gradully picked up an the clouds rolled in like a fog and the temps dropped. It had been the coldest run I started at 37 deg that never got warmer. I had the shoes running shorts 3 tech shirts, a Nike zipper v-neck pullover with my never forgoten amber sunglasses. If I only would have remembered my hat!! Because as you see there's no wind break or tree.

It was all good up in through the first 8 miles to the first aide station (Battlecreek) where I think quite a few of the other runners wished I would have shut up along the way. There is always people from all over and very few from just Kansas. For me that's the fun of this run. You get to see so many inspiring things in this race last year a 77 yr old man and this an amputee in the womens race. I kept up with her for a half mile, as I had to tone it back. Both were in the 100 and finished under the 30 hr time. But from that point on here come the hills. They are not the mountains but the idea of going back though those after 35
miles is a real thought. As we made our way through I think the worse part of the course I believe it dipped in temp.

Getting to the next aide station was even cooler (Lapland) a straight in you face or left side wind driven. No time to really stop a couple cups of soda and quick fill of the pack an I was off. The volenteers are great I just want to say!

That I thought was rough coming into that with the cold north wind. Though I forgot or was as I should of was not thinking of the last 9 to the turn around. Probably some of the most open part of the 50 mile course. I made it to through that last 9 miles to the halfway turnaround and just could not decide what I wanted to eat no one had any rock salt so I had a PBJ and a couple cookies. There also it was my fault but I tried to tell them that orange drop bag could go back but it never made it, or the other at Lapland. You ask why, because I'm an idiot that didn't put his number on his bags. I headed on the way back and I just had a 4 hr and 15 minute 25 miles which was not good. The wind was at the back and like last year I was on my own for the next half. I knew I still was in good a good place but didn't know how far back though but I thought I could catch possibly one or two I didn't know how far ahead they were. It was a long cold and lonly run to catch someone I could never see.

I made it back though Lapland and a quick soda, cookie brownies and a half fill of the camelback I was feeling good and blew through battlecreek. I had 2 hot on my tail and I am not letting the get me. I ran though to the next unmanned aide an called that I was coming in. I got to battlecreek / 150th made a time an distance check which was not good and I so wanted to walk and I knew at the end of the road was the last corner. I have been able to see the watertower at the finish for the longest time. I made the corner and it's amazing the feeling to see the finish line and the sprint you can actually pull off.

It is not the time I had hoped for, with no PR 3 minutes and 18 second shy. I take it with running with all I had on I think that was damned good. Now next year to knock off the 100 mile side of this race.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

3 days till Heartland 50

Only 3 more days till I then we find out if it was enough to surpass last years time
of 9:38:20 for the 50. I got my 2 runs in for then weekend and they were only to be a
1.5 hour and a 1 hour run. But like last year I didn’t follow that either. I went ahead for the 2-10 mile runs and there’s not much difference in those either. Though my heals are very tight in the morning, I just have to be very careful in getting going. I don’t know what the deal is with that.

Thursday was an off day for my daughters volleyball game, which they lost they get a great lead and then they blow it by getting to confident. You can always tell when it’s going to happen they get that smile on there face and it’s over.

Friday was a 9 and Saturday was 10 and 10 for Sunday because I don’t think a extra 30 minutes is going to kill me. The wife can’t get that lucky!! Got some hot tub action for the Achilles and left leg and no I’d rather do Badwater before that. That I thought helped. But the heels were stiffer Sunday.

For the race I have a pair of everyday shoes (Asics) and 2 pair of (Asics) w/1700 and 800 miles on them and a pair of adidias with 800 also. Hmmm which one to pick to run in for the race. Planned on a new pair but not going to happen with a story about that, that is to long. Paranoia don’t know but there’s different aches this year and something is just not right. Though after 13 miles of the race I will have achieved one of the goals to break 2000 miles for the year.

Friday, October 2, 2009

During taper

Does it seem that there are more aches and pains during taper or what and it’s just started? Or is it just in the head that its come down to the end and either you have it all done and your good, something blows up and your done being to careful or and you just didn’t get it all down right to make the goal. All the questions that are floating around in your head and all the answers that won’t be given till 10/10. Last year I had that reason to prove it to someone this year, I don’t know. This year was to break 9 hrs, then to just walk / jog it or be happy just to finish and or being under 10 hours to qualify for a 100 miler. I still don’t know which will happen yet. I hope this is the just the taper depression.

The left leg is good one day and questionable on another anymore. The Achilles and the nerve are just not cooperating very well. The friend I conned into doing this race blew up his knee in a Tri and says he’ll be lucky to make it to the turnaround. It is beginning to be not the very best end of the year run. I have not felt so sore 2 weeks and so many aches even from the last 2 races.

The last 2 races I’ve gone all out for 3 to 4 days 3 weeks out and didn’t do that this time to see if it worked better and now not so sure that was a great idea. Well see the only thing different is the great deal of stretching I’ve been doing with the yoga. There I do feel a lot better. But the legs just feel more tired and good sore.

A link to the race:

Monday, September 21, 2009

That was it!! 18 days left.

This is was the last big weekend for long runs to be had for race prep. I had a grand total of 63.8 miles for last week which I think was between good and oh! Well... Friday I had 6.3 and Saturday 10.7 and Sunday 25.20 a 4:45:00 minute long run just to be out there for the time. But you know how that goes when I logged it on Buckeyeoutdoors and seen the 11.30 pace that really blew.

Last week was good and bad with the Achilles it hurt on some days and not others.
I really wish it would make up which direction it will go. I had all the stretching I could do for the week to it seemed to help loosen them up but then were a little tired then. It could have been the P90X yoga that I followed to; it was a little different than yogamazing. There’s a little more intense stretching and poses going on. I still recommend any of that if your tight or having lots of muscle pulls. There is no oommmming in that if that’s deterring you from doing it after a run or during the day.

I believe I just have 2 hour runs and maybe a 3 on the next weekend or so. It is now going to be all about getting stretched out and healed as best I can. Eating better and getting to bed at a decent time which is high on the agenda because you’d be amazed how badly I’ve eaten and the 3 ½ hours of sleep a night I’ve been getting I haven’t dropped by now.

To cut to the chase for now whatever it takes to break the 9 hour mark and will be very disappointed if I don’t. Because as ya know there are only 2 finish lines in a race!! The Tylenol is ready and I do or will though have one goal down during race week or day. My goal of 2000 miles for the year should be done then an rest will be extra.

Monday, September 14, 2009

24 days can they go by any faster!!

24 days till Heartland 50 can they go by quicker, but then when its over it will be awhile before the next which will be hard. This week turning to be a very good good one so far. No achilles problem and no muscle pull anymore as of yet after last weeks 3 days off on tues, wed, and thurs. I had a great start to the weekend had a 17 miler and then a 13 and a twinge still in the foot, then a nice slow 20 in 3:10 not to rush and ruin a good thing. I wanted to get that 5 hour run out of the way this weekend but I have one more shot at it this weekend coming with 3 weeks left. The stresses of this are nothing to what happens here. The wife doesn't want around (she doesn't) then complains when I try to stick around to help. Everyone knows JOB and just keeping up wih life. I have started debating on what to do at this race.

It is the second time and my 3rd ultra. Do I try to beat my time from last year of 9:38 for 50 or do I stretch it out to 13:50 something just to stay out longer. Granted it really does not matter to me. I will find out the day before the race. For me all that matters is to just finish the race to be able to say to someone there's another failure finished. That is one from last year just read the blog from last year. Brief overview;

1. Wanted to do a marathon had not ran in 20 yrs.
2. Was told I was showing off
3. Started running in the country
4. Picked an obscure 50 mile ultra (it was cheaper by 10 bucks)
5 Had her mail it off she didn't read how far on the form
6. 2 ?'s after telling her
7. Why one of those when you haven't even done a marathon
8. Why are you setting yourself up for failure
9. My answers were
10. Because it's there and I'm not!!

This year I'll have no one out there she said she's not coming and I'm not calling this time!!
My parents that missed my last two knew the date and were going to be there this time because we were not talking on the fist, the second she was running the sound board at church (more important). Then Ooops! A gal she worked with a year an a half ago is getting married and lives in Tx. They gotta be there. I really think its funny because I could care less.I've learned though where I stand in line. This is just a if you think you have it bad things. Though though only rule comment on anything except this paragraph.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I said it was going to good!!

Yes I knew it was going to well. It started last week a little ache in the leg, thinking it was just the achilles going just to be irratible. Then friday night it went, where I don't walk for nothing I did at the 8th mile to the school to see how the football game was going and walking around to give it a break, it's a pain from the heel to the bottom of the butt. Though I and a couple of others think it's just a muscle that has not been used untill now that I've been really stretching out good. Since the first race I havn't been able to bend over and touch the floor and after 3 weeks of the yoga for runnes and the knees and feet episodes that is happening which still has given me more miles in 3 weeks then I had done in April for Free State witch I take with no complaining even with that nagging pain. Just played it safe this weekend and ran my 9 on Friday and a 3 hour run on Saterday took an off day for the nagging and Monday labor day cracked out a 23.08 miler in that 4 hour run taking it easy and carefully to irratate it. Here it's 34 days till heartland and coming down to the wire with only 2 more good weekends to get anything in before the taper. Just checked also on buckeyeoutdoors that I have 245 to 250 miles left for 2000 miles for the year. Now how to work the rest of the training to get the 2 grand when running the 50 mile ultra. Well I'll have my 2000 now just have to work for that sub 9 hr 50.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Second five hour run

It turned out to be a good end of the week with running. I ended it off with a 10 milers from Monday to Thursday and Saturday topped it off with a nice 30.05 miles in 5:05:00. That was a long road to go with it being only a 4 mile loop around and around and around. But it does have its advantages I’ve got five water stops and a place to drop any supplies, granola bars sports drink and sandwiches. The only downfall is a few idiot drivers that don’t slow on the dirt road and pull up all the dust along with the fisherman that also think they own the city lake. But most of them are use to me now except one that never slows or stops to find out why he gets stared at all the way by and or gets a sign.

Saturday was different though my daughter didn’t appreciate it. I caught up with and paced a few runners that came out for just 1 loop around and done. One was her old track coach, another was the science teacher. Then for me it was just an older gentleman and we talked for a while and a girl that I followed for a distance just to be pulled along. Then the last 20 were with a friend I thought would have been done, but like me was slow getting going to. A faster pace and couple people fishing started asking for the miles as we went around. It wasn’t too bad as the temp was around 75 give or take with a good breeze. I was just dreading the bike ride back home with the cooler.

I got it done and it was even better than I though with that time from above that was actually faster by 5 miles than last year and 4 miles from the Achilles on the left and the muscle pull on the right. It is amazing after a week and a half that 1 or 2 yogamazing podcast shows a day will do. I don’t care what people will think anymore if it is going to give me 5 miles over last year and no strains and legs not being tight along with bringing down the personal best of my 10 and 13.1 mile runs I’m going to do it!! The 2 shows were for yoga for runners and yoga for knee’s and feet.

I did take Sunday off though not really much of a choice had to work the retail store all day. It could not have been early morning or an afternoon shift it had to be right in the middle. Also with things going as well as they are I’m just kind of waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop with my full time job. We are the only ones in this field that haven’t had layoffs quite yet in this city. This makes me wonder that there has always been something to go wrong. Call me a skeptic But there is still 5 weeks left.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Still going..

Yes still at it and should be good this weekend! So far I have a 5 hour long run in from a little over a week ago and last weekend was fair with a 3:35 min long run on Saturday an a 3:00 hour run for Sunday. This weekend I’m planning on two 4’s one after the other or a 4 hr and then a 5, I just haven’t decided on which one yet. For some those are marathon times and only are out there that long when they are doing them. I a lot of times go out early then start to latch on to people following them and usually out lasting them by a long way. Sometimes when they find out how long I’ve been out there ( when I do answer them its very casual ) they look as if I’m nuts.  They ask what I’m training for over half the time I’ll say (for peace of mind) just to be out here. It’s just fun to see how far you can go every now and again. Then sometimes I'll actually tell them about the ultra, it just depends on the mood. Right now I'm procrastinating on this 5 hour run, sitting well you know getting ready for the long runs go. Well really I better get the drink and eats ready now before she the wif starts to grumble. 

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Still among living!!

After the biathlon it’s been a little while and it’s been hot. I don’t have the pleasure of running to late in the evening when it’s cooler or when a big storm is coming. So Those times I’ve got to go. Since the last post it’s been 100 deg and ran consistent 13 milers to keep the feeling of tired legs and me. In which you could see the ring of salt going around the shorts. People around this time of training are always asking as I go by how many times do you go around and aren’t you done yet. They are just seeing me to many times going around the 4 mile loop of the lake for 10, 13 or more miles. I got to run though a couple really good storms that lighting and very loud thunder were in close and coming in. 2 of the storms were not that bad, like good spring showers with a couple of strikes here and there with the really cool long rumbles of thunder that just stretched on. Then with my brilliance and hey for once it was not just me with the sightedness of safety. One storm past and I thought along with this girl that “Oh hey I have time to make it around for 6 miles looping the lake before the next one which was wrong and a bad idea! We got half way around, the rain was coming at us sideways and the lightning was much more intense. Which then or a little before that realized what poor judgment we had that night, though it was one of the fastest times I’ve had for 6 miles in a long time. I haven’t been posting either because I’ve been setting at the desk and within about 15 minutes I’m asleep and don’t wake up till 2:00 am then go to bed for the rest of the 2:30 minutes that I have left. Summer and the big weeks 7 weeks out just drain me.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One of a lot of long runs!

It only started on Sunday with the biathlon last week with only 6 miles put in and should have been more. Hough I didn't get it going soon enough because I though the wife would have been back sooner with our daughter. It was my part in miscalculation of time that blew it. Then with the honeydews that we're conjured up plus my daughters 1st night back after a week from the gradparents. Lessoned learned get out and going when you can because it's to late for them once you out.

On running news to see how many 13's or better I could do. Well I did 4 and could have done one more but family things came first on Friday. It was all 13's except for tues I got a 14.75 in and Friday only 2. Though I believe I made up for it on saterday after I thought the long run was not going to happen. I that night had pulled off a 27 miler with only 1 gu, 1 granola bar an a gallon of sports drink. I had to work from 6am to 1030am an the wife wanted to go to the waterpark at first then decided on out to eat then G.I. Goe and a quick run to walmart. I was to be able to start at 6:30pm but turned out to be 7:15 on the road. Gave her the idea that I may be out for 5 hrs instead of 4 if I can pull it off.

The first 10 were not to bad I had a little daylight to do the lake twice and a little extra in the pasture and the ditches in the park. Then since i don't know where the flashight went I had to run the park and around the 1 mile block the pig pen is staitioned. At least then it might be safer but then again I wouldn't go that far, at they'll know where I am though. Then another correction as 3 skunks were playing in the park and didn't want to to leave. That mad it a full road run. So I made it all hills and a little more challenging
and kicked out a 4:50:00 ---26.2 miler  getting finished a little after 12am. Nice way to finish off the week with 88 total miles. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A half or better for how long

I had an idea! Yes that’s like fingernails on a chalkboard for me saying that. Since I’ve not been getting those long runs in why not see how many 13.1’s or better I can do in a row. So far it’s been 2 with a 13 and a 14.75 miler. I really don’t feel that bad here on this Wednesday even though it’s been right at 100 degree’s starting out on these runs this week. Since I didn’t get to run the whole weekend why not it’ll be a challenge. I’m watering up during the day and electrolyte tabs with a good deal of salt. No headaches so far, no muscle problems or at least ones to speak of. The only thing if I can keep it up would be I have a 4 and 5 hr run days on Saturday and Sunday which will make them interesting. I had a fleeting thought to on a 100 miler I could do and finish my goal this year 2 weeks after my 50m, but like our house selling and us getting a loan for another or owner carry so much would have to go right and or miracle happening but hey its all possible.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Biathlon Depression Bluses

Ahhhh, who knows didn't get to run saterday had to work and a big thing that needed my assistance the wife said, and it was a movie that I had to watch. No shooting and no explosions. It was "the ugly truth" no bad but it doesn't beat getting out for the 3.5 to 4 hr run I was suppose to do.

Biathlon morning up and ready to go the one who wanted me to do this couldn't come, had to run a sound board another race to miss I'm not going to worry about it. It was a fun race I got to do anyway A summer biathlon with my 2 favorite things running and shooting. Well we got there and I thinking one week and a half that I had to pick up the speed. Yea right, I had to run 3 loops just to get warmed up. Then we had to get our instructions then vidieo showing how we or more or less beginners on how to shoot lying and standing. I had 2 - 5 round practices and one more loop around the course. It started at a staggered start minusing off yor start time, mine at 14 minutes for me and minus off 15 sec for each shot hit lying and 30 sec for each shot standing. I hit 2 lying and 3 standing. That did knock off 2 minutes from my race time from26:11 to make it 24:11. Still though not good enough to place. Who knew the were so many 40 to 49 age group people that ran faster than that when I couldn't find one.

I started off and kept up with the guy I was paired up with for a block then he got some distance on me. I shot quick and caught him going out again. I think it helped I was pissed I'd only hit 2. Standing at the end of the second I got 3 hits and was not a happy camper. Everyone was holding there own on the second lap and the 3rd I put all I had in the last 1500m I overtook about 10 people and thought I just might have that chace to place. Untill I saw the times. Still 3 minutes off I'd like to have seen these guys, and where they came from.

We had one 19 minute and 2 - 20minute 5k's with time never stopping while you were shooting. That is depressing, but my best 5k is 23:04 and that's without shooting from a year ago. So I don't know I'm a little mixed on that. I know that my time is about a 8:40 mile with shooting so aaaaa oh well. I'll kick there ....... Next year.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Got miles? Biathlon!!

Another week gone and I got the miles but not the 3 and 4 hour runs in. It's the same as for the 100k in the spring but we have no cold and haven't called it off and went to base miles. Then a quick build up because oh yea your doing the race anyway! I still have about 9 weeks left though to to get those 2 weekends with a 4 an a 5 hour run for both days each weekend. This week I also I've some what went to lower faster miles. For what you say a biathlon that that my mother talked me into. The lowest I've seen in a 5k is close to 8:30 minute miles and the shooting part I havn't shot in 15 years. Even better it has to be a bolt action and iron sites. I can do it but placing will be tough the only thing I have going for me is maybe my age group won't show up or I can still shoot well. Or maybe only 3 will show up there's not many that have registered. She (mother) wants me to win one of these wooden bowls this guy makes. All this cause she thinks it would be neat fir me to win. I hate breaking it to her that just because I run long doesn't mean it's fast. Going to try to get 2 hr run in tonight after work running out to make sure the rifle is sighted in and did i mention its not even mine, a 4 hr one after the biathlon tomorrow 8/2, can be done no honeydoo's daughter at grandparents and race will be done quick. We'll see about that race tomorrow!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

1 Comment

I had one comment that wanted to know what my strategy was on doing my 50 mile ultra, what I needed and what support I had or would've like to have. Right now before you go on, register for that one race you want to do, ultra that is. You probably have more training than I did to be there. 10 months to train and hadn’t run in 20 years and never more than a 10k. Anyone can do it you just have to want it bad enough.

       First there was none (strategy) except to just finish. What I needed, I took too much. Needed duct tape a couple 3 pieces of rock salt. Camera a (light one) and a couple things to eat you really like because you already have a stomach of steel from eating before you go out for the 10 to 13 mile run or the 3, 4 or 5 hr run. A camelback or waist pack with bottles in a V with the pack in the middle.  

         Run the flats and the downhill’s and walk the up hills. You don't need much because you will have everything you will need or want at the aide stations. For the first one have fun and take it as a possible all day jog and don't ask or find the mileage or know it. Tag along with someone everyone is always willing to help. The support for a 50k, na, the support for the 50 mile you don't need a pacer. I tried 2 people and they just told me I didn't need it and to just get out and do it, plus the above. I found I didn't and was much more rewarding finish. Make it close to the same type of terrain, dirt, gravel, pasture, grass and make it hilly.

      Life isn’t waiting, get out there and do it. I was told when I first signed up by someone. Remaining nameless. Why do you want to do one of those when you have not even done a regular marathon? Second question was. Why are you setting yourself up for failure? My failure was 9:38:20for 50 miles and that person told more people about it than my #0 I got to call when I finished. I was told I was showing off in my running and this is my way of being not seen and all just for me. Always remember the sentence below and you should do fine. It is my motivation to keep on going. Beyond the one “There are only 2 finish lines in a race only one is just a little more permanent.

You can always quit and they will not care, but you will always know!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

44 in 4 days

Well that’s all I got out after the 5 days of nothing. 1--14.5miler, 2—10milers and a 11.6miler on Sun.. That one (Sun) was the worst of all it was just way humid and I still haven’t got it together on the sleep and eating correctly or whatever is put in front of me. I don’t know it is easy to quit caffeine, Tylenol and Copenhagen. But keeping those 2 down is a bear and is affecting it just as much. Thursday was a good run and kept up the pace but seems Friday was just a little longer and Saturday that was not even fun. Sunday I did though get my stride back after the muscle pull pain in each leg was pretty much gone. I thought at first Sunday would be a come back day as we all have seen though some things just don’t happen as planned.

Sunday was bad day as I got out late, headache, sinuses and just didn’t feel it. I went anyway the run was another humid one and just lagging. Then I came up to 2 miles left and an old friend was out jogging. He told me he thought hey there’s (Scooter) he’s a marathoner he’ll know what to do. I told him ultra marathoner I’ve never run a marathon that I will say was his first mistake!!! The other thinking I would know what to do.  He hadn’t run in 4 to 5 months and I told him I’d go back around for another 4 with him. Nice easy jog just to make it for him, I believe it had been longer since he had run. Gave him some tips along the way. But the next 2 days he was to sore to run he says.

Monday and Tuesday I been able to kick out at least an 8 ¼  to 8 ½  minute mile for a little over 7 miles. No Achilles no ham string pulls or aches either. Though 2 easy runs, so the rest of the 3 got to be long and so much for the days off idea, but I might stick one of them in possibly. So far though will it be enough to beat the the 9 hr mark and the challenge that I talk in to this race. This is the half way mark 9 weeks and days to go. At least injury free now and time to get with it while it holds out.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Win, lose or a draw?

OK I get cranky when I haven’t run. But hey it somewhat worked only one bike has got to go. The rule is she's got to find that needy one around here and they have to pick it up from me. Unlike the last 2 I gave up that I've never seen used and know it to. This one is not going to lie rusting!! I call it a win. The other thing that was great she (the wife) had got so tired of me hanging around for the almost last 6 days she agreed to that and told me I am not doing this again and I will be running and better get caught up in my training b/c she does not want to hear it. Another win in my book!

  So today I went running and am done. It was one hell of a run after 5 and half days off and turned out to be 14.41 miles in 2:19. Not bad not good but I’ll take it any run is a good run. Right! At first though I needed to drop off unbelievably a registration for a biathlon that my mother so thinks I need to do. Told the wife I was going to drop it off at there house. She said your not running all the way out there and it is not even as far as I would normally run. I had to come back into town and run around the lake to get the extra 5 miles.

   On the way around the lake this gal and was having some trouble she was dieing. She was with her boyfriend I had to tell her to relax, your thinking to much about it, just let your legs to the work and look around and enjoy it, your doing good so far. Just make it one even pace just to make it and just don’t quit or say that one very irritable word c—‘t. I don’t know how she faired out because he was no help and I never seen them again. At home walked in the door and a good thing the recorded soaps were on and not a peep.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Did he get to go!!

 The answer is…… no! But I almost got to go anytime I wanted. I needed to wait for a call from them then I was told to go. But  then tried another OS for the instead of the daughters shot XP backup disks. (computer crash) But whoops you gotta grill these first, now eat and in the mix get it for D/L another Linux OS before eating. Then I knew I was in for it and I not going running tonight. The all glorious one has a news conference Telling us how he’s going to save us and what we need. What a crock  --  ----. The quickest way to Socialism. We got in to the discussion I have no compassion and understanding just plan selfish. That I didn’t need to put that on the daughter’s computer to get her up and running. That was a long discussion and then to late to go.

I’ll give it a try tonight and she can give all 4 of the bikes away, what the hec.

Almost 5 Days

The 5th day is today and I am holding fast if not to just be an a>>. There has been no running and there is none planned for today even though the calendar says so. She says I don’t need to run if I’m going to be selfish and not give 2 of my bikes of 4 away to some one who needs one. Well I said no as I put 2 of the 4 together from junk with original parts. A mountain, road, antique 1973 Fuji 10 speed and a K2 that is a work in progress. We see who will hold out longer and how interesting training or no training for the next race will be. There are only 2 finish lines in every race and no matter what time I cross either preferably the 1st one will be good for me. Because how many do actually cross a 50 mile finish line. Well I guess though since I just got a call on why am I not running and she’s not play’in this game. It’s I better go running or I’m a pack’in. OOOooooh! So much for the break I was really so looking forward to making it interesting this year. That call was prompted from last night when she asked why I was not running  she even got the daughter in on it. Trying to make me feel bad that I quit and that was not a very good influence for her to just quit. I told her I ran the first to just prove to your mom that when she said last year why are you setting yourself up for failure and she didn’t think I could do it. I DID!

Well happy running today still debating on weather to do 2 or 15.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Schedules and Crazy

Schedules why do I make them and think that they are going to go as planned. As this is the 3rd schedule that I have made and you take the time and patients into getting it just right. Then put it on your internet calendar to text you the daily run but hey I am yet to follow it. Either doing more than planned or making up a weekend day during the week is possible. Having only a 3 and 3 ½ hr long run so far those I can still do one of those during the week. But at one point trying to get that done will be getting harder to do. Like last night was to be part of another make up type of day but didn’t happen at all. I get worried about the ultra race those times of missing days but then I won’t be happy I missed my goal time. But it will be just as a thrill to see how close to crawling and or …. That’s the fun part.

I’ve been told that I’m crazy running in the weather we have been having in the high 90’s and low 100’s to awesome thunderstorms and for as long as I do. I say though how can I be ready for everything if I don’t train in anything. I do not believe in DNF’s unless the RD, ranger or sheriff pulls you off the course even when you’re hiding out trying not to be found to finish. I always say “There are only 2 finish lines in a race no quitting lines. Only one finish line is just a little more permanent.”  And I don’t plan on the optional line only the first!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Selfish or not?

What do you think is it selfish to have 4 bikes trail / road / tri bike and a antique.
The wife say 2 have got to go because we have 6 bikes altogether. I say no per I do ride all of them or the 4 that are mine. She says yes per look at all the kids that don’t even have a bike in our town. Well I don’t know where she lives but if there walk’in it’s on there own prerogative. I had already given 2 bikes away already before that I had put together from scratch from ones being thrown away. That there I was told if not I could quit running and bike instead but I’d still have to get rid of 2 of them in the discussion that lasted to long. So the 20 mile run became a 10 miler of 1:38:00.  Legs were better with less tension from no caffeine. I’ll can still slip in that 20 before the weekend So anyone I like those rounded 4 bikes let me know selfish or not ! I’d like to know!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Decaffinaton weekend / history

The 3rd caffeine detox weekend started Friday nothing just milk, sports drink and water nothing else. No I’ve done this for 2 races now and this is the 3rd time. Why I like my coffee and it's not going to kill me. It is easy to quit cold because I've done it with Copenhagen, chewing for 20 yrs 24/7 365 just threw it out the window on thanksgiving driving 4 yrs ago and have not had one since. That Is where you will find if you are weak or not 2 and 1/2 weeks of hell. Working retail on black Friday weekend didn't help nor locating underground electric and gas lines. So people better not tell me I ---'- do this. I still have the lingering headache here Sunday night. So a massive migraine all weekend Saturday and Sunday with the nerves and other fun stuff. You ask why well my saying is " There are only 2 finish lines in a race only one is just a little more permanent" and for me I know that other one will not come because I know the wife is just not that lucky. Though I did miss out on 2 long runs hopefully the 3 1/2 hr one made up Monday.

In 08 I ran 1,705 miles after 20 yrs of no running. Now with this year I'd hope to have 2,000 in by October 10 before race day plus I want more a time of 9 hrs or less on that 50 miler. For that one quick prayer and to tell him he can only watch. Last year in 08 the wife signed me up for the 50 then I told her how long it was then got the look and the 2 questions "why are you doing one of those when you haven't even done a regular marathon and why are you setting yourself up for failure. All I said was I'm not. So my 1st 50 miler was 9:38:20.

Now let's get this 3 1/2 hrs run done Monday!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Struggling with my issues

There are many things I believe I need to fix, I may be whining about nothing but.
I am trying to log a lot more for this race more than the other 2 just to have more info for the next time. My vices this time I think are not enough sleep, too much coffee and sleeping in front of my desk (at home) to, to much Tylenol for the muscle pulls from the infrequent stretching and time on the weekends.

For me starting with the first one is the coffee the 4 to 6 cups in the morning I think are killing my form being to tense. I can feel stride and cadence along with the back straightness. It is like I’m so tightly wound up I can feel it at night when I do finally make it to bed is to lay flat and to just relax and focus I can feel it pulling the chest, arms, neck. This is where the next problems are coming from partly.

All that tightness is pulling muscles with the idea that the stretching has been lacking. Now is where I now have been taking two leaves one for each hand to hold while I run so I don’t make fists and am tense on the trail. Mentally or in reality it does work loosens me up because you cannot break the leaves in your hand, I believe helps. I got to get back on track again stretching to get rid of these aches and stop taking Tylenol that is only for race day or suppose to be. Other than that it was a nice easy 10 last night with a couple of leaves and no Tylenol. There end lies if I get the others down mainly the sleep I could get up in the way early morning on the weekends to get that long run in.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A quick run and light display

One hamstring one Achilles and 2 Tylenol and were off for a short run last night. I checked the radar and there was nothing and then 2 miles in there it was. It was building in the distance a storm with some lightning. There also was a guy under a quarter mile ahead, where I always like the challenge to catch them. I watched the clouds build higher and getting darker. You could see the rain coming down from underneath with the giant lightning strikes. I was looking as if it was going SE and angling off from myself just missing the other runner and I. As I like to do though counting one more was being passed, I looked over at him as it looked as he was worried about the storm and a little haggard. I told him it was a little lightning with a bit of rain to make it just a little more exciting. It progressed to be just a little bigger and a lot closer, but these are always the best runs. Not always the fastest, but getting dark or there already and lightning all around the lake. That rush is the best you just go and the pains go away the stride comes naturally and you look in awe of the light show and the experience. The lighting stretching across the sky and shooting down in the valley nailing a tower. With a little rain shower before getting back I finding it turned into a big one with baseball sized hail and buckets of rain were coming. Just a little extra thrill in the mix that I made it back before it got here. It was only 6 miles at 53:35 it was a low mileage day not fast not slow but a run I can remember and hold on to for awhile. Like the one with pea sized hail and looked like it snowed. Now these runs are not suggested but hey if your wife just cannot get that lucky. Go for it! You’ll be going “you should have seen that” and she’ll be going “what the hec are you thinking! Just like when you told her your first marathon was a 50 miler!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Have to get that rest

I'm now guessing it was not the best idea to have that tylonol last night. I was able to run good but at what cost I really couldn't feel what I was doing to the 2 pains. But hey there is no quitting and have to make that 50m in 9 hrs and less. Especially after I talked John into it Ive got to beat him. There I'm kinds counting on him being a little burnt up as he's running pikes peak.
But then this is a few days on a post. last night only 1 tylonol and keeping pace in check and no doing anything stupid I ran a 12 in just under 2hrs was fair. This morning though it not that bad running through that pain a little more smart, depending on what you call smart is working so far or so it seems. And I have been getting to the actual bed earlier to a possible plus to.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Training ramping up into 2nd week

Training, going well not going well that is what I'm wandering life is just getting in the that never happens to others. I believe though that I'm going fairly well with the miles she the wife thought we needed jet ski's and the 4th of July weekend and the weekend before out at the lake didn't help.. Just trying to get it all in has been a chore and have not got the 3 hr run from 7/05, but it is still way early in the scedule to be to worried yet because I did bounce back for Free State fairly well being a trail run and stopping training and picking back up again to a time way under my prediction. I just have to get rid of that nagging ham and Achilles in the right and left legs. With even them training runs have been good, but not as fast as I'd like to take them because of that. I've been wrapping them and a lttle tylonol when running to keep better form to keep the stride as close to normal as possible.
It might also help to get a little moe or better sleep than just falling asleep infront of the computer at my desk to 0230 and then getting back up at 0430. I think that would be a good solution to the leg problem right there.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Down time an nursing injuries.

Resting up is not always it's cracked up to be. It always comes with a little more doubts running though the than you like.. This year more than ever I've needed the down time to just keep the base I've aquired. That's been tuff though to with a mucle pull or tear in the back right leg and an achilles acting up for some reason. It's just a nagging pain that for the first 4 miles and the leg feels heavy but after that it works out and feels good till morning again and the other I think I I turned at Free State . Lately I've turned down the running and have gone to swimming 1200 meters for the last week or two. I think I need to get that up and higher to do a little more good. I am still putting out the base I think but without the running I feel I havnt done anything. I'm worried about that less than 9:38:00 PR going down the drain. This is all time between 4/25 and 6/22/09 from the ultra and the start of training for Heartland. Needing to get moving I always get that unsure feeling even though I' still feeling pretty strong compared to last year with a lot more confidence. Training starts soon though with to much going to be going on.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free State trail ultra race report

Here it is if you can stand to read these scattered thoughts and still trying to get pictures together for a pic video. Also is that a gooberish looking idiot below or what?

I have got to say it was everything I thought and expected from the race. The only exception was trying to find the start line the day before. Someone said it was at the marina in town and at the lake the employee’s said that’s what they heard, but were not sure. Driving around we saw nothing showing where to go for the start.

Though we did my dad and I looked at some of the course down in the bottoms in the tree line between the campgrounds and Clinton Lake. It was pure trail and one I thought was started by deer. There I knew it was going to be a challenging course plus wandering how I am I going to keep on the course and not get lost.

That night we went to Montana Mikes not really a carbo loading restaurant where I had a burger and fries thinking this is still not good. Filled up on that and went to the hotel for a 4:30 wake up. It was close to 10 pm and it was going to be an early morning we hit the sheets and it sounded like a rumble match above us. Still going as well as it ever had from stretching, knees, training, sleep and nutrition. It does not go right for me and the don’t try anything new on race day or the KISS rule apparently doesn’t apply here. Weather it is just stupid luck or plain determination I am not sure. I would go with the stupid luck.
The morning came I was ready in no time everything good to go. Drop bags set and he knowing which to have and were. There was no breakfast because there was not even at least no Mc D’s around. The trouble finding the race start was not a problem now as we followed the line of cars. Race check in found and done pictures taken from a couple websites and a couple of people I knew in the back of the crowd. Got our instructions at 5min before and as quick as that were off without that much of a grand and glorious start to the race. As they say to and this being only the 2nd ultra I’ve done that first step has been the longest stride. Once you get past that it gets easier the rest of the way, because I think the distance is all a mental thing being smart along the way and having fun. You’re usually out there with friends you didn’t know you had.
The first loop was a little rough and never having run here and it all being a hiking trail. I followed a pack that I though I could keep up with for awhile which I did then as time progress the pack started to break up. Then as I’ve seen you never really get ahead of one person or behind them because they’ll be running and you’ll be walkin or vise versa. I ran with a fast pack the first loop with a couple of guys that said they were going to go slow. I made it with them on the 1st loop in 3:55:00 a little faster than I wanted but I wasn’t feeling it. I did get some new clean socks, the others were wet and muddy from the previous 20 miles. The upper trails were great and dry but the lower were wet muddy and was not because of rain of late. I think in a few spots there were small springs making it really nice.

The second loop of 20 was just as fun as the first but I think some of the muddy parts were not so bad after 200 people tromped over it. Some though were worse going down one trail with a switchback left turn and going down a ravine you saw a little stream of water it was not raining. Also about 3 stream crossings which were pretty fun, really. Following a guy that said he was going to go slow the day before because of not enough training was going a pretty good clip, but I was keeping up. I even had a veggie / protein burger which was damned good. We were to only stop back at the start/finish line we said for 5 min and the 2nd loop ended in about 4:40:00.

The 3rd loop started with me changing blackened shoes and socks, legs cramping really bad I missed taking back off with them. I could hear thunder in the distance and got moving and kept it steady and slow and busted through about 7 miles with lighting and a light showers with a couple tornado sirens added in at the aide station they put a hold on race and pulling ones that wanted to be done I and another guy told them see ya and headed out before they got any bright ideas. We wanted to make 50 miles with a little help we got there at the next station avoiding a sheriff and ranger somehow Hmmmm. 3 behind us that passed us didn’t make it that far because they called the race and they were looking for everyone. We got to 52 mile aide station at 10:30:00 and had a burger coke and all the other goodies and were happy we got that far. I got back to the finish line to find I was about mid pack and predicted to be in at 13hr 30min to 14 hrs just before dark. For our efforts we did get a 40 mile finishers medal for 52 miles due to race being called for tornados and a second storm was coming. It was fun, muddy and a good time, will also do it again.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Going forward and keeping positve

It has been a short bit since the last post but had to be with the issue at hand.
All is now taken care of that can and could be. So many people were there or had come by to pay there respects to my brother there friend, coworker, customers and officers that came to know him. A security guard that was gunned down for some meaningless thing in a grocery store. The irony of the whole thing is that the officer that got the murderer hiding in some bushes got his lay off notice just 2 hrs later.

Back to running though last Thursday and Friday I didn’t get to get out to run getting ready for the funeral. Saturday got up and out to run for a 6 miler which felt pretty darn good checking out large warehouses for distribution and shipping companies. Those were just huge buildings. Sunday I have no idea what the hell I did, the weekend being a blur. Now I remember that we knocked out a lot of honeydoo’s that needed done and went to see the 2 new baby horses at my parents that were not a week old.

Monday and Tuesday we, I am back at it with less than a week to go in taper. It is so hard to not go more than is on schedule to run. I need that 11 to 13 mile run. I know though that I will get more than I want this Saturday April 25th , 09 with my 100K race. Now only 1 – 5miler and 1 – 3miler to go and a off the feet day to the race. RTD!!! .

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If it is not going to be hard enough!!

The race and training has started going good Monday I ran well with 13 miles in the bag at about 2:10 with little trouble. Going 1 mile to time my daughter and 12 by myself and felt good and no problems to speak of. The only one at the time was that I got home and was pushing my daughter I was told. But she wanted to be timed on her mile. My thinking though is she cant do that with me there by her side and pacing me. But now I don’t know anything about that now.

Tuesday her track meet went fairly well for her first races with the mile, half and 800 medley. They did get 3rd in the medley. Which that was the last race and made the meet OK with her.

Then the bad news came in the middle of the meet. The flood of calls from family members to the other that my brother had been killed in a shooting at the store he was guarding. There I know will go a couple of days of training and not very good for the legs long rides in the car. Now with some figuring I at least have to do 3.5 miles for 18 hrs to make it at the least. I believe it is still doable. With no plans made yet on things to happen. Runs are still up in the air on what where and how long they will be. Keeping this paragraph short to stay anon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Was not going this route

I tried to stay away from going this way in music but with the doubts. I gatta pull it out. Godsmacks - Temptation">

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Seems he just isn’t with it this time.

Well Thursday didn’t get out severe storms out and daughter’s track meet was that day but the meet was rained out. Lighting and hail and then just never stopped raining that, that afternoon into the evening then was too late by the time I could have gone because of a early morning of 3:30 a.m. for work. Friday and Saturday I did get my run in though a good 10 and 13 mile run at the normal pace time that it should be. Not the haven’t stretched time of before which does give me some kind of confidence for the race. It is shaky to it will be brutal when I get done. Looking at the numbers it will take at least 3.5 miles an hour for 18 hours to get it done which I believe is doable. Just have to keep it under control for the first part of the run and remember that it not for time and it is just for a finish this time. Now though Sunday comes and what happens thrown another curve. Church with Easter is a norm and not a problem as was taken into consideration. Nor the time that we had my parents over for Easter dinner where we had a good time after a long time during and after dinner. It was the rain and the rain that would not stop. All day!!! Where my trails would be all rivers or lakes. To cool to be getting soaked and sick 12 to 13 days out. Not taking the chance! Hopefully I can work this as a off day and still work in Tuesday as one also. As I was volunteered to help out at my daughters track meet at home. One plus I did get little more than 55 miles still for the week.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Were some would taper

I did take this Sunday off and my idea of the start of the taper is mon, tues, and wed to do 10 to 13 miles per day and take thurs off for my daughters 1st track meet. She has the mile, half and 1 mile medley. It should be interesting. Though she is not to sure of her possibility of placing. We shall see. For me Monday and Tuesday I got my 10.5 in on both days at 1:30 and 1:40 and had not felt bad at the start and or at the finish. This to me is good in that respect, because before the last week an a half that didn’t happen. Confidence is just a little higher but still could be better. That’s because last night with the sun coming down glared in the sunglasses and did see the branch I have gone by many times reached out and whacked me in the face. Learned rule #1 one watch wear you are going running into the sun and don’t be fiddling with no ipod’s. Still as planned.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The one long run

Friday was the one and only long run for my 100k on the 25th of April. It was one to hopefully instill some kind of confidence in me for that race with no real long 4 and 5 hour run other than this one. Leads me to then think that why would just this one give me this great giant boost. I felt pretty good starting out at 3:30 pm in fact doing all that stretching through the day and week must be working. I was not sore in the knees and was able to run going out from the start. That is at least one positive thing. I was a little cool so I had wore my workout pants to run but no jacket to where at the end I wish I had it but really didn’t need it. I kept going around the lake road a 4 mile loop and just listening to podcasts, no music to just go at a nice even pace. On the 5th loop the local fishing group was out in force at the north creek end and I guess I was making them tired seeing me run around and around. They asked if I was almost done an I told them I had just 2 more times round and if they were wondering it was 23.60 miles done as I ran past.

It was getting chilly and time was running out started heading back wishing for that jacket but was still warm enough. Legs were tired but could have gone on, but for how long was the question. It does need to get warmer on race day though. A little stiff that night but alright

Saturday I went out with my daughter on a 5.75 mile run and was great with no stiffness yet. She and I were going to just go just not to stop anywhere in which we didn’t. She was just a little mad because it was to be a shorter run than that and on the way back we had to buck the wind for the last .75 which was a constant 25-30 mph. There I was smiling and she was dying but did make it. It was a good day. Taking Sunday off.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

2 Days Good

So far after the weekend of the global warming blizzard that dumped all kinds of ice
and some snow. The weekend was not productive at all. I had a very good run on Monday with 13 in and under 2hrs surprising at that. The stretching must be coming along and I got to remember to do that next time after my runs. I’d be a lot further along than I am if I had. Now coming on to the last weekend to be able to get a long run in we have rain all week sprinkled through the days. Tuesday and Wednesday I was able to pull off a 10 miler and a 13.1 right on track of 1:35 and 1:58 and it didn’t take warming up to get there. It does need to get just a little warmer but now that I said that I’ve jinx it most likely will go overboard on that. 22 days left and a short run for today and 5 hr run with hopefully 30 miles within it also would be great and a nice confidence booster.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just a song for that run today

Just the song for that run today! Now comes the the most grilling part of the training from 3 weeks out. Had a good run last night 13.25 in 2:00:25 with 2 exciting things. One was a bald eagle with out stretched wings gliding north.
The second was a severe thunderstorm that came though and all I gatta say He missed me by just a under a quarter of a mile.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Not a good thing!!!

Yes I was hoping to get a 30 miler in on Saturday the 28th but someone wants to make it even more interesting. When we did and had a March snow storm with blizzard conditions with ice and snow for most of the day Fri and Sat. It was not a very good opportunity to get out for that last long run and the only one done for this race and the only one that was going to be able to do. This is now 3 weeks out and it’s not looking to good. It’s not going to be that spectacular of a finish but I’ll just be glad to finish. So as it goes I got confirmation of entry last night in an email. Snow storm Fri. and sat. Clean up of melted snow in basement from LEAK, part-time work for 4hrs and do the taxes. Three days gone with stretching and getting loosened up has been the main goal in these days of nothing. Got to get it this week this is the last chance ditch effort to get in that one more big week and 30 mile day. Because.

There are 2 finish lines and no quitting lines!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The 2nd Hard Week Day 5

The second week is going good so far getting the miles 6.75 Sun, 20 on Tues and 13.1 Wed. Then now I hope to get in a 18 to 20 miler in today 3/26. I just think the big guy has just got in in for me this time around. There seems to be one of those nice big global warming snow storms coming our way with blizzard conditions. Don't we just all love all this global warming. It is coming at a very critical time I need this high milage week with a possible 30 miler. If not for just confidence sake! This week I have been streching and trying to loosen up as much as possible. From the weekend I have been able to sit on my heels again with just a little pain and come back up, but do get stiff from to much standing in one place. The lesson here DO STRECH!!! Now its just watching radar and hoping it goes elsewhere. In the time of writing now the lying weatherman says its to start today. Just give me that 3hr window as I get home. It was to start tomorrow. For now It stands at 40 miles complete and on standby till this afternoon to see what happens.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

It was hell!

I was out at 9am with a 4 hour run the first one for the year which is not good. I got the 13--18--and the 15 done had the day off Thursday then busted my another 13 Friday. It was really kind of rough to get done. I don't know if I'm doing it right this time but I was actually tired after that. Getting ready though the reason I say I don't know of I'm doing this right is because for the Saterday I did a 20 miler In 4hrs. With the jacket and warm up pants onfor that I was finished.. It was not the greatest of runs but it was running exhausted and still had to go to the retail job for 8 hours of standing. There I made that with a lot of cramping. Streching as much as I could though that, it was an ordeal. Do remember to strech after you run or you just may regret it. There nothing else special except I got In 6.75 on Sunday and have streched all day at the store when I could and am feeling better in the knee's. Now to keep that up at least I better!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Long runs for 3 days

Just a tad over a month to go to the race and I'm thinking it's not quite enough. I did a 16 then 18 and a 13 miles In a row. Running on dead legs for these next two weeks I hope will be enough to get it for the 100k. I think did pretty well by the end. I have 1 rest day then a hard 18 to 20 miler before Saterday which I hope to get a marathon in bofore I have to go to work. Yes you read it correctly before work.
All 3 days on the runs I am fighting against time. the 16 and the 18 were not to bad though the legs were still strong and would have kept going but ran out of light with no moon. Though the 13 put sort of a challange to it with running 4 of it in a pasture. If you ever want a work out or run that will kick you around try that. You will feel it the next day for sure. Of is not looking good for the weekend runs prediction RAIN!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Two weeks of big miles coming up!

This is the only thing I can think of is to run some really big miles in these last 2 weeks before the taper. I've done what I could with the limited time that I had and now have. It just does not seem to be enough though. Begining of the year with 13 extra miles no marathon training runs. I do not know, but one thing I do is it will be tough it will test me more than last year. There and so I still say there are only 2 finish lines both are real just ones a little more permenent. There are no quitting lines. I do plan on making it there are no other options. I got to have that buckle I am not waiting one more year.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Getting back into Free State

Low on cash I just had the fee for Spirit of the prairie 100. The wife though said why don't you go on your run and think about doing both but doing the 50 at the Spirit. After a good 12 mile run to clear the head and think about it I thought why not. I can get 2 races for the price of one. Finish a longer distance then try to better my time from last years 50 miler.we will prolong the 100 just for less than a year. I think Free State will still be a tough race. I've only done half of what I did last year for that 50. All in all at the begining of that day the first and only goal is to cross that line, just to finish.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Breaking News Breaking News

He is going to the Free State 100K trail ultra.
I repeat he is going to Free State. The registration is in the mail. More to come later gotta run.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Was worried but just a dork.

I was just a little worried something was wrong I had 2 nice runs on Fri and Sat and a day off on Sun. Las night I only planned a lowly 6 mile easy run. Or at least I thought on the normal route that I just could not seem to get out of pain and stiffness mode. I ached and legs were just plain heavy keeping going was more of a challenge than running that 50 mile ultra last year. Then just this morning I looked at there was the reason for the not very good feeling run it was that I ran 70 miles last week. As my daughter would say you dork. With no free state because no money left there was no tension in really getting in the miles, I just ran. I will be getting registered for the Spirit of the Prairie 100 mile in the second Sat of Oct tomorrow though.That’s what took the money for the first race all $115 of it. I think I will be simmering down and building miles in a cut pasture.

I also when starting my run I had seen the daughter’s 7th grade group of distance runners heading on their way back. Having to give her the sign to get up there quit slacking.
The other nice thing to end out the day was I got to tell her now she’s a runner because she always told me she was not. All she had to say was “shut up you dork.” That was because she says I run too much and aliens must have come down and swapped out my brain or something.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A run without and with

Friday and now for 2 days my daughter has not run with me. Has not been feeling well there is a bug going around that has been putting people down hard. that's not it though. I am not pushing and no more telling her what to do. She does now only what and how she wants to do it. I'm tired of getting told I'm pushing her to hard. That girls can't be pushed like that. I don't believe that though but have to go with it for now. She's begining to say we'll be running everyday at track practice.

On that that the lighter side of things I got to run with the guy whose had the reputation for running all over town since when I was in schoolm. It is the rep that I'm now starting to steal away from him which is kind of weird thing. I had planned for just 6.5 miles and seen him and we started chattin it up and before long I had 10.75 miles. It was about last years race, running jobs and things. It was kind of nice running with someone. Hopefully we were talking a night run or so for 18 to 20 miles around the lake that would be kind of fun.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Yesterday I had been hoping to to do the Free State 100K and the Spirit of the prairie 100 mile ultra. As it always seems though reality raises it's ugly head. I found from the wife that I could do the 100k and 50 mile but the 100 mile is and was my A race and the 100 K was a prep for for it. But no longer I'll have to figure that out now without it. I have been training for it hard to running through around a cut open pasture. It also the last 3 weeks has kick my butt. My thighs and knee's are just now coming around running 4 to 5 miles of my runs on it whenever I'm out, but of fun though. For now though I can go out for a long run and just have fun for awhile and enjoy. Unless!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Getting a push from walkers

The best day so far getting in 2 miles with my daughter again and then taking off again. I headed off to the lake to make my trek around. I felt really good and was way ahead of the pace I had been at and waiting the the hammer to fall. It was 80 deg and there were alot of people around the lake walking and that really helped. With me going around the loops then to catch up to them. Then trying to catch the next set on the west side. That's were its really needed the ones on the west side probably think I'm nuts. I think just coming out of the sort of injured list the legs are a little tired but there working better than they have in 2 weeks. So I can't complain all that much for on time with a little of the daughters pace in the mix.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

It was a great run

Finally a great run and I can say on the mend. Taking nothing I took off
with my daughter as she's getting ready for track for a 2 mile run in which we did in 20 min and dropping her back at the house I did the rest of my 13 and some miles it was awesome. Where I normally do stretch a little I could get up on my own from a squat position and was now headed around the lake. Beautiful afternoon to alot of walkers and helping me to get a push off them to doing loops on the side roads and catching them again. I was only a mile slightly off pace and going. I believe I finally figured what the problem was with the knee's, thighs and legs. 2 weeks ago when it started I started to run this cut prairie field and that was it 3 miles a night on that is what did it. I may not get to free state and my not get to the spirit of the prairie the funds I have for one then none for SOP or not enough for SOP and in waiting to gather enough I may be out due to it being full up. DELIMA It you have 40 thats burning a hole in you pocket just let me know!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Knee's and thighs

Yes the knee's and thighs are being a big issue. I have not quit running for any length of time, I have new shoes and theres only been a bite of tread mill time. So what is it that makes it that it is very painfull untill about 3.75 miles. Because at 2 miles tried streching and got to sitting on my heals and didn't have the button because I could not get up. I had to go from sitting on the ground. This had better turn around an quick! It's been 3 weeks and getting worse.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Long awaited update on training

Training well it was going well till about a week ago. Last week I got 50 some in on bad legs. Don't know whats going on there knee's and muscles are very bad for atleast 2 if not possible 3 miles. Every stinking day. Don't know if it was from the TM or what, but I'd think it would beover by now and weekends have been takin by work or a sewer line leak that I fixed myself. I got to really ramp it up this week 4/25 coming to fast. Then again i may have to make a choice between Free State and or 100m Spirit of the Praire. Sucks!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Getting harder to get put there for that long run.

It is getting harder to get that long run in on the weekends. As it is still getting dark way to early still for my tast to run around the lake. I've just pissed-off to many people to go around there at night alone being so dark. My knees are still coming around from being in the 950 and 750 mile pair of shoes. I need to get 20 miles in tonight but I might settle for 15 to 18 miles. I hate settling. As we will see getting out of work at 5pm home a planned 5:30 and on the road at quarter till. A good 20 hopefully. 2 finish lines and no quitting lines in a race.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

An off day for the knee's

I believe that it was a better idea to go to work. The knee's are just to stiff and the P/T work is best to get them streched out before I blow them out. It just seems much more of a wait and see what the legs will give me. Though once I do get moving I am good. I will be just a little carefull untill the 100 miler at the race. I don't know going by the schedule or just going for all around endurance which is better. As far as yet I'd say it's the endurance side I'm going for. We will see. Also do not ever say never or can't because you have already set your mind to fail. My N/C that I proved her wrong was 9:38:20.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Getting ready for another

It has been awhile trying to get ready for the race in April. Needing to get some miles in I have ran in weather I might not have run that much in before. 200 in January and 100 for February so far not to bad of a start but needs to pick up in a hurry. Beyond falling asleep at the computer and running, plus 2 jobs AGAIN plus honeydews at the house. Back off 3 day wk week since 1/5, still did not help this ship from sinking. Free state has opened registration just need to get the form off. This time the knee's are really giving fits and just the aches and pains. Being on buckeyeoutdoors and the daily mile I just keep trying to keep ahead of everyone else. I just can't keep from being competitive and blowing the schedule. So far this week I've got 36 miles under the belt and can hopefully keep it going. The days are getting shorter to April 25th and with the nerves from every other day just doesn't mix with nerves for a race 13 miles longer than the last. With more than I have gone before. Because before 10/11/08 I never ran more than a 10k race.
50 mile---check 9:38:20
100k-----in process
100 mile--in process
As I say there are only 2 finish lines at a race both are real, because there is no quitting line!