Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Shaking out the rust

A boy wanted to race Becca around the playground at school she and 4 other girls in the neiborhood were to be practicing softball but instead scocccer. Becca had he all the way but at the end you, I and the 3 girls could see she let him win. We did get in a little softball.

Shaking out the rust is just what this run was for. Nothing fast, no pressure. A 2 mile that mom wanted us to do or just bike for 20 min. Becca knew we could blow more time on just a 2 mile jog than 20. For that today though we were better off and safer. Though she was complaining that her legs hurt. I tried to get her mind off of it and I just hadn't found the 1 main thing that was making her mad today out of the thousand things Becca said there was. It was not a very happy 1 mile but the 2nd was different. I found the thing that was bugging her. The dog that ran in front of us and almost got hit didn't hurt either. Except for the very short stop for the dog. Becca went all the way not stopping. When I told her when we got back home she realized that you just have to occupy the brain and she for got all about the pain. Next is a big bike for saterday. Till then. See ya!!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

1st real bike / run

It was a great day not to warm not to cool 65/70 just a little cloudy with some sprinkles mixed in. The bike started just a little late 7 to 8 p.m. because we had one small celebration to do. Becca thought she would try it again with her friend. She wants to try to get her interested. Well see if that happens though. We went up the middle of Augusta (state st.) and by the south end of the lake. Then east and up though the new additions. Just to get out and ride it was great. Becca is learning the gears and able to put energy peddeling to better use. Becca loved this ride being out of all traffic, quiet and the added bonus of a big giant rainbow and it was sweet and the time I didn't bring the camera. LESSON LEARNED FOR ME. Becca's lesson was being held up again. All the way to the very northeast edge of Augusta on woodland started the back half going south and through town we had an hour to ride and got at least 7.5 in in 45 min. Our tag a long was not tagging along to well on the last quater. We cannot complain any ride is a good one. Now for Wichita, Ks we just need a kids Tri to work for.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Becca's Simply Stu World-wide Triathlon

From earlier in the year Becca wanted to Tri it.

It was to just to be a fun Tri. The Simply Stu World Wide Triathlon. She did very well better than I thought she would do. She thought not but do we ever any of us think we have don as well as we could have. But you know they never believe dad. I've tried to get her see iron wil, lisa, jesse and melanie as a role to motivate without pushing her into it. While showing you don't have to be big and burly. She just wants to run for herself not for school, just to be out there. The way it should be!!!!!

We had no pool to use so we substituted a 1/2 mile run instead for T1.

The T1 1/2 mile she had the determined look she was going to beat her time. As we went with a friend on 3/24/07 and she wanted more distance and a better time. We start going up a hill 2 1/2 blocks and levels out then back. Already worried about time I told her we'd make it up in the bike. Sprinting the last half block to the bikes.

The T2 10K Bike We go up the same hill then 2 more going north to the lake. We then went around the lake and were going pretty good we really hadn't worked on shifting and cadence. Then on the way back we got hit by the south winds on the back half of the lake. She I know was tired she seen the ironman 25 video on (quiting) no one will care, but you will always know will and that kept her going She wanted to shorten the mile at the end but she didn't want to cheat. As we got 4 blocks from home at the end of the bike she picked it up. In the yard and dumped the bikes.

T3 she really didn't want to do the 1 mile and I know she hurt she kept wanting time counts. As we still go up that same dreaded hill for the 3rd time. At the end time was 55:02 better than the 59:30 with 4 less miles on the bike Saturday. She had the dedication, and she had to see some results from other races and found she would have been in the top 10. Someone told her it was not a real Tri so she's not a triathlete yet. What do ya think??

She was tired but proud and excited. Not to say the least I was to. That was her first Tri and had a hope that it got the spark going.

The hope was good today on 3/26 when she said she was at school at lunch time and wanted to and wandered when she could do her next one.