Sunday, August 2, 2009

Got miles? Biathlon!!

Another week gone and I got the miles but not the 3 and 4 hour runs in. It's the same as for the 100k in the spring but we have no cold and haven't called it off and went to base miles. Then a quick build up because oh yea your doing the race anyway! I still have about 9 weeks left though to to get those 2 weekends with a 4 an a 5 hour run for both days each weekend. This week I also I've some what went to lower faster miles. For what you say a biathlon that that my mother talked me into. The lowest I've seen in a 5k is close to 8:30 minute miles and the shooting part I havn't shot in 15 years. Even better it has to be a bolt action and iron sites. I can do it but placing will be tough the only thing I have going for me is maybe my age group won't show up or I can still shoot well. Or maybe only 3 will show up there's not many that have registered. She (mother) wants me to win one of these wooden bowls this guy makes. All this cause she thinks it would be neat fir me to win. I hate breaking it to her that just because I run long doesn't mean it's fast. Going to try to get 2 hr run in tonight after work running out to make sure the rifle is sighted in and did i mention its not even mine, a 4 hr one after the biathlon tomorrow 8/2, can be done no honeydoo's daughter at grandparents and race will be done quick. We'll see about that race tomorrow!

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