Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I said it was going to good!!

Yes I knew it was going to well. It started last week a little ache in the leg, thinking it was just the achilles going just to be irratible. Then friday night it went, where I don't walk for nothing I did at the 8th mile to the school to see how the football game was going and walking around to give it a break, it's a pain from the heel to the bottom of the butt. Though I and a couple of others think it's just a muscle that has not been used untill now that I've been really stretching out good. Since the first race I havn't been able to bend over and touch the floor and after 3 weeks of the yoga for runnes and the knees and feet episodes that is happening which still has given me more miles in 3 weeks then I had done in April for Free State witch I take with no complaining even with that nagging pain. Just played it safe this weekend and ran my 9 on Friday and a 3 hour run on Saterday took an off day for the nagging and Monday labor day cracked out a 23.08 miler in that 4 hour run taking it easy and carefully to irratate it. Here it's 34 days till heartland and coming down to the wire with only 2 more good weekends to get anything in before the taper. Just checked also on buckeyeoutdoors that I have 245 to 250 miles left for 2000 miles for the year. Now how to work the rest of the training to get the 2 grand when running the 50 mile ultra. Well I'll have my 2000 now just have to work for that sub 9 hr 50.

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