Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One of a lot of long runs!

It only started on Sunday with the biathlon last week with only 6 miles put in and should have been more. Hough I didn't get it going soon enough because I though the wife would have been back sooner with our daughter. It was my part in miscalculation of time that blew it. Then with the honeydews that we're conjured up plus my daughters 1st night back after a week from the gradparents. Lessoned learned get out and going when you can because it's to late for them once you out.

On running news to see how many 13's or better I could do. Well I did 4 and could have done one more but family things came first on Friday. It was all 13's except for tues I got a 14.75 in and Friday only 2. Though I believe I made up for it on saterday after I thought the long run was not going to happen. I that night had pulled off a 27 miler with only 1 gu, 1 granola bar an a gallon of sports drink. I had to work from 6am to 1030am an the wife wanted to go to the waterpark at first then decided on out to eat then G.I. Goe and a quick run to walmart. I was to be able to start at 6:30pm but turned out to be 7:15 on the road. Gave her the idea that I may be out for 5 hrs instead of 4 if I can pull it off.

The first 10 were not to bad I had a little daylight to do the lake twice and a little extra in the pasture and the ditches in the park. Then since i don't know where the flashight went I had to run the park and around the 1 mile block the pig pen is staitioned. At least then it might be safer but then again I wouldn't go that far, at they'll know where I am though. Then another correction as 3 skunks were playing in the park and didn't want to to leave. That mad it a full road run. So I made it all hills and a little more challenging
and kicked out a 4:50:00 ---26.2 miler  getting finished a little after 12am. Nice way to finish off the week with 88 total miles. 

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