Thursday, December 3, 2009

A very good day Nov, 30th!!

I just have not been able to run this whole time except for 2 days a total of about 12 miles. From injury of the last 2 races of an achilles an hamstring from correcting for it. I've had to SWIM I hate swimming and have had to count the days and resist the temptation to go and to just heal. Especially since I look like a fish flopping around in the water. Though the steamroom is worth the embarassment.

The last day of November I got to run with wifes get out and go run an mostly the left leg saying yes give it a try. The turkey day holiday weekend was not good for us. Well up untill Saterday where it went downhill where the alternater and battery bit the dust and working the part-time job. Then getting home and sleeping though a family Christmas party get togather where I never made it there.

Now really trying to get out to run after Monday and Thurs, 2 basketball games and a late nite I only had time for the yoga class at the Y on Wednesday with a 1000 meters in the pool. Friday I need to get out but for some reason I think it's going to be a day. If anything I'll try to sneak in a swim if I have to.

Well the daughter got popped in the nose and bloody and they won both there b-ball games this week, I'd say a fair trade off.

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