Thursday, March 26, 2009

The 2nd Hard Week Day 5

The second week is going good so far getting the miles 6.75 Sun, 20 on Tues and 13.1 Wed. Then now I hope to get in a 18 to 20 miler in today 3/26. I just think the big guy has just got in in for me this time around. There seems to be one of those nice big global warming snow storms coming our way with blizzard conditions. Don't we just all love all this global warming. It is coming at a very critical time I need this high milage week with a possible 30 miler. If not for just confidence sake! This week I have been streching and trying to loosen up as much as possible. From the weekend I have been able to sit on my heels again with just a little pain and come back up, but do get stiff from to much standing in one place. The lesson here DO STRECH!!! Now its just watching radar and hoping it goes elsewhere. In the time of writing now the lying weatherman says its to start today. Just give me that 3hr window as I get home. It was to start tomorrow. For now It stands at 40 miles complete and on standby till this afternoon to see what happens.

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