Friday, December 28, 2007

Guess we'll call it down time

Since the last time we did get the snow of what they said 5 to 7. I think a little more than that and all of that during the day. It made getting home not the easiest things to do what usually takes 35 minutes took 2 1/2 hours. Getting home was the amazing thing when I got stuck in the parking lot of work and the main crossroad freeway and there was no snowdrift to get stuck in. I caught it for calling to see if there was someones place I could go till they started to blade the roads. I was told to man up the guy is not to call the women on stuff like that. Well she was 2 hours north at the grandparent house for an early X-mas. Not knowing what is was really like till she got back X-mas eve. Then didn't think is was as bad as people said.

We'll eve and Christmas day went fairly well considering the grandparent were not here for the 1st time in 12 years. With the first storm that gave us 4 inches and them ice, popie fell twice and cracked ribs and brused lung the second that pounded us. He was not feeling well to drive down.Santa Claus stopped by as always being as loud and boisterous as ever. On Christmas my daughter got everything that she wanted and more than needed and my wife got what she wanted from the list. That just curtails the having to go back and return at the store. There I'll say I got a new "inexpincive" road bike. The snow and the ice is kind of killing getting to test it out. After this week though I'd let it set in the garage till it rusts and ride the good old Fuji Sports 10(1973) for all the trouble I've received for getting it for X-mas.

It's been to busy to late, cold or snowing and sleeting. Now melting and the roads are running with water, dirt and sand. I think I'll get out there today weather or not. Hopefully put an end to this down time everybody should take a few weeks break at least one time during the year. But now it's time to get up off the duff. It's great to just have to work 1 job now and altough it's everyday wouldn't go back to working 1 full and 1 part-time job again. Though the only wrench in the works of training is I am to be going to 2nd but still on 1st shift and rumour has it I not going to 2nd either.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Will it end

Ice and snow, work and honeydews and no running yet. Ice day before and snoball drop (ping pong balls) for discounts at local stores. Now a large damned snow storm with 5 to 7 inches. Will it let up yet. I'm not yet beleiveing the weatherman yet till I see it.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The right one

I know I need to run or bike now I don't know what it is frustration anxiety. I always ask the people at the dept. store that I work on call at did you really make the right decision. Winter blues or what I'm not sure I did and those of not just lately.It's all good but I keep feeling there's something coming round the corner to many da javo moments happening. Everythings going great at the new job and couldn't ask for better. Just have the feeling like the last 2 times. Well to much time to think. Who knows. Guess we'll find out in time.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Work or ice

From Friday till now it's work or now the ice on the roads. We have a supposed big ice storm and part of one that happened on Sunday. I though on the otherhand was dumb enough to go just as it was coming down at first for a 3 miler which got pretty slick. So I will pass till it melts. Now just have to see what hppens with this storm.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tak'in a break

No running tonight no biking. The hurt still there getting up from being seated and the leg hip joint still popping. Spending some with the family. They say never heard of a runner that got hurt taking some time off, but for the one that didn't had more problems. Though it is very hard to follow that.

The anticipated ride.

The needed ride was great even though the inlaws were down I got to go. Maybe she is taking the chiropractor advice. It was even 9:45pm. I rode to Andover and back lights a flashing and all. Nothing beats a night ride except a long one in the country where you havn't been. The leg is actually better for it to today just a little more flexable. Maybe another tonight going to try if I'm not called out.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Scrooged already for the Holidays

I am a scrooge yes I wish the holiday's were over. Tired of them messing up my running. I got called in again and am dumb enough to say yes and work tonight and tomorrow the inlaws are coming down it would have been a decent night for it to. We'll get something in even if the dogs have to go out back. They can deal with a little chilly weather. It should be warmer by a tad tomorrow to. Guess it is a good thing the wireless card is out and it's actually before the warrenty is out.Incredible!!!!! That never happens. The only problem is my card expired and the new ones in the mail. Won't it be great when this is all over!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

So much for the copay and weekend

Well the first I strained a tendon pretty good and got all fixed up. But I've had a better straightening at the chiropractor. It was all good though till at a time that it was popped back out. Withstanding how that happened. At least he said that it would probably be better that for at least for a week or 2 that instead of running. It would be better to bike as much as I'd like to keep the pounding off the strain but would keep the movement in the hip/leg area. Which was good for me I need a little more base for bike anyway. Not that it's a great alarming one to begin with but still trying to keep something. I though still never did get to go cold morning and then honey-do's and then work for Saturday. The 12p.m. nights get pretty tough to get up early in the morning Then Sunday it only got to 40 and windy. then Christmas lights to get up and moving the house around for the same. Then all I got to say it gets dark way to damn early. Then weekend pretty much blown but got allot of stuff done around the house. It made the wife happy though.