Thursday, March 5, 2009

It was a great run

Finally a great run and I can say on the mend. Taking nothing I took off
with my daughter as she's getting ready for track for a 2 mile run in which we did in 20 min and dropping her back at the house I did the rest of my 13 and some miles it was awesome. Where I normally do stretch a little I could get up on my own from a squat position and was now headed around the lake. Beautiful afternoon to alot of walkers and helping me to get a push off them to doing loops on the side roads and catching them again. I was only a mile slightly off pace and going. I believe I finally figured what the problem was with the knee's, thighs and legs. 2 weeks ago when it started I started to run this cut prairie field and that was it 3 miles a night on that is what did it. I may not get to free state and my not get to the spirit of the prairie the funds I have for one then none for SOP or not enough for SOP and in waiting to gather enough I may be out due to it being full up. DELIMA It you have 40 thats burning a hole in you pocket just let me know!

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