Saturday, August 29, 2009

Still going..

Yes still at it and should be good this weekend! So far I have a 5 hour long run in from a little over a week ago and last weekend was fair with a 3:35 min long run on Saturday an a 3:00 hour run for Sunday. This weekend I’m planning on two 4’s one after the other or a 4 hr and then a 5, I just haven’t decided on which one yet. For some those are marathon times and only are out there that long when they are doing them. I a lot of times go out early then start to latch on to people following them and usually out lasting them by a long way. Sometimes when they find out how long I’ve been out there ( when I do answer them its very casual ) they look as if I’m nuts.  They ask what I’m training for over half the time I’ll say (for peace of mind) just to be out here. It’s just fun to see how far you can go every now and again. Then sometimes I'll actually tell them about the ultra, it just depends on the mood. Right now I'm procrastinating on this 5 hour run, sitting well you know getting ready for the long runs go. Well really I better get the drink and eats ready now before she the wif starts to grumble. 

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