Monday, September 21, 2009

That was it!! 18 days left.

This is was the last big weekend for long runs to be had for race prep. I had a grand total of 63.8 miles for last week which I think was between good and oh! Well... Friday I had 6.3 and Saturday 10.7 and Sunday 25.20 a 4:45:00 minute long run just to be out there for the time. But you know how that goes when I logged it on Buckeyeoutdoors and seen the 11.30 pace that really blew.

Last week was good and bad with the Achilles it hurt on some days and not others.
I really wish it would make up which direction it will go. I had all the stretching I could do for the week to it seemed to help loosen them up but then were a little tired then. It could have been the P90X yoga that I followed to; it was a little different than yogamazing. There’s a little more intense stretching and poses going on. I still recommend any of that if your tight or having lots of muscle pulls. There is no oommmming in that if that’s deterring you from doing it after a run or during the day.

I believe I just have 2 hour runs and maybe a 3 on the next weekend or so. It is now going to be all about getting stretched out and healed as best I can. Eating better and getting to bed at a decent time which is high on the agenda because you’d be amazed how badly I’ve eaten and the 3 ½ hours of sleep a night I’ve been getting I haven’t dropped by now.

To cut to the chase for now whatever it takes to break the 9 hour mark and will be very disappointed if I don’t. Because as ya know there are only 2 finish lines in a race!! The Tylenol is ready and I do or will though have one goal down during race week or day. My goal of 2000 miles for the year should be done then an rest will be extra.

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