Saturday, August 29, 2009

Still going..

Yes still at it and should be good this weekend! So far I have a 5 hour long run in from a little over a week ago and last weekend was fair with a 3:35 min long run on Saturday an a 3:00 hour run for Sunday. This weekend I’m planning on two 4’s one after the other or a 4 hr and then a 5, I just haven’t decided on which one yet. For some those are marathon times and only are out there that long when they are doing them. I a lot of times go out early then start to latch on to people following them and usually out lasting them by a long way. Sometimes when they find out how long I’ve been out there ( when I do answer them its very casual ) they look as if I’m nuts.  They ask what I’m training for over half the time I’ll say (for peace of mind) just to be out here. It’s just fun to see how far you can go every now and again. Then sometimes I'll actually tell them about the ultra, it just depends on the mood. Right now I'm procrastinating on this 5 hour run, sitting well you know getting ready for the long runs go. Well really I better get the drink and eats ready now before she the wif starts to grumble. 

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Still among living!!

After the biathlon it’s been a little while and it’s been hot. I don’t have the pleasure of running to late in the evening when it’s cooler or when a big storm is coming. So Those times I’ve got to go. Since the last post it’s been 100 deg and ran consistent 13 milers to keep the feeling of tired legs and me. In which you could see the ring of salt going around the shorts. People around this time of training are always asking as I go by how many times do you go around and aren’t you done yet. They are just seeing me to many times going around the 4 mile loop of the lake for 10, 13 or more miles. I got to run though a couple really good storms that lighting and very loud thunder were in close and coming in. 2 of the storms were not that bad, like good spring showers with a couple of strikes here and there with the really cool long rumbles of thunder that just stretched on. Then with my brilliance and hey for once it was not just me with the sightedness of safety. One storm past and I thought along with this girl that “Oh hey I have time to make it around for 6 miles looping the lake before the next one which was wrong and a bad idea! We got half way around, the rain was coming at us sideways and the lightning was much more intense. Which then or a little before that realized what poor judgment we had that night, though it was one of the fastest times I’ve had for 6 miles in a long time. I haven’t been posting either because I’ve been setting at the desk and within about 15 minutes I’m asleep and don’t wake up till 2:00 am then go to bed for the rest of the 2:30 minutes that I have left. Summer and the big weeks 7 weeks out just drain me.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One of a lot of long runs!

It only started on Sunday with the biathlon last week with only 6 miles put in and should have been more. Hough I didn't get it going soon enough because I though the wife would have been back sooner with our daughter. It was my part in miscalculation of time that blew it. Then with the honeydews that we're conjured up plus my daughters 1st night back after a week from the gradparents. Lessoned learned get out and going when you can because it's to late for them once you out.

On running news to see how many 13's or better I could do. Well I did 4 and could have done one more but family things came first on Friday. It was all 13's except for tues I got a 14.75 in and Friday only 2. Though I believe I made up for it on saterday after I thought the long run was not going to happen. I that night had pulled off a 27 miler with only 1 gu, 1 granola bar an a gallon of sports drink. I had to work from 6am to 1030am an the wife wanted to go to the waterpark at first then decided on out to eat then G.I. Goe and a quick run to walmart. I was to be able to start at 6:30pm but turned out to be 7:15 on the road. Gave her the idea that I may be out for 5 hrs instead of 4 if I can pull it off.

The first 10 were not to bad I had a little daylight to do the lake twice and a little extra in the pasture and the ditches in the park. Then since i don't know where the flashight went I had to run the park and around the 1 mile block the pig pen is staitioned. At least then it might be safer but then again I wouldn't go that far, at they'll know where I am though. Then another correction as 3 skunks were playing in the park and didn't want to to leave. That mad it a full road run. So I made it all hills and a little more challenging
and kicked out a 4:50:00 ---26.2 miler  getting finished a little after 12am. Nice way to finish off the week with 88 total miles. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A half or better for how long

I had an idea! Yes that’s like fingernails on a chalkboard for me saying that. Since I’ve not been getting those long runs in why not see how many 13.1’s or better I can do in a row. So far it’s been 2 with a 13 and a 14.75 miler. I really don’t feel that bad here on this Wednesday even though it’s been right at 100 degree’s starting out on these runs this week. Since I didn’t get to run the whole weekend why not it’ll be a challenge. I’m watering up during the day and electrolyte tabs with a good deal of salt. No headaches so far, no muscle problems or at least ones to speak of. The only thing if I can keep it up would be I have a 4 and 5 hr run days on Saturday and Sunday which will make them interesting. I had a fleeting thought to on a 100 miler I could do and finish my goal this year 2 weeks after my 50m, but like our house selling and us getting a loan for another or owner carry so much would have to go right and or miracle happening but hey its all possible.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Biathlon Depression Bluses

Ahhhh, who knows didn't get to run saterday had to work and a big thing that needed my assistance the wife said, and it was a movie that I had to watch. No shooting and no explosions. It was "the ugly truth" no bad but it doesn't beat getting out for the 3.5 to 4 hr run I was suppose to do.

Biathlon morning up and ready to go the one who wanted me to do this couldn't come, had to run a sound board another race to miss I'm not going to worry about it. It was a fun race I got to do anyway A summer biathlon with my 2 favorite things running and shooting. Well we got there and I thinking one week and a half that I had to pick up the speed. Yea right, I had to run 3 loops just to get warmed up. Then we had to get our instructions then vidieo showing how we or more or less beginners on how to shoot lying and standing. I had 2 - 5 round practices and one more loop around the course. It started at a staggered start minusing off yor start time, mine at 14 minutes for me and minus off 15 sec for each shot hit lying and 30 sec for each shot standing. I hit 2 lying and 3 standing. That did knock off 2 minutes from my race time from26:11 to make it 24:11. Still though not good enough to place. Who knew the were so many 40 to 49 age group people that ran faster than that when I couldn't find one.

I started off and kept up with the guy I was paired up with for a block then he got some distance on me. I shot quick and caught him going out again. I think it helped I was pissed I'd only hit 2. Standing at the end of the second I got 3 hits and was not a happy camper. Everyone was holding there own on the second lap and the 3rd I put all I had in the last 1500m I overtook about 10 people and thought I just might have that chace to place. Untill I saw the times. Still 3 minutes off I'd like to have seen these guys, and where they came from.

We had one 19 minute and 2 - 20minute 5k's with time never stopping while you were shooting. That is depressing, but my best 5k is 23:04 and that's without shooting from a year ago. So I don't know I'm a little mixed on that. I know that my time is about a 8:40 mile with shooting so aaaaa oh well. I'll kick there ....... Next year.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Got miles? Biathlon!!

Another week gone and I got the miles but not the 3 and 4 hour runs in. It's the same as for the 100k in the spring but we have no cold and haven't called it off and went to base miles. Then a quick build up because oh yea your doing the race anyway! I still have about 9 weeks left though to to get those 2 weekends with a 4 an a 5 hour run for both days each weekend. This week I also I've some what went to lower faster miles. For what you say a biathlon that that my mother talked me into. The lowest I've seen in a 5k is close to 8:30 minute miles and the shooting part I havn't shot in 15 years. Even better it has to be a bolt action and iron sites. I can do it but placing will be tough the only thing I have going for me is maybe my age group won't show up or I can still shoot well. Or maybe only 3 will show up there's not many that have registered. She (mother) wants me to win one of these wooden bowls this guy makes. All this cause she thinks it would be neat fir me to win. I hate breaking it to her that just because I run long doesn't mean it's fast. Going to try to get 2 hr run in tonight after work running out to make sure the rifle is sighted in and did i mention its not even mine, a 4 hr one after the biathlon tomorrow 8/2, can be done no honeydoo's daughter at grandparents and race will be done quick. We'll see about that race tomorrow!