Monday, September 14, 2009

24 days can they go by any faster!!

24 days till Heartland 50 can they go by quicker, but then when its over it will be awhile before the next which will be hard. This week turning to be a very good good one so far. No achilles problem and no muscle pull anymore as of yet after last weeks 3 days off on tues, wed, and thurs. I had a great start to the weekend had a 17 miler and then a 13 and a twinge still in the foot, then a nice slow 20 in 3:10 not to rush and ruin a good thing. I wanted to get that 5 hour run out of the way this weekend but I have one more shot at it this weekend coming with 3 weeks left. The stresses of this are nothing to what happens here. The wife doesn't want around (she doesn't) then complains when I try to stick around to help. Everyone knows JOB and just keeping up wih life. I have started debating on what to do at this race.

It is the second time and my 3rd ultra. Do I try to beat my time from last year of 9:38 for 50 or do I stretch it out to 13:50 something just to stay out longer. Granted it really does not matter to me. I will find out the day before the race. For me all that matters is to just finish the race to be able to say to someone there's another failure finished. That is one from last year just read the blog from last year. Brief overview;

1. Wanted to do a marathon had not ran in 20 yrs.
2. Was told I was showing off
3. Started running in the country
4. Picked an obscure 50 mile ultra (it was cheaper by 10 bucks)
5 Had her mail it off she didn't read how far on the form
6. 2 ?'s after telling her
7. Why one of those when you haven't even done a marathon
8. Why are you setting yourself up for failure
9. My answers were
10. Because it's there and I'm not!!

This year I'll have no one out there she said she's not coming and I'm not calling this time!!
My parents that missed my last two knew the date and were going to be there this time because we were not talking on the fist, the second she was running the sound board at church (more important). Then Ooops! A gal she worked with a year an a half ago is getting married and lives in Tx. They gotta be there. I really think its funny because I could care less.I've learned though where I stand in line. This is just a if you think you have it bad things. Though though only rule comment on anything except this paragraph.

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