Thursday, July 30, 2009

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I had one comment that wanted to know what my strategy was on doing my 50 mile ultra, what I needed and what support I had or would've like to have. Right now before you go on, register for that one race you want to do, ultra that is. You probably have more training than I did to be there. 10 months to train and hadn’t run in 20 years and never more than a 10k. Anyone can do it you just have to want it bad enough.

       First there was none (strategy) except to just finish. What I needed, I took too much. Needed duct tape a couple 3 pieces of rock salt. Camera a (light one) and a couple things to eat you really like because you already have a stomach of steel from eating before you go out for the 10 to 13 mile run or the 3, 4 or 5 hr run. A camelback or waist pack with bottles in a V with the pack in the middle.  

         Run the flats and the downhill’s and walk the up hills. You don't need much because you will have everything you will need or want at the aide stations. For the first one have fun and take it as a possible all day jog and don't ask or find the mileage or know it. Tag along with someone everyone is always willing to help. The support for a 50k, na, the support for the 50 mile you don't need a pacer. I tried 2 people and they just told me I didn't need it and to just get out and do it, plus the above. I found I didn't and was much more rewarding finish. Make it close to the same type of terrain, dirt, gravel, pasture, grass and make it hilly.

      Life isn’t waiting, get out there and do it. I was told when I first signed up by someone. Remaining nameless. Why do you want to do one of those when you have not even done a regular marathon? Second question was. Why are you setting yourself up for failure? My failure was 9:38:20for 50 miles and that person told more people about it than my #0 I got to call when I finished. I was told I was showing off in my running and this is my way of being not seen and all just for me. Always remember the sentence below and you should do fine. It is my motivation to keep on going. Beyond the one “There are only 2 finish lines in a race only one is just a little more permanent.

You can always quit and they will not care, but you will always know!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

44 in 4 days

Well that’s all I got out after the 5 days of nothing. 1--14.5miler, 2—10milers and a 11.6miler on Sun.. That one (Sun) was the worst of all it was just way humid and I still haven’t got it together on the sleep and eating correctly or whatever is put in front of me. I don’t know it is easy to quit caffeine, Tylenol and Copenhagen. But keeping those 2 down is a bear and is affecting it just as much. Thursday was a good run and kept up the pace but seems Friday was just a little longer and Saturday that was not even fun. Sunday I did though get my stride back after the muscle pull pain in each leg was pretty much gone. I thought at first Sunday would be a come back day as we all have seen though some things just don’t happen as planned.

Sunday was bad day as I got out late, headache, sinuses and just didn’t feel it. I went anyway the run was another humid one and just lagging. Then I came up to 2 miles left and an old friend was out jogging. He told me he thought hey there’s (Scooter) he’s a marathoner he’ll know what to do. I told him ultra marathoner I’ve never run a marathon that I will say was his first mistake!!! The other thinking I would know what to do.  He hadn’t run in 4 to 5 months and I told him I’d go back around for another 4 with him. Nice easy jog just to make it for him, I believe it had been longer since he had run. Gave him some tips along the way. But the next 2 days he was to sore to run he says.

Monday and Tuesday I been able to kick out at least an 8 ¼  to 8 ½  minute mile for a little over 7 miles. No Achilles no ham string pulls or aches either. Though 2 easy runs, so the rest of the 3 got to be long and so much for the days off idea, but I might stick one of them in possibly. So far though will it be enough to beat the the 9 hr mark and the challenge that I talk in to this race. This is the half way mark 9 weeks and days to go. At least injury free now and time to get with it while it holds out.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Win, lose or a draw?

OK I get cranky when I haven’t run. But hey it somewhat worked only one bike has got to go. The rule is she's got to find that needy one around here and they have to pick it up from me. Unlike the last 2 I gave up that I've never seen used and know it to. This one is not going to lie rusting!! I call it a win. The other thing that was great she (the wife) had got so tired of me hanging around for the almost last 6 days she agreed to that and told me I am not doing this again and I will be running and better get caught up in my training b/c she does not want to hear it. Another win in my book!

  So today I went running and am done. It was one hell of a run after 5 and half days off and turned out to be 14.41 miles in 2:19. Not bad not good but I’ll take it any run is a good run. Right! At first though I needed to drop off unbelievably a registration for a biathlon that my mother so thinks I need to do. Told the wife I was going to drop it off at there house. She said your not running all the way out there and it is not even as far as I would normally run. I had to come back into town and run around the lake to get the extra 5 miles.

   On the way around the lake this gal and was having some trouble she was dieing. She was with her boyfriend I had to tell her to relax, your thinking to much about it, just let your legs to the work and look around and enjoy it, your doing good so far. Just make it one even pace just to make it and just don’t quit or say that one very irritable word c—‘t. I don’t know how she faired out because he was no help and I never seen them again. At home walked in the door and a good thing the recorded soaps were on and not a peep.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Did he get to go!!

 The answer is…… no! But I almost got to go anytime I wanted. I needed to wait for a call from them then I was told to go. But  then tried another OS for the instead of the daughters shot XP backup disks. (computer crash) But whoops you gotta grill these first, now eat and in the mix get it for D/L another Linux OS before eating. Then I knew I was in for it and I not going running tonight. The all glorious one has a news conference Telling us how he’s going to save us and what we need. What a crock  --  ----. The quickest way to Socialism. We got in to the discussion I have no compassion and understanding just plan selfish. That I didn’t need to put that on the daughter’s computer to get her up and running. That was a long discussion and then to late to go.

I’ll give it a try tonight and she can give all 4 of the bikes away, what the hec.

Almost 5 Days

The 5th day is today and I am holding fast if not to just be an a>>. There has been no running and there is none planned for today even though the calendar says so. She says I don’t need to run if I’m going to be selfish and not give 2 of my bikes of 4 away to some one who needs one. Well I said no as I put 2 of the 4 together from junk with original parts. A mountain, road, antique 1973 Fuji 10 speed and a K2 that is a work in progress. We see who will hold out longer and how interesting training or no training for the next race will be. There are only 2 finish lines in every race and no matter what time I cross either preferably the 1st one will be good for me. Because how many do actually cross a 50 mile finish line. Well I guess though since I just got a call on why am I not running and she’s not play’in this game. It’s I better go running or I’m a pack’in. OOOooooh! So much for the break I was really so looking forward to making it interesting this year. That call was prompted from last night when she asked why I was not running  she even got the daughter in on it. Trying to make me feel bad that I quit and that was not a very good influence for her to just quit. I told her I ran the first to just prove to your mom that when she said last year why are you setting yourself up for failure and she didn’t think I could do it. I DID!

Well happy running today still debating on weather to do 2 or 15.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Schedules and Crazy

Schedules why do I make them and think that they are going to go as planned. As this is the 3rd schedule that I have made and you take the time and patients into getting it just right. Then put it on your internet calendar to text you the daily run but hey I am yet to follow it. Either doing more than planned or making up a weekend day during the week is possible. Having only a 3 and 3 ½ hr long run so far those I can still do one of those during the week. But at one point trying to get that done will be getting harder to do. Like last night was to be part of another make up type of day but didn’t happen at all. I get worried about the ultra race those times of missing days but then I won’t be happy I missed my goal time. But it will be just as a thrill to see how close to crawling and or …. That’s the fun part.

I’ve been told that I’m crazy running in the weather we have been having in the high 90’s and low 100’s to awesome thunderstorms and for as long as I do. I say though how can I be ready for everything if I don’t train in anything. I do not believe in DNF’s unless the RD, ranger or sheriff pulls you off the course even when you’re hiding out trying not to be found to finish. I always say “There are only 2 finish lines in a race no quitting lines. Only one finish line is just a little more permanent.”  And I don’t plan on the optional line only the first!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Selfish or not?

What do you think is it selfish to have 4 bikes trail / road / tri bike and a antique.
The wife say 2 have got to go because we have 6 bikes altogether. I say no per I do ride all of them or the 4 that are mine. She says yes per look at all the kids that don’t even have a bike in our town. Well I don’t know where she lives but if there walk’in it’s on there own prerogative. I had already given 2 bikes away already before that I had put together from scratch from ones being thrown away. That there I was told if not I could quit running and bike instead but I’d still have to get rid of 2 of them in the discussion that lasted to long. So the 20 mile run became a 10 miler of 1:38:00.  Legs were better with less tension from no caffeine. I’ll can still slip in that 20 before the weekend So anyone I like those rounded 4 bikes let me know selfish or not ! I’d like to know!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Decaffinaton weekend / history

The 3rd caffeine detox weekend started Friday nothing just milk, sports drink and water nothing else. No I’ve done this for 2 races now and this is the 3rd time. Why I like my coffee and it's not going to kill me. It is easy to quit cold because I've done it with Copenhagen, chewing for 20 yrs 24/7 365 just threw it out the window on thanksgiving driving 4 yrs ago and have not had one since. That Is where you will find if you are weak or not 2 and 1/2 weeks of hell. Working retail on black Friday weekend didn't help nor locating underground electric and gas lines. So people better not tell me I ---'- do this. I still have the lingering headache here Sunday night. So a massive migraine all weekend Saturday and Sunday with the nerves and other fun stuff. You ask why well my saying is " There are only 2 finish lines in a race only one is just a little more permanent" and for me I know that other one will not come because I know the wife is just not that lucky. Though I did miss out on 2 long runs hopefully the 3 1/2 hr one made up Monday.

In 08 I ran 1,705 miles after 20 yrs of no running. Now with this year I'd hope to have 2,000 in by October 10 before race day plus I want more a time of 9 hrs or less on that 50 miler. For that one quick prayer and to tell him he can only watch. Last year in 08 the wife signed me up for the 50 then I told her how long it was then got the look and the 2 questions "why are you doing one of those when you haven't even done a regular marathon and why are you setting yourself up for failure. All I said was I'm not. So my 1st 50 miler was 9:38:20.

Now let's get this 3 1/2 hrs run done Monday!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Struggling with my issues

There are many things I believe I need to fix, I may be whining about nothing but.
I am trying to log a lot more for this race more than the other 2 just to have more info for the next time. My vices this time I think are not enough sleep, too much coffee and sleeping in front of my desk (at home) to, to much Tylenol for the muscle pulls from the infrequent stretching and time on the weekends.

For me starting with the first one is the coffee the 4 to 6 cups in the morning I think are killing my form being to tense. I can feel stride and cadence along with the back straightness. It is like I’m so tightly wound up I can feel it at night when I do finally make it to bed is to lay flat and to just relax and focus I can feel it pulling the chest, arms, neck. This is where the next problems are coming from partly.

All that tightness is pulling muscles with the idea that the stretching has been lacking. Now is where I now have been taking two leaves one for each hand to hold while I run so I don’t make fists and am tense on the trail. Mentally or in reality it does work loosens me up because you cannot break the leaves in your hand, I believe helps. I got to get back on track again stretching to get rid of these aches and stop taking Tylenol that is only for race day or suppose to be. Other than that it was a nice easy 10 last night with a couple of leaves and no Tylenol. There end lies if I get the others down mainly the sleep I could get up in the way early morning on the weekends to get that long run in.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A quick run and light display

One hamstring one Achilles and 2 Tylenol and were off for a short run last night. I checked the radar and there was nothing and then 2 miles in there it was. It was building in the distance a storm with some lightning. There also was a guy under a quarter mile ahead, where I always like the challenge to catch them. I watched the clouds build higher and getting darker. You could see the rain coming down from underneath with the giant lightning strikes. I was looking as if it was going SE and angling off from myself just missing the other runner and I. As I like to do though counting one more was being passed, I looked over at him as it looked as he was worried about the storm and a little haggard. I told him it was a little lightning with a bit of rain to make it just a little more exciting. It progressed to be just a little bigger and a lot closer, but these are always the best runs. Not always the fastest, but getting dark or there already and lightning all around the lake. That rush is the best you just go and the pains go away the stride comes naturally and you look in awe of the light show and the experience. The lighting stretching across the sky and shooting down in the valley nailing a tower. With a little rain shower before getting back I finding it turned into a big one with baseball sized hail and buckets of rain were coming. Just a little extra thrill in the mix that I made it back before it got here. It was only 6 miles at 53:35 it was a low mileage day not fast not slow but a run I can remember and hold on to for awhile. Like the one with pea sized hail and looked like it snowed. Now these runs are not suggested but hey if your wife just cannot get that lucky. Go for it! You’ll be going “you should have seen that” and she’ll be going “what the hec are you thinking! Just like when you told her your first marathon was a 50 miler!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Have to get that rest

I'm now guessing it was not the best idea to have that tylonol last night. I was able to run good but at what cost I really couldn't feel what I was doing to the 2 pains. But hey there is no quitting and have to make that 50m in 9 hrs and less. Especially after I talked John into it Ive got to beat him. There I'm kinds counting on him being a little burnt up as he's running pikes peak.
But then this is a few days on a post. last night only 1 tylonol and keeping pace in check and no doing anything stupid I ran a 12 in just under 2hrs was fair. This morning though it not that bad running through that pain a little more smart, depending on what you call smart is working so far or so it seems. And I have been getting to the actual bed earlier to a possible plus to.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Training ramping up into 2nd week

Training, going well not going well that is what I'm wandering life is just getting in the that never happens to others. I believe though that I'm going fairly well with the miles she the wife thought we needed jet ski's and the 4th of July weekend and the weekend before out at the lake didn't help.. Just trying to get it all in has been a chore and have not got the 3 hr run from 7/05, but it is still way early in the scedule to be to worried yet because I did bounce back for Free State fairly well being a trail run and stopping training and picking back up again to a time way under my prediction. I just have to get rid of that nagging ham and Achilles in the right and left legs. With even them training runs have been good, but not as fast as I'd like to take them because of that. I've been wrapping them and a lttle tylonol when running to keep better form to keep the stride as close to normal as possible.
It might also help to get a little moe or better sleep than just falling asleep infront of the computer at my desk to 0230 and then getting back up at 0430. I think that would be a good solution to the leg problem right there.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Down time an nursing injuries.

Resting up is not always it's cracked up to be. It always comes with a little more doubts running though the than you like.. This year more than ever I've needed the down time to just keep the base I've aquired. That's been tuff though to with a mucle pull or tear in the back right leg and an achilles acting up for some reason. It's just a nagging pain that for the first 4 miles and the leg feels heavy but after that it works out and feels good till morning again and the other I think I I turned at Free State . Lately I've turned down the running and have gone to swimming 1200 meters for the last week or two. I think I need to get that up and higher to do a little more good. I am still putting out the base I think but without the running I feel I havnt done anything. I'm worried about that less than 9:38:00 PR going down the drain. This is all time between 4/25 and 6/22/09 from the ultra and the start of training for Heartland. Needing to get moving I always get that unsure feeling even though I' still feeling pretty strong compared to last year with a lot more confidence. Training starts soon though with to much going to be going on.