Thursday, July 9, 2009

A quick run and light display

One hamstring one Achilles and 2 Tylenol and were off for a short run last night. I checked the radar and there was nothing and then 2 miles in there it was. It was building in the distance a storm with some lightning. There also was a guy under a quarter mile ahead, where I always like the challenge to catch them. I watched the clouds build higher and getting darker. You could see the rain coming down from underneath with the giant lightning strikes. I was looking as if it was going SE and angling off from myself just missing the other runner and I. As I like to do though counting one more was being passed, I looked over at him as it looked as he was worried about the storm and a little haggard. I told him it was a little lightning with a bit of rain to make it just a little more exciting. It progressed to be just a little bigger and a lot closer, but these are always the best runs. Not always the fastest, but getting dark or there already and lightning all around the lake. That rush is the best you just go and the pains go away the stride comes naturally and you look in awe of the light show and the experience. The lighting stretching across the sky and shooting down in the valley nailing a tower. With a little rain shower before getting back I finding it turned into a big one with baseball sized hail and buckets of rain were coming. Just a little extra thrill in the mix that I made it back before it got here. It was only 6 miles at 53:35 it was a low mileage day not fast not slow but a run I can remember and hold on to for awhile. Like the one with pea sized hail and looked like it snowed. Now these runs are not suggested but hey if your wife just cannot get that lucky. Go for it! You’ll be going “you should have seen that” and she’ll be going “what the hec are you thinking! Just like when you told her your first marathon was a 50 miler!

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