Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Biathlon Depression Bluses

Ahhhh, who knows didn't get to run saterday had to work and a big thing that needed my assistance the wife said, and it was a movie that I had to watch. No shooting and no explosions. It was "the ugly truth" no bad but it doesn't beat getting out for the 3.5 to 4 hr run I was suppose to do.

Biathlon morning up and ready to go the one who wanted me to do this couldn't come, had to run a sound board another race to miss I'm not going to worry about it. It was a fun race I got to do anyway A summer biathlon with my 2 favorite things running and shooting. Well we got there and I thinking one week and a half that I had to pick up the speed. Yea right, I had to run 3 loops just to get warmed up. Then we had to get our instructions then vidieo showing how we or more or less beginners on how to shoot lying and standing. I had 2 - 5 round practices and one more loop around the course. It started at a staggered start minusing off yor start time, mine at 14 minutes for me and minus off 15 sec for each shot hit lying and 30 sec for each shot standing. I hit 2 lying and 3 standing. That did knock off 2 minutes from my race time from26:11 to make it 24:11. Still though not good enough to place. Who knew the were so many 40 to 49 age group people that ran faster than that when I couldn't find one.

I started off and kept up with the guy I was paired up with for a block then he got some distance on me. I shot quick and caught him going out again. I think it helped I was pissed I'd only hit 2. Standing at the end of the second I got 3 hits and was not a happy camper. Everyone was holding there own on the second lap and the 3rd I put all I had in the last 1500m I overtook about 10 people and thought I just might have that chace to place. Untill I saw the times. Still 3 minutes off I'd like to have seen these guys, and where they came from.

We had one 19 minute and 2 - 20minute 5k's with time never stopping while you were shooting. That is depressing, but my best 5k is 23:04 and that's without shooting from a year ago. So I don't know I'm a little mixed on that. I know that my time is about a 8:40 mile with shooting so aaaaa oh well. I'll kick there ....... Next year.

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