Wednesday, July 29, 2009

44 in 4 days

Well that’s all I got out after the 5 days of nothing. 1--14.5miler, 2—10milers and a 11.6miler on Sun.. That one (Sun) was the worst of all it was just way humid and I still haven’t got it together on the sleep and eating correctly or whatever is put in front of me. I don’t know it is easy to quit caffeine, Tylenol and Copenhagen. But keeping those 2 down is a bear and is affecting it just as much. Thursday was a good run and kept up the pace but seems Friday was just a little longer and Saturday that was not even fun. Sunday I did though get my stride back after the muscle pull pain in each leg was pretty much gone. I thought at first Sunday would be a come back day as we all have seen though some things just don’t happen as planned.

Sunday was bad day as I got out late, headache, sinuses and just didn’t feel it. I went anyway the run was another humid one and just lagging. Then I came up to 2 miles left and an old friend was out jogging. He told me he thought hey there’s (Scooter) he’s a marathoner he’ll know what to do. I told him ultra marathoner I’ve never run a marathon that I will say was his first mistake!!! The other thinking I would know what to do.  He hadn’t run in 4 to 5 months and I told him I’d go back around for another 4 with him. Nice easy jog just to make it for him, I believe it had been longer since he had run. Gave him some tips along the way. But the next 2 days he was to sore to run he says.

Monday and Tuesday I been able to kick out at least an 8 ¼  to 8 ½  minute mile for a little over 7 miles. No Achilles no ham string pulls or aches either. Though 2 easy runs, so the rest of the 3 got to be long and so much for the days off idea, but I might stick one of them in possibly. So far though will it be enough to beat the the 9 hr mark and the challenge that I talk in to this race. This is the half way mark 9 weeks and days to go. At least injury free now and time to get with it while it holds out.

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