Thursday, August 27, 2009

Still among living!!

After the biathlon it’s been a little while and it’s been hot. I don’t have the pleasure of running to late in the evening when it’s cooler or when a big storm is coming. So Those times I’ve got to go. Since the last post it’s been 100 deg and ran consistent 13 milers to keep the feeling of tired legs and me. In which you could see the ring of salt going around the shorts. People around this time of training are always asking as I go by how many times do you go around and aren’t you done yet. They are just seeing me to many times going around the 4 mile loop of the lake for 10, 13 or more miles. I got to run though a couple really good storms that lighting and very loud thunder were in close and coming in. 2 of the storms were not that bad, like good spring showers with a couple of strikes here and there with the really cool long rumbles of thunder that just stretched on. Then with my brilliance and hey for once it was not just me with the sightedness of safety. One storm past and I thought along with this girl that “Oh hey I have time to make it around for 6 miles looping the lake before the next one which was wrong and a bad idea! We got half way around, the rain was coming at us sideways and the lightning was much more intense. Which then or a little before that realized what poor judgment we had that night, though it was one of the fastest times I’ve had for 6 miles in a long time. I haven’t been posting either because I’ve been setting at the desk and within about 15 minutes I’m asleep and don’t wake up till 2:00 am then go to bed for the rest of the 2:30 minutes that I have left. Summer and the big weeks 7 weeks out just drain me.

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