Thursday, July 23, 2009

Did he get to go!!

 The answer is…… no! But I almost got to go anytime I wanted. I needed to wait for a call from them then I was told to go. But  then tried another OS for the instead of the daughters shot XP backup disks. (computer crash) But whoops you gotta grill these first, now eat and in the mix get it for D/L another Linux OS before eating. Then I knew I was in for it and I not going running tonight. The all glorious one has a news conference Telling us how he’s going to save us and what we need. What a crock  --  ----. The quickest way to Socialism. We got in to the discussion I have no compassion and understanding just plan selfish. That I didn’t need to put that on the daughter’s computer to get her up and running. That was a long discussion and then to late to go.

I’ll give it a try tonight and she can give all 4 of the bikes away, what the hec.

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