Saturday, July 31, 2010

The lunartrek 100k report

It was a awesome race in Scandia, Ks on July 23. I took off with a friend that I conned into doing it because he's done the runs last year and up to now to do it. I left at 12 to get there a little after 4 to check out the course to see what I looking at and OMG. The course was going to be a challenge the north south parts would be flat or small mole hill types. Though the east and west were going to be the test for the 100k people. I got there and we had 8 people registered for the 100k. That is all we would get for runners for that race. Still I new 4 of the other 8 in the race which was pretty nice. I knew I could pull off 4th or 5th from knowing the other people and talking to the others. It came to be 9 pm an when you think you have everything you can bet you forgot something. Like the garmin that you fretted about and had to call tech support about and the tylonal you just had to go buy before that store closed and there's no time to go get them. There was the word go and just as expected everyone took off on a jog. Around the school and down the street there were 4 that took off. I thought it was way to early for that and kept at a slow steady speed with no need to get in a rush there were 61 more miles to go.
4 of them took off and were not to be seen. I an 3 others had run together for about 10 miles an one pealed off an where he got his name nature break and a little later talking the one I was dialing back got the name speedy. Then Gary Henry of dropped back with the one we lost before, where he was not to be seen again either.
Now it is only I an Chris for the rest of the first an second loop. We did though catch one of the 4 that took off which we were 4rd and 5th. Little did we know we were 3rd and 4th. We found that one dropped on the 1st 20 miles. Then coming in on 40 we found one guy that just about DNF'd
ahead of us. But I told him to get up your running with us your not quitting on us. Were just finishing I just told him. This was just before daylight and made 40 miles in 7:45 how that was possible I never know. On the 3rd loop I thought we were going to be a rag tag team just getting to the finish line. We did very well though when at 1/3 of the way we realized we could possibly come in under 13 hrs. We pushed the pace as much as we could and the rolling aid station caught up with us 2 or 3 times. Then the last short straight away and a possible under 12:30 time we figured coming to were the last aid station was. Norman told me to take off because I could make the under 12:30 I said alright so it put me in second, Norman could have taken me but instead brought in Chris. Which all in the end I should have stayed back as they came in 2 minutes later under 12 an a half. There was breakfast after the shower at the school eggs ham watermelon an cantaloupe. It was great time an nice to be able to finish a 100k and get a pr of 12:21. Would do it again a small nice race almost in the middle of nowhere supporting the Pike valley X-country team.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

One day till the 100K

Well one day left an I'd say it's very iffy on the finish. At start the temp should be in 80's at 9pm then go to the mid seventies during the night then going back to the high eighties on Saturday. Rain chances are not very good Friday evening into the night but get better as the day progresses on Saturday.
Well this race in Scandia I found while running heartland 50 mile when helping the RD set up for the 100 mile glow sticks. As far as I can see it's a very small town with abundant rolling country roads and a little bit of running along I believe the republican river at night. All for the purpose of supporting the pike valley HS cross country team. Well here I go again.

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Sunday, July 4, 2010


This recovery week that just past after a week of 10's or more an then the 5 hour run. The last week I had the same week of 4 10's the a 2.5 hr then a 2 hr run which was pretty good for the mind strenghing where it was hot again. To get drained on Saturday and come back for it again on Sunday and finsh off what I needed to get done felt good.

Now unfortunately a couple or 3 weeks later I've done 4 marathons in the last 5 Saturdays. Making it a rest day on fathers day. To recoupe I am and then was feeling pretty good about the progress I'm making going out in the heat of the day getting 12's done. The ankle hasn't bothered me much till last nite. It still didn't stop a good 12 in 2 hrs. Starting off in 100 deg and ending in 96 deg it was a good run.

Then I just kept falling asleep at my desk at home an waking up at 3 in the morning .

Traimg 4 total marathons. 1 X 70 mile week with the race now 20 days away. One last week to do somthing might not have done yet. I think one good strength week left or  a night run.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The good the bad an I really don't know!

Will I be ready I really don't know that 100k is coming up quick and since the dog that leg has not been up to par. Everytime it seems going well it goes into some relaps. So I've just been taking it slow and just getting the miles I need and not the times I want with not pushing more than needed. With that said it has not been all rosie because there has been quite a bit of pain with what I believe was and is a stress fracture. I would sure just wish for the days of the slight pain from the achillies in the heal anymore. As of last week I am still on schedule for the mileage for the training period of 45 miles for the week but no speed to think of or ability to go very much further because of pain not stamina.

On the good side it does seem to be getting better thur- sun will be a big test as it is a very and cannot be stressed enough very big wkend. It is a 10, 10, 5hr an 2hr runs to end off the week. I so hope to be able to pull this off ad it is all in the mind. Everything os possible you just have to believe it. Just the 3 hills I train on.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

To test that leg.

Another failed attempt to test the stress fracture 2 days in a row. Severe storms an tornados just not a good mix. Should be decent tomorrow. To run the country in that solitude again. Got to try those hills again because I sure do miss them its been about 2 weeks.

1st good run in a while but OOooooo!!

What do you have to watch when getting back in the groove. Well its not do a P90X plyometrics for an hour and there was more to that program I just was dead and then the next day, that would have been yesterday I dd 10 miles on the track at the YMCA. Yea I call myself a trailrunner and I'm running there. Well my daughter wanted to go workout and there were possible severe Storms coming and i was not going stupid the wife said.

Though it really had not been that bad after the first 28 laps then went to cruise. I started to pass people that just couldn't hang for the duration which felt damn good there. Then I seen the ones just a little less fortunate in running ability. Trudging an pulling along in that ever forward motion not giving in or stoping that was something to see.  this was in the handicaped area I'll put it that way. Where a lot of times you won't see that normally I just said to one "Ever foreward all day" when it looked as if they needed that lift. As they did. I just say it was cool to just see them run because they wanted to. Not to just make that appearance.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Little runnng an no whining.

Since the last post there was little running the right leg is just messed up. I got a few 6 easy milers in slowly the knee from the dog and a strained muscle now it seems from the same. Then mothers day and tried to walk as much as possible to keep it loose but just didn't seem to work plus it didn't help the wife said I needed to just take a few more days to heal. I.don't think it has because I did a polymetrics P90X session for an hour. I was done an the muscle was strained I could feel. Though helping out at Numana a charity sending food to starving people through a organization so it gets there to the schools an not the black market, I had the local reporter say well have to do a running story later. First I have no reason want it in the paper because I've tried to stay away from that. But for the couple of people that have complained there tired of seeing the catfish story and want to see something else. I will still believe it when I see it though. Well I'm at least going to give it a trial run tonight we'll see how it goes. I said this before but this 100K is not looking good at the moment.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The last week

Its been a hard last week I took a day off a couple days after the dog incident an last Wednesday my knee and calf seized up. It felt like someone was driving a stake though my calf everytime I came down on it jogging.
I went to the school sports trainer where he looked at it and told me I should lay off the running for a week or I may not finish or even start my 2 races this summer. He did kneed it an put the ultra sound on the knee and back and right side of the calve which I think helped after 2 days. This was also with no cycling or work on that leg.
Then again I could not stand it anymore. I lasted till Tues 4/27 in the afternoon and had to go for a 10 miler which was something, seeming slow and feeling a little sore still somehow managed a 1:37:00 -- 10m. It's a little irratated today but both legs are or have a weird ache to them anyway. Which I think would go if I would just get more than 4 hours of good sleep sitting in my chair infront of my desk and would actually lay downin bed.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Staring into the eyes of Tank!

Well yesterday 4/17 was memorable run. I had a 3 hr run for today and had planned to get as many of the new found hills in as I could. Being saterday we got the house cleaned up for the wife and everything had been done while she organizing prom. I headed out and stopped off to help put a little stuff away for her and away I went on my usual route as of late no big deal or so I thought.
I went north and up to 70th and west to the dike road. Then north again I thought at 60th I'd go back to Ohio and come back across those hills and up Foulton around to buffalo and back home. But then I turned east on 60th and a few hundred feet later I had been in the air. I came down on my hands and right knee an rolled came up and looked right into the eyes of a rottie named (Tank). At that time I thought I was lunch and yelled at the house a few choice words in which I found no one heard. 2 kids thankfully came from the house on the south side of the road and called his name an distracted him from me but he still kept trying to come back to his orginal objective. We got up to the house an the lady was so apologetic and also came to find out I knew them. Which saved that dog from being called on. Not one of my brightest. I did though get 18.5 done in 2:54:00. But because when I got home and just wanted to tell and ask the wife if it would create problems at her work. My daughter came out but I telling her to go in that I wanted to talk to her mom only I was being an ass and by the end of that discussion I am to chalk it up to a dumb ass runner going down the road and those things will happen.
Sunday I took off and Monday was a 12 miler an tues 10 miles. Wednesday I did 27 miles on the bike an thurs 20 on the bike. I couldn't even run down the road the right leg calve hurts like a stake is being driven though it everytime I come down on it running. I now am wrapping it at work an trying to massage it and keep it elevated. I now only have tenetive long runs this weekend. It just started to fall into place before that damned dog!!

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The real begining starts right now 4/5/10

I thought I had already been into the schedule for a few weeks of training. Because I hadnt made out the schedule yet. But just last weekend I rolled back the schedule from the end to the begining. October 9 to July 23 then back to now and amazingly enough it came up to his week to be the start of time to hit it. It also came up to the week of bad shin splints. I think they came from that ache of the whole leg thing I had felt. Things though are still going as planned just a little slower on the runs than I like but it's still getting it done as I'm just looking to finish these 2 races coming up. Which also doesn't mean I get to let up on the mileage any w/ 50 sum the week before and 63 this last week.
Being so good at putting these posts out I've broke in to the longer slower distances and those shin splints have just about gone with the Achilles but there I probably jinxed that now. Though I just put out 30 miles in the last 2 days I think I'm on the mend.
4/4--4/10 week 1
Feeling much better on the runs still a little stiff it will work out. Long runs have shifted to the way back country roads with lots of hills of course.
Inconciderated people: Many
Total miles: 63
Sunburn: 1

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The clock is ticking....

Again it feels like I'm not doing enough to get ready for at least the 100K in July. Getting in at least the 40+ miles a week just doesn't seem to be getting it done. Though my legs are telling me I am. It is something you have to feel it is not a running sore but an ache that just is all through the legs which I just push though till about 4 to 5 into the run. I've not been sore at all.
I have been getting a lot of core work in to have no problems with cramps there. Which have been no problem this year unlike the the other 2 years.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Well we lost GOLF!

It's been a week into my daughters try outs for golf and she's doing pretty well. She is excited about it but then again maybe it's because she beat her so called x-boyfreind in a couple rounds. It's been raining and she's amped and dissapointed, ready to get back on the course to get some more practice.
I'm thinking it's going to be alot to get her out on the track anytime soon.
But then I'm also think if it's a good day for my 100 miler. I just might be able to get her to do the last 3 miles from the mirage aide station in October. Just to get her back on the road. I mean trail!!

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Talking a freind into a 100k!!

A freind and I find one or the other most times around the trail or lake out havin some fun running and then tag along with the other till we have to actually be done an kick out 10 to 23 miles with out a thought.
This year though he's only ever raced a half marathon whenever he's raced and and I have the brillant idea to talk him into a 100k. Yea I'm an ---, and your thinking what am I doing to this poor guy. Before that he did do every distantance run I did last year for my 50m ultra with no problem. He knows it will be tough and it will hurt but will be one of the best feelings of accomplishment you can have. Well a little convincement he's going and and one if not a couple others a girl and guy with most or half of us just going just to finish. It's going to be a fun run to see how far we can push ourselves. For all 4 of us it will be our 1st all night run I believe and should be a blast!
Other then that trainings been going well with 40m a week and about 45m on the trainer. With a lot of push up's and crunches being on the daily burn. Achilles feeling better with icy hot an wrap at nite along with a long yoga stretch program for runners is doing good. For me it's to just finish both of my races because I just have this feeling this is my one shot to get it done. It should be a fun training run in July for the 100m in October.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dentist = painless running

Getting it done and doing the miles that need to be had. No excuses and no whining to be able to get it all done this year. 3 weeks now into training and putting in a little trainer action on the bike also. Then I had the rest day but wanted to run anyway I thought 10 but opted for 5 I wanted to get a good long run this weekend just to test it. An thank god I did I hurt and ached and cramped for 4.5 of the whole run that I finished and which had been getting worse all week and could not figure out why. I found out the next morning brushing teeth and I shouldve known from the last 3 races. Getting going and a week and a half before each race I've had one hellish cavity and there it was. Calling the dentist mine has always got me in that day an never like the wifes wanting me to wait till Friday. I don't think so!! 30oz water and 2:30 later I was of an running and almost pain free. The doc says he does not think it's the reason but there's nothing else to explain it and it even better today. Now I'm back to my 1:30:00 --- 10 milers an lovin it again.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Build up into it hmmmm.

It has been a nice time of relaxing and just plain having fun.
That also ended 3 weeks ago also. Just 3 months of fun and now a build up, awe (excuse) screw that. The first week was a 40 mile week then a 36 mile week with 50 miles on the trainer. This morning thought to get a 10 miler in today but life and wife plus a couple of skunks on the trail didn't work to that favor. Had The time for a 5 miler in 49:10 which sucks as I tried to get the legs warmed an loose. That never happened till mile 4.5. I'm just waiting for the warming starting tomorrow should be in the 60's.
Of the 2 goals I can mention there are 2 races that need to be done a 100K in July and a 100 miler in October. That's all that needs to be done, can be done an will be with only one reason why they will not. Notice I didn't say c 't. There is no quitting or cutting it short. Can you say DI for a pacer!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

One post I may regret, but not my MY RACES!

A race to pick out of my 3, I cannot decide which is the best. So much was done before and during each. I had waited 3 years before being able to do what I had planned for so long to do, well actually longer. To now where my trust had and has been greatly degraded. To make it short this is no longer a country of innacent untill proven guilty. I can though say it has helped me to grow to to become strong in the mind and will. We came close to splitting apart and losing everything and being told wanting to go from my job to my now current. Why do you think they would hire you?? You don't know anything about that job. But I knew I did my own investigation and made the public servants look like fools. Yes it was beautful!! And proved myself from that came my strong mind and will I saved all change and money and in 6 months got a laptop and applied to every job I would have been even 10% qualified for. 9 months later I had that job that I was told why would they hire you.
I had then been able to train then not for a ironman triathlon as I wanted for a first race. High goals huh. But a marathon, I trained in town and had been told that I was just running to show off. That had been the thing that helped me also pick my race. Searching I found a 50 mile ultra and signed up thinking how much more difficult could it be. Telling the wife after sending the registration in the evil glare and the 2 questions I will never forget! Why do you want to do 1 of those when you haven't even done a marathon? Why are you setting yourself up for failure? All I could say "Because it's there" and "I'm not". 10 months later I was lining up for my first 50 mile ultra after at least 20 years of no running. Then 6 a.m. 10/10/08 came and I was off. The wait was over and time would tell. I have had this saying from the begining. There are only 2 finish lines in a race, only one is a little more permanent! This race and the 2 times I've done it had 2 different inspirations and 2 different challanges. Last year there was a 77 year old that did the 100 miler but dropped to the 50 miler and finished 12:59. Then this year an amputee not only finished the 100 but won the womens race in 18:54. Last year and this it is not the miles or the body that would want to make you quit but your mind, but for me that is never the option. Last year it was 80 degrees an this was 35, with nothing but the flinthills there is no cover from the elements. 2008and 09 year were the best feeling to have to cross that line because some one told me I could not and that it was stupid! My 100K was inspiring also and although I never got to finish that one I did make 52 of the 62.7 because of tornado's. It was a rough run and still strong when they caught us coming out of the bottom. I have no regrets on any of the runs or part of them. I did what I could and finished! Now with one goal left and one of 2 reasons to complete. Now firing it up break is over.

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