Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Second five hour run

It turned out to be a good end of the week with running. I ended it off with a 10 milers from Monday to Thursday and Saturday topped it off with a nice 30.05 miles in 5:05:00. That was a long road to go with it being only a 4 mile loop around and around and around. But it does have its advantages I’ve got five water stops and a place to drop any supplies, granola bars sports drink and sandwiches. The only downfall is a few idiot drivers that don’t slow on the dirt road and pull up all the dust along with the fisherman that also think they own the city lake. But most of them are use to me now except one that never slows or stops to find out why he gets stared at all the way by and or gets a sign.

Saturday was different though my daughter didn’t appreciate it. I caught up with and paced a few runners that came out for just 1 loop around and done. One was her old track coach, another was the science teacher. Then for me it was just an older gentleman and we talked for a while and a girl that I followed for a distance just to be pulled along. Then the last 20 were with a friend I thought would have been done, but like me was slow getting going to. A faster pace and couple people fishing started asking for the miles as we went around. It wasn’t too bad as the temp was around 75 give or take with a good breeze. I was just dreading the bike ride back home with the cooler.

I got it done and it was even better than I though with that time from above that was actually faster by 5 miles than last year and 4 miles from the Achilles on the left and the muscle pull on the right. It is amazing after a week and a half that 1 or 2 yogamazing podcast shows a day will do. I don’t care what people will think anymore if it is going to give me 5 miles over last year and no strains and legs not being tight along with bringing down the personal best of my 10 and 13.1 mile runs I’m going to do it!! The 2 shows were for yoga for runners and yoga for knee’s and feet.

I did take Sunday off though not really much of a choice had to work the retail store all day. It could not have been early morning or an afternoon shift it had to be right in the middle. Also with things going as well as they are I’m just kind of waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop with my full time job. We are the only ones in this field that haven’t had layoffs quite yet in this city. This makes me wonder that there has always been something to go wrong. Call me a skeptic But there is still 5 weeks left.

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