Friday, November 30, 2007

Popping leg hip joint

Well hopefully I can get that popping fixed in the leg hip area trying to get it better and or not by still running but on it. Hope the chiropractor is all it needs. That he can set it straight. We'll see tonight.Keep'em crossed to be able to run tonight before the ice and slush gets here. Probably run on the treadmill, just got to get going on the bike as I just cleaned it and and steel wooled the chrom/steel to get it nice and shiny. It may be an old 10 speed fuji. But It looks like it came out of the store and I can what feels like I could ride all day.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Holiday's hhmmm.

The holiday's and retail. I thought when you retired as one put it from that part-time job to go on call. You didn't show up more than when you were on the schedule. When your a D. A. and you call in all you get is running to get some item that's going to turn up as one of the gifts on the island of unwanted toys! Instead of your long run.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Beautiful night for a run

Out and about on a beautiful night for a run about 50 deg and a breeze. One 5 mile bike and a 3 mile run on a treadmill in the garage. Dark and the streets were pretty quiet but the bike lite up with tail light blinker and blinking front light with wheel lights no one to miss me unless there blind. A 5 mile bike with a time of 20:50 and a run of 24:23. How this happens is beyond me with not being as regular as I should. I go for times and expect to get burnt but just keep getting better. Though I guess I'm just out there more for the time being just to have fun. Maybe and hopefuly I can keep that up. I did lose keys on the last mile of the bike and when I found them they had been run over and just one key was broke at the keyring hole. Can you get to lucky.

It's all going wrong

Can I not get any thing in with job orders not sent and not found needing to be done today searching and not finding it. More honey-do's and just getting to plain to dark way to early. Now with a certain item going on, no running after so late and I've got sqwat in. I need to get out tonight getting all nerved up again. It's just one of those things you just need to do. A reliever 5 miler will be great if I take it easy I think the leg / hip popping thing will O.K. Well all the lights are up and nothing left that I'm aware. It just blows that I was bringing in good times and it's slowly fading.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Day of work and no play

Another cold day. I wish these 40's for highs would get. By the time it gets good enough I'm having to be on the garage, cleaning leaves, recycling, x-mas lights and the hardest thing to do is get rid of 2 bikes. Ordered to be gone today. They were ones I fixed up and saved from the trash. Then the yearly calander we make get it fixed up for pictures. Then get dvd's made of all are VHS tapes of our daughter. What great fun. while she went to craft shows and spent money on what I believe are worthless overpriced junk. I found I am now working at the part-time job for someone from 12 to 8:30. I am to be leaving there but still show up just as much as if I was on the schedule. The dissapointment for some. So If I am to get anything in tomorrow I had better be quick with this. It's been 20's in the morning and 40's for highs. I cannot waite for the cold spell to move on. I guess on the bright side she couldn't find anything really not done or out of place. Which is a good thing. I will try to get the daughters duel-tri race posted from the spring. Which was a lot better than this. I am going to try to get out in the morning and It's going to be cold.

Friday, November 23, 2007

This must be one of the things

Yes this is the holidays and no time for much of anything. No running yesterday and or today for Thanksgiving yet. Don't know that it will happen either. It is a day for family and friends and needed time together. Allot of toning weights light and high reps when I can get away with out getting caught. I do lots of knee lifts from hanging it does help greatly with cramps when running. If I get them in I'll be happy.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Putting in the time and Beleifs

It's been hard gettig in the workouts to keep up any kind of a base. I've been doing bricks of 5 mile bikes and 5k runs w/ a prospective 20:30 and 27:08 and treadmill 5m in 43:40 just to get it in. She didn't what me out and about. Listening to a podcast gave me some goals to set. Insparational and positive leading me to understand that the only thing that was keeping me back was others beleifs about me affermed and aquired in my own mind. My goals so far set and aquired were quiting chewing copenhagen 24 hrs. 7 days a week, beleif in myself, and new job w/one of the 2 companies that I was told who would want to hire you there, completed and PR'D my 2nd 1/2 marathon (PWWHM) w/ a time 1:53:28 and 4 mile race (loop the lake run)that I came in 4th at 31:18. Control and beleiving in in yourself is a powerful thing and is one thing that you should never give up. Now with a good job and as soon as Christmas is over will be able to get alot more done with more confidence and stronger mind not being tied to chewing.