Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Was worried but just a dork.

I was just a little worried something was wrong I had 2 nice runs on Fri and Sat and a day off on Sun. Las night I only planned a lowly 6 mile easy run. Or at least I thought on the normal route that I just could not seem to get out of pain and stiffness mode. I ached and legs were just plain heavy keeping going was more of a challenge than running that 50 mile ultra last year. Then just this morning I looked at buckeyeoutdoors.com there was the reason for the not very good feeling run it was that I ran 70 miles last week. As my daughter would say you dork. With no free state because no money left there was no tension in really getting in the miles, I just ran. I will be getting registered for the Spirit of the Prairie 100 mile in the second Sat of Oct tomorrow though.That’s what took the money for the first race all $115 of it. I think I will be simmering down and building miles in a cut pasture.

I also when starting my run I had seen the daughter’s 7th grade group of distance runners heading on their way back. Having to give her the sign to get up there quit slacking.
The other nice thing to end out the day was I got to tell her now she’s a runner because she always told me she was not. All she had to say was “shut up you dork.” That was because she says I run too much and aliens must have come down and swapped out my brain or something.

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