Monday, December 1, 2008

A fresh start

That what they call it a fresh start, here on both fronts home and running. The running is pretty much a personal decision is gone down but not out I just don't want to burn out it being lacking a lot. That was the hardest I've trained in the last year that I have been running. No I'm not shutting it down. I'm getting registered for one of 2 races for Christmas this year, the Free State 100k or the Spirit of the Prairie 100. I hope to do both as I want to make my goal this year to then have fun after that. The 50 really was not that bad this last year and I really want to feel it this time around. I have only 2 goals to these races and one is to just finish because you that do run in a few ultra's see there is no great crowd, but a family type feeling and not having to be in some great limelight. To know that you did it and and you are part of the less than less of .01 of 1%. For me these next 2 are very important to make as I will make it to the finish one way or the other. That is the first and only goal of the day!

On the other hand the one thing that may hinder 1 race is the the home front and this ship has been hit by the berg and is going down. There is no saving it here as the water is flooding in and its pretty well known when the bow is going under and I cannot and will not be asked for a second race entry. The only reason I have to except this one is it's for X-mas. Which still disgusts me that some one has to pay for my race. The ending of this year does not help but these are redemption races for my mental sake something I have to do on my own and now will have to leave a present behind to cover the fee. Other than that little bird ruining someones surprise it was a great Thanksgiving calm, quiet, quick and simple.

Want great motivation imagine someone asking you these 2 questions varied though:

1. Why do you want to do one of those when you have not even done a regular marathon?

2. Why are you setting yourself up for failure?

And that person your ______ .

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A goodbye and Relief

Just got back last night from a funeral in Beleville, Il. (funerals)I don't know they just seem different to me anymore my grandmother had passed on Tues, 18th and buried on the 21st. It was quick and seem somewhat painless. She had it planned down to the tee and her son to make sure that is was that way. The family from my mothers side came out of the woodwork an started coming up with cousins I never seen and heard of. She excitingly showing all the 5 boys off and going over what they do or did. Like myself running my 50 mile ultra thats all I heard. It was to be kept low thats why I did it in the middle of nowhere. Thats why when they asked are you crazy I'd say in the straightest face yes but don't tell anyone they don't know it yet. It seemed like the one last time that everyone there the whole side of this family would get together. Which I believe is to true. She was the only one that could do that. The old German heritage and and nothing going to waste. To put up with us 5 boys and a couple staying there for a time when grampa was there was still something. She would not have been happy with the present election like when I dated a Japanese/black girl when living staying there for a time. We'll remember that we always had to clean our plate, watch her soaps that she watched for countless years, to keep things straight and countless nights of popcorn and soda. Always willing to help but never straying from that small little town that really is not so small anymore.
Well you had a good life and were happy or atleast didn't complain you will be missed.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Yes this post is about it. Your reading this do you have it I’m beginning to doubt it here for me. This is not the physical it is the mental the self doubt. The one year I thought would be a good year and good Christmas is gone again. But then would it have been worse with the other job. I think probably so. Someone else does not quite see it that way though. Paying it back for the ultra seems to be that I never improved myself at home and am starting at the beginning from scratch. Work is not going well the f-t job is at a 3 day work week and one of the 2 p-t jobs the better one laid me off. At least I had it for a while that I’m not smart enough to be able to quit a job correctly that I at least had it for awhile. Now it’s 30 to 35 hrs at retail is all I have left for the 2nd job. That presents the problem in getting a fun run in, but still getting in 25 to 30 per wk. Thank God for the Ultra I did get to do that lifted a great weight from 20 years ago and gave me the confidence and knowing that I have the determination to be able to work though a tough spot with a little redemption also in the mix. Then againit still keeps coming.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A run with no discussion

It was a good nite for a run just the right temp and windy as it can be for Kansas. Got the hour and a half and a easy 10 miler in at 1:29:00 just right a 6 like I was suppose to be to cook a few dogs on the grill.
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Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's been a long time since a run with the daughter

It was a slow Sunday and didn't get around to quickly. My wife wanted the fall and Halloween stuff put up and Christmas brought down. I had plans for a 15 miler. Two things that are just was to conflicting. Well my Daughter and I raked and blew leaves out of the flower bed and yard, blew out the garage and started putting up and bringing down Halloween and X-mas boxes. I heard my daughter say and couldn't believe she wanted to get it done so she could run on the tredmill and she had let mom know she wanted to do it. She also asked me about my next race about a 20m / 40m / and100k she wanted to know about the 20. I thought she would most likly be able to finish a 20 and she's now thinking about it. Well I told mom I was going to get in 15 but would go for 10 to 13 If she could get her to run with me. Mom then convinced her to run and I was to be not a a-- and bug her to run alot but she wanted to go 4m and did it in 39 minutes. She actually took in tips and didn't complain except she was just mad her left foot was bruized from a volleyball game.

Well I got my 13 miles in and right at 2:00:00 could not have timed it any better. I am letting it simmer with her for awhile then we'll see. That would be very cool if she would.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October's Lows and Highs and Lows

The month has been one. Getting my training in for my 50 miler at the last 2 weeks and at the same time one grandmother passes away. The weekend before the 50 was the funeral with only a fishing hat and lures and a urn on the alter. Still a moving send off and not being able to go to any reception because of a tit with the parents. Thats because they cannot say they were wrong on how they went about something from long ago and can never call to let us know they are coming or if it would be a bad time.

The race though was a beautiful thing though I had only planed about 12hrs. give or take not a 9:38:20. Where the wife said don't plan on us being up there, but did make it to the race. Then told more people than I have. I got on my phone and went through the list of names and not one out of 200 did I or would have had a reason to call and tell. Well don't think jeez I still think it's funny today. Thats the reason I picked that race for no one else but me around here.

Then things going wrong the heater no phone no internet both rear tires on the company truck the strike not ending, having to work 3 jobs almost having a damage on a locate on a 4in gas main. Just when it's starting to look up with the strike I get a call, the grandmother in Il. had a stroke last week (yeah they just got around to telling me) at least it's before there making plans to put her under this time. The left side is done and can't swallow she does not want a feeding tube. So it is ruffly about 7 to 10 days.

I did though get in a good 10 miler in 1:30 and did it ever feel good I relieved alot of stress from it I did not listen to the quiet around me or any of that. This was a time of escape and just putting one foot in front of the other. Listening to a little Godsmack and Judist Priest and just feeding off the beat But just enough aware to be able to wave at a curtain school nurse so she cannot say I am rude because I did not say HI

Saturday, October 25, 2008

What else????

I don't know lets say only 5 hrs worked today and just about as many tkt's to locate. Feeling discouraged but not giving up and finding out 10 months out is just a little shaky on getting back in the groove of finding locations and on the computer is challenging at times. This weekend I'm cutting the losses and getting home. Some quick straighten and just as I planned a nice 2 hour run to finish this off. I was a good run to, no tired legs right in the low 60's and a little breeze. Which made a easy 13 miler the longest since the race. It just didn't feel right that 8 miler just wasn't long enough.

I did got the lecture though that how someone had held back to let me run and how Ive got how long till the next race. That I can hold back for the next 2 months for the family and still train in as much time as I had for this one. I just went for a run while Nana and eveyone was watching TV.

A little cross-fit is in order I do believe!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sure it not Friday the 13th week!!!

Thank God the week is over no running so far, I believe I don't really remember. Its been so messed up with no phone viop and internet pilot on household heater won't stay lit and almost had a damage on a locate if it were not for the guy piggy backing on someone else dig ticket because I was dumb enough to leave myself open and not copy all the pictures. That's not enough either I had a flat tire on the company car yesterday and now one today and have to get fixed tonight to work tomorrow. Though to start off the day I had left my phone and camera at home in my vest at home. Less one more hour of lost time and then got the boss a little irratable at me because I didn't call him about a fiber standby yesterday on my first ticket. IVE HAD ENOUGH WEEK. ITS DONE, FINISHED. OH ONE MORE DAY. What else could go wrong?

The word is keep going it's gotta turn around sometime, you quit you lose.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Payback and a good run

Trying for a run all the last week since the race w/ no luck w/ 3 works and a little pay back for the last 7 to 9 months. NO TIME
Good day so far w/no running yet this week and am working this sat locating in my old area feels good to be kind of back.
Feel good about yourself at least there not calling you personlly and only wanting some roger and not just one creditor about 10 or 12 on the company phone. No wander he is gone!!
daughters volley ball team wins it seems the important ones at least going for 1 or 2. And it will be 2nd they got there ___ 's handed to them.
back to work and it went pretty well 20 stop in 8.25 not bad not good. Now lets get to some possible running a good 10 would be great!!!
One good run 8 miles in 1:30:00 did that ever feel good but it was slow it seemed.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The day after

Easy day one of the last coming up for a little giving back. But I went on a 8 mile easy ride around the town and lake. The wife thought it was not a very bright idea to do.

Though the thing w/ finishing the race is that going though my phonebook on the cell afterward and today I didn't have or had any one to call and tell about the run. The wife has told more people than I have. People she knows that know me have come up. Thats why I wanted to do that race so only a few would see.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My race report for the Spirit of the Prairie Oct 11th 2008. It is one race that will not be forgotten for a long time. I heard and do now believe the there is an Ultra family togatherness that you just can't find at the smaller races. The post race meal with everyone. Being able to meet some of the people your running with and make a few new friends.Around 120 give or take some at the meal the night before. There was pasta, roast beef, cole slaw, homemade bread, salad and peach and blueberry cobbler.

Home bound one of very few that got to sleep in his own bed to wake up early for the 5 am check in. Even there everyone seeing were the other came from. Where I met a person from twitter and 2 bloggers that I've read. That was very different to see people that you have always read about right there.Race start I found a couple that were doing the 50 mile and from Wichita, Ks and hung back not to go out to fast. During the way met the director for the plains 100 and talked a bit. It was a good easy 5 mile an hr pace. Though the pack was getting spread out as time went on, but keeping distracted with a little commiserating the time and miles flew. Day break came and you couldn't get a better view. Passing the unmanned aide station and going to the manned one you had banana's potato's M&M's salt cheeseit's sports drink water goo's enduralight caplets cookies pretzel's PB&J and or just ask it might be there.

It was clear to see that if nature called there was respect given at anytime because it may be you later. Little after the 2nd aide station fill up of the camel back the first of 4 one shirt had to go. I was warming up getting warmer up to 80. My running weather but not others. I was doing quite well on the last leg to the turnaround feeling the wind picked up and would hit us for a good while coming back on that part I trained for that too. At the turnaround I left the running partner for a faster lonelier pace, against the wind was great and was still strong. I was pretty much alone out there couldn't see anyone then a red speck. So I went to a nice easy pace and never stopped to catch whoever it was. It was a little under 20 mile left when I got him. Stayed for a couple of miles till I figured I could possibly make it under 10 hours.At the unmanned stop I grabbed a glass or 2 of water and he said don't let me hold you up. I told him running off not to worry I wouldn't let him pass me.

13 to go an then the quick fill at the last full service aide station. 8.6 to go it was like 2 laps around the lake that's all I had to do. Just 2 training laps and it was done. A good short quick pace no stopping but it was getting tough out of water and salt the legs were going. Down the home stretch paved road to the finish where the wife was and daughter ringing the cow bell with others as we slowly came in. It was a finish of 9:38:20 for my first 50 miler. It was sweet so sweet and now seemed so easy. My mind can now be at ease from long ago and my reason is done, but I've found another! Find that reason!Looking now for that close 100k or 100 miler and yes I like to over do it!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

23 Days 6 hrs to go

        I'm into the last big weekend of the training schedule or of my thoughts since I adjusted it just a little. I had a 4 hr and 5 hr day last weekend giving me 20 miles one day and 25 on the other. Plus going over board doing 10 to 13 mile runs for the other 3 days. I have wanted to blog on the training since the last posts but I keep falling asleep in front of the computer and then waking up around 2 am. Eating and as I just mentioned sleeping have not been my strong side and might be my downfall if not gotten under control. I do have one more big weekend to go and hope to get one over 30  miler in on Sunday.  With now working 6 days a week with 3 10hr days it has  been rough going. I had been asked how I am able to do all the packing in the miles from a web site in a challenge because he is getting shin splints just looking at my schedule. I say when this race is all you have until you make it there is no option to fail. I cannot fail. I have been waiting for this for 4 yrs and only able to train since Jan 1. I had been listening to podcasts on running alot to get ready for this also but as of late they I believe have let things slide I have heard the rumblings of I can't and it was rough I just got that in, and training for a marathon that will be there first that will be an eye opener when they go for it because I think the training is very lacking. My opinion though. I have had to go back to the stand by of anger and resentment to drive me from a certain part of life that I regret. Yes it is 20 years culminating to this. That is my one reason for no failure no quiting and no I can't. For me there is no walking off the course, no DNF. It will drive me to that fork in the road pushing me one way or the other to the finish. Enough of the whining because I'm feeling good and ready with only a slight groin ache thats worked out after 3 miles. Thurs and friday break Sat and Sun time to hit it and please send me some anger to get rid of. Taper has not started yet so the going joke is still that the wife may still get lucky.  This week did a 10 10 and a 4hr and then 5hr run sat and sun still to come. I  let you know as it goes.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Starting week off well (45 days left)

I did need that day off Monday that weekend of 43 miles busted me up. I still am a little fuzzy in the brain today. Though the 10 miles I'm to do should do the trick to clear the fog. I wished I could have ran yesterday with someone on the rampage thinking that stuff was not done and that we were done with what we (my daughter and I) were doing. Today though I got out for a 10 miler even that it took 2 and a half hours to get out the door to get it done. I thought it was a slow run but actually got it done in 1 hour and 30. I will take it even though I am not learning to drop the pace for the ultra. I crash and burn for that if I don't watch it.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The day after 26 miles

The day after to do 3 more hours of running on Sunday. I worked from 6 am to 1pm unloading and stocking shelves. Then to only get home to detail the car before going out to run which didn't happen till 6:30 pm. It was tough to get going though after 2 miles I finally got going on cruise to 17 miles in 2:56. Now really feeling it at work this morning light headed just not all togather here, dizzy. I've drank water and everything and have eaten. I think it's just recovery because I just feel blahh. It's good thing it's a day off today and I will be taking this day off with no small run. Streching the cafves I believe has helped.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

One hec of a week and 48 days to go

I can't believe this week, though it is after a somewhat recovery week. I cannot get over that I have blown 2 of my personal training records away this week. One for the 10 mile and one for the 26.2 mile unsupported even by the wife I might add. For the 10 I made a best of 1:19:57 on Friday I was feeling great and ran at a strong pace the whole way to and around the lake and passed one of the school principles twice. A little (Godsmack) Hollow, Sick of life and Temptation along with a little Ted N. helped a great deal to. I have a pace down and I know its still just a little to fast but to get the miles in the time the schedule my short legs have to pick it up a little. There I know I am thinking wrong there to. I am though not pushing it to the point of possible injury. There's to much riding on this ultra all I need to do is finish. The second best PR training run is 26.2 that one was Saturday today with another unsupported with just a water bottle and 2 granola bars I made it in 04:26:42 and shaved off a good 20 minutes from the last one. Now as long as we don't see a union strike from Boeing I am good. We would be looking a 3 day work weeks at my job which depends on them and or a 21 day shut down. Which means I'd be working 7 days and not knowing when I'd be getting off the other 4 days that are the most important. The paperwork and the UA is done and now ready for my word go to be a locater again from previous job for those other days. A 3 hour run is scheduled for tomorrow It is from what I can feel right now is going mind toughening. BECAUSE IT CAN BE DONE!!! To tomorrow.

Friday, August 15, 2008

light weekend before it gets rough

This is the light/down weekend before it gets tough. The schedule says
for next 2 I’ve 4 hr runs on sat and 3hrs on Sun.. Today and tomorrow
were 2 and 2 1/2 hrs. I got 3 in today and I need a break so I think I
do a 30 mile ride in the prairie peddler. It should be fun and I wanted
to do this ride for 3 yrs.

Fordging away

Yes it’s been a few but not that long Tuesday the 12th I had the teacher meet and greet with the daughter and took that as the day off / rest day. Stayed out of trouble not mentioning my running unless someone other than myself did. Which though it did anyway with people telling me I do run a lot and or they see me running everywhere. I was only able to say I was in training for an ultra and that was it.

Wednesday was a tough day there for awhile but did finally got my stride in there. Though it was no record it was a good run. 10 miles to the garmin All but for the signage that the city put around the lake on the west side was worthless. Inside of both blind turns that was so unbelievable were 2 signs saying 20 mpg. For any runner or walker that happened to be on the other side to late by then .I’ve been almost hit 3 X’s and that was my 1st round and only got 3 extra signs for 20 mpg put up. I’m working on the next step and could use any idea’s!

Yesterday I had another great 10 miler again and made a training PR of 1:26:44. I guess it helps to listen to a little Ted Nugent. Pretty good I’d say since I paused a couple of times to see what a couple people thought of the signs that were just put up, in which they thought the same way.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

News from a crew meeting

I have not been looking forward to these upcoming crew meetings. The word with aircraft company's in Wichita is not good with the IAM. Hawker/Beechcraft is on strike now and the vote for Boeing is in Sept. Which in case they are not very happy campers at all and does not look good. Which we may get laid off or 3 day weeks somewhere in that line which means I'm going to have to get a couple of short jobs real quick.Then means no training for the last month before the race. Beautiful once again for life when you waited for 4 yrs and again another curve ball. I will still be there ready to go. It will be ran weather or not

Monday, August 11, 2008

the 5 hr run

It went pretty good 4:53:something and 27.13 miles a few shy because of a severe stom that was coming up. I no I'm not whining because of a little rain I had been running in it all day. Having to bring out and put away the Ipod for the whole 5 hours. The other rumbles and lighting yesterday were all up in the clouds though this one didn't want to go that way we had lightning coming down everywhere and I just didn't want the wife to get that lucky. It was not all that bad though if I would not have stopped to hand a freinds house key and get a check plus stop and talk to another runner (NO not Adam) that was going out as I was coming in I would have broke 30. That will be left up to next time.

Both of these runs are after work which is the only way they will get done. Today was to be a 3 hour run though I made 2:45 with 15 miles in. It just got to late and I had to get up for work at 4:30. The problem was the wife finally wanted to get the boarder up in the bathroom and be done with it. It was to only take 30 min but between prep getting it done and putting the bathroom back togather. which didn't leave much time left. I believe that was the kind of mileage the schedule was looking for though. It was hard to get it going usually takes just a mile to shake it all loose and it took about 2. It was pretty smooth after that. I did break my 13 mile PR but am not really sure of the exact time.

The days are flying by and I was really hoping to have a rest day today, but is not the case. My daughter and schools meet and greet, plus the wifes same for the HS on Tuesday. Which means if I'm going to get the run in it's going to be today. There was no loosening up there all 10 miles were pretty grueling. then knee's and legs just were not there. I was only about I believe less then a minute off pace. That's with no Ipod which is kind of shocking.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Rest what rest I just have a 5 Hr run tomorrow

Rest apparently I did not need rest today before the 5 hr run tomorrow thats coming up. I did a 10 mile bike around the town. Had a little fun and I may or may not pay for it tomorrow. I was a beautiful ride not hot or to cool riding the lake and around town the somewhat quiet and peace. One good thing that has come about with the rise in gas prices.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

It was HOT!!!

I just got up way to late to run but no time left in the day to go some other time. So here I go 2 small water bottles, Ipod and a garmin. The sun was getting over the trees by the time I got to the lake and you could feel the heat and humidity rising by the minute. I was also thinking it would have been a better choice to have gone to Newton to pick up my daughter coming back from the grandparents. I though on the other hand had a run in with an old guy that had no common respect for other people around the lake and speeding by and kicking up much dirt for all the walkers and runners to deal with. He saying that I'm the only one that had a problem with him and his blue van and other gray haired fishing buddy and silver/blue truck. I came back with no one else has the balls these days because there all afraid someone will pull something on them and unfortunately I'm to stupid to know any better. I also said I've been told I'm an a___h---- and I slow down for people so they don't have to eat the road. Well hopefully I am fixing his cookie because knowing 2 of the city council we can get that speed knocked down to 10 with some enforcement. Which one of them when I got a hold of him said it was a great idea and can happen but not overnight. Other than that it was a great run of 15.44 at 3hr 1min felt pretty good after getting done. Just one more extra blister and a little chaffing to man up a bit. Well they got home got unpacked and the daughter and I went to the pool for a little regular and family swim with the wife cooking up the dinner since she could not go because of just getting a tattoo. Great dinner and bike ride after to finish off the evening which cooled off or I just got use to it. I'll take either way though.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Coming into the hard weekends

I know I can't wait for it to get here but then again there are the big weekend coming up to put a little ding in my excitement. I am getting there but with a few blisters and both black and blue 2nd toes and a bit of chafing. That has not deterred me yet. I put in the miles last month and now just need to keep it up for 2 more months. It is going to be a challenge and is doable. Keeping it together and the mind staying focused on the job ahead is the tougher part. I have been doing 10's Tues, Wed, and Thurs and it has now been stepped up to 4 and 5 hrs on sat the 3 and 4 hrs on Sun. So far all goals are met so far.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Better than expected

the running has been going better than planned and knee and ankle pain is very very low. It as before stated does do you a lot better to take those 2 days off in the schedule when your supposed to. I am getting to be about a mile slower in time but I do need to get slowed down for the 50 and learn to get those walk breaks. Home life has also been pretty good.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Still going as planned

Still going strong it does help to take those 2 days off in that week.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Got my toy

Then Garmin came in from Coke and it's only a Forrunner 101. But hey can't complain it was free and a good excuse to go on a short run. It was to be a rest day to a day without swimming was good to no knee pain. what's up with that. I thought that swimming was to be good for knee's. Well it was a 4.01 mile run at 34:39. I believe thats fair because I do not believe the loop the lake run was 4 miles. I have to check that one out now.Training good and everything positive and still go at 81 days 3minutes and 45 seconds to race day.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Still above 80 days left

Still just a tad over 80day's left to the race. Does not look like that many days on the schedule though. Made my 2 hr run plus 35 more minutes to knock off 14 more miles. Then knee feels a little better but I think'in it's shin splints. I going just a little bit slow for my taste but I'm making the time goal and keeping it together for next weekends long runs. The Schedule has the weekend block with a really long run like a 20-24 4 hrs. then a 10-13 2 hrs. for the second day. Next weekend will be a bear because there are no early mornings working 1st shift. They'll be a couple of hot ones. Though Tues. thru Thur. not looking to cool either. We were to go to the water park but wifes friend was having problems so we I the daughter and the wifes friends daughter went to the public pool and I got 500 meters in. All in all the wife was doing pretty good even after the scare. I got things straightened around here and a good evening of kicking back in the chair.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nice run but not the best I've done

83 day's left to go till the Spirit. I did actually get up for my run this morning for a 8 miler. Sticking to the schedule I went out for 1:30 and got 8 in the bucket. Although the knee is starting to act up again the thing is I can't tell if it is from the previous or is a new thing from February's treadmill running with chin splints. I feels like I'm going to slow but I don't want to blow up the knee. It works as long as I don't go down a hill or go to fast. Well I seen 2 others out and didn't get them over to to help out. With one gal doesn't talk much and I got to involved talking about marathons with this guy that tried to pass me. That did the knee just as much good as the 500 meter swim I did at the pool is seems. Whoever said that swimming was better on your knee's I'd say should be flogged. But them again I don't learn very well when I go push hard a 10 mile ride at 8 pm either. I say it's to keep limber, but it's probably more that I can't quit. I'll see how it works out come morning for the 3 hr. or more training run in the morning.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Training runs and other

It's been going good so far on the runs I've been going no slower or faster.
Just long easy or seems to be easier runs so not to get injured.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I have a confirmed entry

My entry has been confirmed and I'm just waiting for the site to update. But just on there web packet was a couple of paragraphs that just make you think.

We at Kansas Ultrarunners’ Society (KUS) want to make this race a memorable and rewarding experience for each of you. Our goal is to help each of you to the finish line. The Heartland 50 is uniquely different from other 50 miles races. The openness of the course will present challenges you may not have faced in other races. William Least Heat-Moon in his book Prairy Erth may best describe the run you are about to undertake:

“There are several ways not to walk in the prairie, and one of them is with your eye on a far goal, because you then begin to believe you’re not closing the distance any more than you would with a mirage. My woodland sense of scale and time didn’t fit this country, and I started wondering whether I could reach the summit before dark. On the prairie, distance and the miles of air turn movement to stasis and openness to a wall, a thing as difficult to penetrate as dense forest. I was hiking in a chamber of absences where the near was the same as the far, and it seemed every
time I raised a step the earth rotated under me so that my foot fell just where it had lifted from. Limits and markers make travel possible for people: circumscribe our lines of sight and we can really get somewhere. Before me lay the Kansas of popular conception from Coronado on – that place you have to get through, that purgatory of mileage. Hiking in the woods allows a traveler to imagine comforting enclosures, one leading to the next, and the walker can possess those little encompassed spaces, but the prairie and plains permit no such possession. Whatever else prairie is – grass, sky, wind – it is most of all a paradigm of infinity, a clearing full of many things except boundaries, and its power comes from its apparent limitlessness; there is no such thing as a small prairie any more
than there is a little ocean, and the consequence of both is this challenge: try to take yourself seriously out here, you bipedal plodder, you complacent cartoon.”

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Review of the last week

She the wife is getting alot better pretty quickly and with no cancer. I told her she was to mean for that. Nana was as my daugher miss worded that we sent nana back. That the daughters softball tourney has gone on which they are off to a shakey start. I am getting my runs in when I get home and then biking up to the ball park.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The weekend home alone

I just didn't feel to motivated to get going with them gone to the reunion. I had to still get up to work. Friday I went biking about a 16 mile ride quite nice w/ no Ipod and picked up some coke and power aide caps on the way and just and just lazy'd around. I got home on Saturday and fell asleep for a while. I didn't think it was that bad of a day to have to do that. Because it has been raining since early morning. Well I did get going enough for a 20 mile ride around the town and then to andover (not capitalized on purpose) from Augusta. Had not done that in awhile and along the way was chased down by a dog. Beautiful evening for a ride.

Almost there I went on the right of the barricades for construction and had to hold It straight for a mile on a 2 ft stretch that was 2 ft down past that along the road. Though when I got to andover I saw a pig and told him about the dog and how that said dog would be dead if it nip me or bit me. I know you think that is mean but I guarantee that would happen to mine if they did that. It is usually the sentence. He said he'd get someone notified. Trust in them I think not they were there again the dogs.

Sunday worked and just got home for 5 min and they showed up and she was in a rant. Nervous about the operation and having a scrimmage for the daughters softball team in an hour. It was not pretty. Well no running and just trying to be there for the family we went out it seemed like for her the last meal.(I believe she was thinking) Becca and I didn't quite get it a the store we for got the grapes. The world was coming to an end. I had also just got done getting on the daughter for being a little ruff with the grapes and the sack er from a 1 1/2 ft dropped the in the sack I WAS PISSED AND WENT OFF ON HER. Then called the manager of Dillons. She was apologetic. To make it quick got home then straight to scrimmage were the 10 and under state quaified team made them look pathetic.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Is it or is it not!

Well what is the answer that the Dr. gave on opinion of weather not not is was cancer. It was a long and grueling wait to here. She had not been in a good mood all week and not sleeping to well and when she does not I do not. After a long wait for the doctors call it was no. It still won't be over till the surgery though which is Monday.It still needs to come out.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My short distance running partners

Always glad to help on the short distance speed workouts!

I made my 1st Marathon

I made my first marathon the day before Fathers day! I was feeling good and had time for a long run. I didn't think for that long though starting out for just a 20 miler I I though about what the wife said (why do you want to do that race when you haven't even done a regular marathon and why are you setting yourself up for failure) and I thought I had the time and even if I didn't why not. I had 2 power aide bottles of ice and it was 91'deg and she was not going to take it away from me this time because I had no phone and she was not going to go out and find me. So I kept going. The only sad part is no one even saw the 26.2 except for 2 guys out at the north end of the lake that thought stupid or just plain crazy for doing it in the heat or just running at all. It all took 5:00:23 but I finished from 4:30 to 9:30 at night is what it took.
I did it! Now she could a kite! Now will I still be ready and able to keep the momentum even after a few so called discussions we have. I'm thnking now that I was on the money and a good thing that I had ran the 26.2. As you'll see why in the buckeye outdoors calander of runs.

Will it happen. Will it be the big C or not!

Well little running going this week with the wifes biopsy and surgery coming monday. We still hae not found out if it's the thing you don't want to talk about either not to jinx it. Just daughters softball games and makeup games and wifes biop and surgery coming up family reunion the time goes by very fast then its to late. Next week will be about the same with all the rain games that are being made up and sugery it will be a pretty tough week to. Begining to question the possibility of the big race.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Addicted and Running funny

Still running the challenges from runnerplus and they'll probably be the end of me. Cannot quit them. Then knee almost went running the grsass and ditchlines you have to watch where the hell your going. I went down and then had to take 5 days off and had to take being the second loser in line which would be 3rd place. Plus a little my fault to I could have been running but a little need of erratating someone and kind of saying the hell with it. Then I thought what the heck I'm I doing I'm only going to get this one chance most likly for this. Especially just to prove her wrong.
You know that very great question for the 50 mile trail run (why are you setting yourself up for failure?). You know I'm going to make it one way or another! So I'm at it hard again. Won some adidas response 16's though the mountain dew's promo oldschoolornew. Getting it togather one piece at a time. Ran in them last night and man I have to waite to train in them not to use them up before then. Failure is not a option!!!! Last night my daughter and I with the waterballoons I was running out and sprinting is not an option. The legs would just not go and I got at least a couple glasses of water. Just felt like dead legs and it does take me about 1 or 2 miles to really get going along with the 3 inner toes still getting numb on the left foot. No doctor's though till after the race though I'm not taking any chances. At least till then.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Training for the 50 and long time from posting

It got a little warmer and I started running outside. It was great to get away from the treadmill. I will never say get on that thing again unless your walking. I had bumped up the mileage from 3/5/8 to 6/8/10 and a longer one on the weekend 15 to 20. Though it was longer than should have been. It was at a slower pace and was doing fairly well in handling it. I got just a little stiff just chalking that up to a few years.

I had handled everything then the second 20 miler learned a little about foot care with the 2ND toe looking like it was smashed. After the fact I seen the article on keeping them trimmed and somewhat filed to keep them from catching on socks.

It's now allot easier to go further. Running pretty much more than I should trying to get used to a higher stress level.From a podcast hearing about and getting into a few challenges you just can't get away. I'm just to competitive. For some other reason I am also still feeling that knee that could just go at any time it feels like.

Monday, March 31, 2008

In to the groove again

It has been a while for posting but getting back in to it has been a chore. I
think I figured out the problem. The treadmill all the time for a long time each day
gave me shin splints all around my leg above my ankle. Red and inflamed still running though it just took a little while longer to get to coasting. I did find out that I am getting to do my 50 mile race. I get entry for my birthday. Woohoo we'll beleive it when we see it though. Probably have to pay for it myself.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Then again maybe not IDK / IDC

I didn't get down there after a second day after she told me do I really deserve to go down there to work out. Well I say.......

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Getting back on track

It is slow going don't want to reinjure the knee. I can feel the twinge from a muscle not quite done. As long as I take it nice and easy though it is going well. I am not hurting walking or easy jogging. Plans have changed for races though no half IM and no 50m TR in April. Now the prize t be looking at is a mid to late summer dual or marathon and in the end a 100m TR in October which will be finished one way or the other. It is hard though to train when the wife has no idea or thinks it's stupid and not a very good idea. And didn't think it was a good idea for me to go to the gym yesterday.

Friday, February 15, 2008

I can't help it

I have to get out there the last 2 days I got out and biked 7 then 10 miles and ran 2 miles it was very slow and painfull to begin with. My wife asked if I thought if I really needed to go tonight because why was I limping from my left knee again. I just said it makes it better a littler working in and blood flow. But maybe not.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


That is what I'm told at least till the pain in the knee goes away then take it very easy. It is getting alot better one day then hurts all day the next. How can you do that. Well I have and it's not fun. It is takeing its toll when you can suppress the pain in your mind for so long it starts to wear. I am also thinking, I have to make a 1000 miles running this year. It still hurt's and it's been wraped and ben-gayed to get it done. To no avail. This is almost 2 weeks in to Feb. again and I've done it this year myself and messed up the 2 races that I wanted to do. That would have been the Rocky K 50 mile trail and the Kansas Half Ironman 70.3. That looks to be not happening. Still looking at one I have my fall back races. My goal will be and was just to finish any of them with the fall backs in order The Topeka Tin Man (15k-50m-5k)around that and The Spirit of the Prairie 50m or 100m trail race in which if I am not able to do the first 2 the it will be the Tin man and the 100m trail. I am told on the second I am crazy and stupid, but I just say insane. I will make it one way or the other. As per in a post before I have that reason you have to have that and second the will to do it and I will never lose that because of that reason and goal. This is on the lighter side what every runner dreams of (The long road ahead).

Monday, February 11, 2008

Still injured

Still injured and am learning my lesson that if I feel a pain like that to just be a little smarter than that. Started at bottom left of knee and then under the and across the knee cap, with a little bit of popping to add to the mix. It is tight and sore though it it seems to be eazing with eliptcal work nice and slow. I WANT TO RUN AGAIN.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Going to blow this month

One idoit one knee problem. Oh why did I have to go for the 7 mile in an hr on the tredmill. From Monday to now and still now a big pain at the bottom of the knee cap. It only started at the bottom left and was not bad but has grown to hurts walking and bending. It's going to be hard to run a 50 in the 1st of April I got to get moving. Hopfully this week to get to a little more cycling to work that out.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Knee on the fritz after was getting on pace

Monday was the day 7m running in an hr and 10m on the bike and had got back on track. Then tuesday the left knee lower left hurt like. Well you knoooow. That great base that I had aquired was dead and still just getting only 1 14 mile bike in just blows. It is getting to feel maybe to run on it easy today we'll see if that happens though got to get work'in on the tax's she say's. If I can it will be going at it slow. I just want to keep at the top 10 in a couple of reports on buckeye outdoors.

Monday, January 28, 2008

I thought I broke 100 for the month

It was coming close 100 miles for the month. I thought I made the hump Sunday with the 5 miles then, but it was not the case I was a whole .5 miles away still. I still have 3 more days to bust it over and get ahead.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Running and Riding with podcast easy day

5 miles -- 42:45
10 miles -- 32:00
1 mile -- 8:35

What they might think

I wander what they might think when I get off that tredmill after an hour. The long period of just running and if that towel drops or something good on the tube. I'm still straight away on the tread mill. At the hours end or 6 miles the shirt is soaked and ready to be rung out but usually the bike is next. Which makes it worse. There is 80% of the time the large ones, though you have to give them credit there out there trying are right in front while I'm on the bike. You have to wander how many are really there for the New Years res. and how long it will last. Where at the begining of the year there is the big upswing in people and memberships. Not dragging on those but you cannot wait till it thins which always happens. So well today it was 6 miles at 51:50 and a 5 mile bike at 10:00.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Run just to run

I just had to get out to run and still just to cold and having to treadmill it again.
At the gym it was quiet only one person there the whole time for 3 reasons small town, 9:30p.m., and a gym tucked inside of an old drug store. I thought I'd try to PR in a 5k and that would be good for the day if I did. If not I would go 4 Miles needless to say I didn't make the PR. I guess to many good times for the week already tried to break it at the 4 but ran out of steam. It was a good run for the hour I had to do it in. It was nice to just clear the mind for the while and push it. I said once in an email I have 3 things to run for and they are (reason) (will) and (goal) and unlike a Kona triathlete that lost that reason because he had attaind the goal and lost allot of motivation. I believe my goal will be hard to achieve but sill could be done. Then there would be no use for the blog if I have. Though one day it will be attained. I am going I think for one of 3 races here the big O, The tim man long course or the eizenhourer marathon. Hopefully a little money will come in somewhere.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A PR on the treadmill

I can't believe it it said 40:15 for 5 miles. It though makes me wander about the accuracy of those things. It was tough though. It will be hard to get it down again soon when time is slipping by fast.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

imatating the tin man race

At least the short course I've got it.

3.1-- 24:30
3.1-- 26:30

It's not summer and it wasn't the course but I can believe.

Monday, January 14, 2008

To make the cut off

Last night was awesome! Going on the bike in the last 10 minutes I thought, lets see if I can make the 10 miles in 30 like it was the cut off for the big O. I was just over 6 miles and was lagging behind I had only about 9 min left and at a usual 4 min mile pace that was not good. I though did pull it off and busted it out 10 sec before cut off. That was a damn good feeling to get it done, just for myself. Then do the 5 mile run which I surprisingly got my best PR of 42:30 on a treadmill no less. I was a beautiful day after being a nasty one to start. It seemed nothing could go right for the last day and a half. It is the start of better things to come. Now to keep the pulled muscles and bruised feet away. You've only failed if you quit.


Nothing done last night. I thinking a break is due. Joined up w/ the 1000 mile club on and maybe to help push me to get it done more.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Going nowhere

7 miles on the treadmill is a long way of going nowhere in a hour and 5 min.
But it feels really good untill the next day.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Starting to feel good

Everybody is at the game tonight and I have no clue on if they've been.
I on the otherhand am at the gym and running and riding .
running 3 Mile at 27:30
riding 6 Mile at 22:30
running 3 Mile at 26:15
Then doing a little immatating of swimming on one of the machines for 15 minutes.
Don't really know if it is working doing that but I think so. It seems the cycling
is going fast but the treadmill running is I think creeping along. I sure I guess it will help more when I do get on the road back outside.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Can I keep it up look'in for a 1000 miles running and I have no idea for biking what I should try for.I've heard nothing of being there or running to long at the gym except that I'm not warming up enough. Maybe just glad to get me out of the house since the job change. Although I am waiting on the hammer to drop, where thats when my base gets dumped again. Gotta to go I think a little more higher milage for that possibility, but thats not the correct way to go about it either. All I really want to be able to to is the half IM in spring and atleast finish. Last of all tonight another 6m in 53:00 on the tredmill and 2 on the bike in 8:30. I am there
trying atleast.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Nothing heard yet about the long ride

It was a good so far no complaints from. I went on a long ride Sunday one more of the goals completed and without problem. The long ride consisted of going from Augusta to Douglas 11.6 each way. It was mainly a mind issue.There are alot of hills and the last one is downhill for 2 to 3 miles and not a bad thing till the way back. I started out at 5 pm and it was great basicaly inbetween your in the middle of nowhere although it did get alittle nippy when it got dark it was 23.3 miles at an 1:33:00.

Today Monday was alot different 5 miles on the treadmill at the gym, which took 44:00 and is boring to boot. Atleast there I hope to just be able to get a pace mile thing down. I think I'm getting it there.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

You have time but you don't

Today was a good one work was great out after 6 1/4 hrs nothing to do. Got home and the snow was melting fast. Had to get those X-mas decorations down now. Then to work out. Not though before church.After everthing was put up and church was done. There was pretty much nothing left of the day and my wife wanted me home around when they are to get there. So that ment a real fast one. I rode 15 miles in 44:00 and 1 mile running in 9 mins. It will sure be nice when it gets a little warmer. I think I'm going t go for a goal of a 1000 miles running for the year. I'm not sure what a good goal for the for the bike would be.Be looking in to that. How come all the good days always go by fast.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Only one today

I am it that made it there today 5 miles in 44:00 on the treadmill. just seems to long on it or is it just me. I can run it faster outside I beleive. I just hate it indoors I sweat like a pig, which probably looked real good. Like Hey, look he's going to keel over. though it did feel gooood.

Inside wishin I was outside

It was a great evening till sometime during the evening. Went to workout and got 11 miles in 33 min biking and 3.1 running in 26 min then 2 miles in 5 and a half min.
Then some upper body weights and it felt damn good.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

So far

Keeping it going another day with weights and 5 bike / 3 mile run. The rest are still going and made it there before me. All still getting in to it.

A family working out whoa!

The family, yes the family is all working out. For various different reasons. How long that lasts will be the test. The wife is in it to get in shape and lose alittle.
My daughter wants to and mom. I finally get to go to the gym and run and bike because now she wants to pay money for it. For New years we all were there at 10 and were working out. I got some weights in an 5 miles on the bike at 90 rpm w/ a 3 mile run at 26 min on the 1st. Will see how long this last beyond me. I can usaully guess it but I-don't-know.

Getting back at it

Well I got out for a short 2 miler when no one was home that day.
Needing to get out went on a short bike though the holiday week and I did
and my wife and daughter though I am nuts for doing it. I guess thats why
after everybody got what they wanted for X-mas. She thought we should sign up
for a gym membership. It was pretty sweet being able to run a 9:30 mile pace for
20 monutes then bike for 20 at 95 rpm and back to a 9:30 mile pace for 20 again. Then the next day bike, run, bike. It was just nice to do it for the total time and pace and not just going for a PR on a training run.