Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October's Lows and Highs and Lows

The month has been one. Getting my training in for my 50 miler at the last 2 weeks and at the same time one grandmother passes away. The weekend before the 50 was the funeral with only a fishing hat and lures and a urn on the alter. Still a moving send off and not being able to go to any reception because of a tit with the parents. Thats because they cannot say they were wrong on how they went about something from long ago and can never call to let us know they are coming or if it would be a bad time.

The race though was a beautiful thing though I had only planed about 12hrs. give or take not a 9:38:20. Where the wife said don't plan on us being up there, but did make it to the race. Then told more people than I have. I got on my phone and went through the list of names and not one out of 200 did I or would have had a reason to call and tell. Well don't think jeez I still think it's funny today. Thats the reason I picked that race for no one else but me around here.

Then things going wrong the heater no phone no internet both rear tires on the company truck the strike not ending, having to work 3 jobs almost having a damage on a locate on a 4in gas main. Just when it's starting to look up with the strike I get a call, the grandmother in Il. had a stroke last week (yeah they just got around to telling me) at least it's before there making plans to put her under this time. The left side is done and can't swallow she does not want a feeding tube. So it is ruffly about 7 to 10 days.

I did though get in a good 10 miler in 1:30 and did it ever feel good I relieved alot of stress from it I did not listen to the quiet around me or any of that. This was a time of escape and just putting one foot in front of the other. Listening to a little Godsmack and Judist Priest and just feeding off the beat But just enough aware to be able to wave at a curtain school nurse so she cannot say I am rude because I did not say HI

Saturday, October 25, 2008

What else????

I don't know lets say only 5 hrs worked today and just about as many tkt's to locate. Feeling discouraged but not giving up and finding out 10 months out is just a little shaky on getting back in the groove of finding locations and on the computer is challenging at times. This weekend I'm cutting the losses and getting home. Some quick straighten and just as I planned a nice 2 hour run to finish this off. I was a good run to, no tired legs right in the low 60's and a little breeze. Which made a easy 13 miler the longest since the race. It just didn't feel right that 8 miler just wasn't long enough.

I did got the lecture though that how someone had held back to let me run and how Ive got how long till the next race. That I can hold back for the next 2 months for the family and still train in as much time as I had for this one. I just went for a run while Nana and eveyone was watching TV.

A little cross-fit is in order I do believe!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sure it not Friday the 13th week!!!

Thank God the week is over no running so far, I believe I don't really remember. Its been so messed up with no phone viop and internet pilot on household heater won't stay lit and almost had a damage on a locate if it were not for the guy piggy backing on someone else dig ticket because I was dumb enough to leave myself open and not copy all the pictures. That's not enough either I had a flat tire on the company car yesterday and now one today and have to get fixed tonight to work tomorrow. Though to start off the day I had left my phone and camera at home in my vest at home. Less one more hour of lost time and then got the boss a little irratable at me because I didn't call him about a fiber standby yesterday on my first ticket. IVE HAD ENOUGH WEEK. ITS DONE, FINISHED. OH ONE MORE DAY. What else could go wrong?

The word is keep going it's gotta turn around sometime, you quit you lose.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Payback and a good run

Trying for a run all the last week since the race w/ no luck w/ 3 works and a little pay back for the last 7 to 9 months. NO TIME
Good day so far w/no running yet this week and am working this sat locating in my old area feels good to be kind of back.
Feel good about yourself at least there not calling you personlly and only wanting some roger and not just one creditor about 10 or 12 on the company phone. No wander he is gone!!
daughters volley ball team wins it seems the important ones at least going for 1 or 2. And it will be 2nd they got there ___ 's handed to them.
back to work and it went pretty well 20 stop in 8.25 not bad not good. Now lets get to some possible running a good 10 would be great!!!
One good run 8 miles in 1:30:00 did that ever feel good but it was slow it seemed.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The day after

Easy day one of the last coming up for a little giving back. But I went on a 8 mile easy ride around the town and lake. The wife thought it was not a very bright idea to do.

Though the thing w/ finishing the race is that going though my phonebook on the cell afterward and today I didn't have or had any one to call and tell about the run. The wife has told more people than I have. People she knows that know me have come up. Thats why I wanted to do that race so only a few would see.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My race report for the Spirit of the Prairie Oct 11th 2008. It is one race that will not be forgotten for a long time. I heard and do now believe the there is an Ultra family togatherness that you just can't find at the smaller races. The post race meal with everyone. Being able to meet some of the people your running with and make a few new friends.Around 120 give or take some at the meal the night before. There was pasta, roast beef, cole slaw, homemade bread, salad and peach and blueberry cobbler.

Home bound one of very few that got to sleep in his own bed to wake up early for the 5 am check in. Even there everyone seeing were the other came from. Where I met a person from twitter and 2 bloggers that I've read. That was very different to see people that you have always read about right there.Race start I found a couple that were doing the 50 mile and from Wichita, Ks and hung back not to go out to fast. During the way met the director for the plains 100 and talked a bit. It was a good easy 5 mile an hr pace. Though the pack was getting spread out as time went on, but keeping distracted with a little commiserating the time and miles flew. Day break came and you couldn't get a better view. Passing the unmanned aide station and going to the manned one you had banana's potato's M&M's salt cheeseit's sports drink water goo's enduralight caplets cookies pretzel's PB&J and or just ask it might be there.

It was clear to see that if nature called there was respect given at anytime because it may be you later. Little after the 2nd aide station fill up of the camel back the first of 4 one shirt had to go. I was warming up getting warmer up to 80. My running weather but not others. I was doing quite well on the last leg to the turnaround feeling the wind picked up and would hit us for a good while coming back on that part I trained for that too. At the turnaround I left the running partner for a faster lonelier pace, against the wind was great and was still strong. I was pretty much alone out there couldn't see anyone then a red speck. So I went to a nice easy pace and never stopped to catch whoever it was. It was a little under 20 mile left when I got him. Stayed for a couple of miles till I figured I could possibly make it under 10 hours.At the unmanned stop I grabbed a glass or 2 of water and he said don't let me hold you up. I told him running off not to worry I wouldn't let him pass me.

13 to go an then the quick fill at the last full service aide station. 8.6 to go it was like 2 laps around the lake that's all I had to do. Just 2 training laps and it was done. A good short quick pace no stopping but it was getting tough out of water and salt the legs were going. Down the home stretch paved road to the finish where the wife was and daughter ringing the cow bell with others as we slowly came in. It was a finish of 9:38:20 for my first 50 miler. It was sweet so sweet and now seemed so easy. My mind can now be at ease from long ago and my reason is done, but I've found another! Find that reason!Looking now for that close 100k or 100 miler and yes I like to over do it!