Friday, July 10, 2009

Struggling with my issues

There are many things I believe I need to fix, I may be whining about nothing but.
I am trying to log a lot more for this race more than the other 2 just to have more info for the next time. My vices this time I think are not enough sleep, too much coffee and sleeping in front of my desk (at home) to, to much Tylenol for the muscle pulls from the infrequent stretching and time on the weekends.

For me starting with the first one is the coffee the 4 to 6 cups in the morning I think are killing my form being to tense. I can feel stride and cadence along with the back straightness. It is like I’m so tightly wound up I can feel it at night when I do finally make it to bed is to lay flat and to just relax and focus I can feel it pulling the chest, arms, neck. This is where the next problems are coming from partly.

All that tightness is pulling muscles with the idea that the stretching has been lacking. Now is where I now have been taking two leaves one for each hand to hold while I run so I don’t make fists and am tense on the trail. Mentally or in reality it does work loosens me up because you cannot break the leaves in your hand, I believe helps. I got to get back on track again stretching to get rid of these aches and stop taking Tylenol that is only for race day or suppose to be. Other than that it was a nice easy 10 last night with a couple of leaves and no Tylenol. There end lies if I get the others down mainly the sleep I could get up in the way early morning on the weekends to get that long run in.

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