Thursday, July 30, 2009

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I had one comment that wanted to know what my strategy was on doing my 50 mile ultra, what I needed and what support I had or would've like to have. Right now before you go on, register for that one race you want to do, ultra that is. You probably have more training than I did to be there. 10 months to train and hadn’t run in 20 years and never more than a 10k. Anyone can do it you just have to want it bad enough.

       First there was none (strategy) except to just finish. What I needed, I took too much. Needed duct tape a couple 3 pieces of rock salt. Camera a (light one) and a couple things to eat you really like because you already have a stomach of steel from eating before you go out for the 10 to 13 mile run or the 3, 4 or 5 hr run. A camelback or waist pack with bottles in a V with the pack in the middle.  

         Run the flats and the downhill’s and walk the up hills. You don't need much because you will have everything you will need or want at the aide stations. For the first one have fun and take it as a possible all day jog and don't ask or find the mileage or know it. Tag along with someone everyone is always willing to help. The support for a 50k, na, the support for the 50 mile you don't need a pacer. I tried 2 people and they just told me I didn't need it and to just get out and do it, plus the above. I found I didn't and was much more rewarding finish. Make it close to the same type of terrain, dirt, gravel, pasture, grass and make it hilly.

      Life isn’t waiting, get out there and do it. I was told when I first signed up by someone. Remaining nameless. Why do you want to do one of those when you have not even done a regular marathon? Second question was. Why are you setting yourself up for failure? My failure was 9:38:20for 50 miles and that person told more people about it than my #0 I got to call when I finished. I was told I was showing off in my running and this is my way of being not seen and all just for me. Always remember the sentence below and you should do fine. It is my motivation to keep on going. Beyond the one “There are only 2 finish lines in a race only one is just a little more permanent.

You can always quit and they will not care, but you will always know!

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