Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just a song for that run today

Just the song for that run today! Now comes the the most grilling part of the training from 3 weeks out. Had a good run last night 13.25 in 2:00:25 with 2 exciting things. One was a bald eagle with out stretched wings gliding north.
The second was a severe thunderstorm that came though and all I gatta say He missed me by just a under a quarter of a mile.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Not a good thing!!!

Yes I was hoping to get a 30 miler in on Saturday the 28th but someone wants to make it even more interesting. When we did and had a March snow storm with blizzard conditions with ice and snow for most of the day Fri and Sat. It was not a very good opportunity to get out for that last long run and the only one done for this race and the only one that was going to be able to do. This is now 3 weeks out and it’s not looking to good. It’s not going to be that spectacular of a finish but I’ll just be glad to finish. So as it goes I got confirmation of entry last night in an email. Snow storm Fri. and sat. Clean up of melted snow in basement from LEAK, part-time work for 4hrs and do the taxes. Three days gone with stretching and getting loosened up has been the main goal in these days of nothing. Got to get it this week this is the last chance ditch effort to get in that one more big week and 30 mile day. Because.

There are 2 finish lines and no quitting lines!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The 2nd Hard Week Day 5

The second week is going good so far getting the miles 6.75 Sun, 20 on Tues and 13.1 Wed. Then now I hope to get in a 18 to 20 miler in today 3/26. I just think the big guy has just got in in for me this time around. There seems to be one of those nice big global warming snow storms coming our way with blizzard conditions. Don't we just all love all this global warming. It is coming at a very critical time I need this high milage week with a possible 30 miler. If not for just confidence sake! This week I have been streching and trying to loosen up as much as possible. From the weekend I have been able to sit on my heels again with just a little pain and come back up, but do get stiff from to much standing in one place. The lesson here DO STRECH!!! Now its just watching radar and hoping it goes elsewhere. In the time of writing now the lying weatherman says its to start today. Just give me that 3hr window as I get home. It was to start tomorrow. For now It stands at 40 miles complete and on standby till this afternoon to see what happens.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

It was hell!

I was out at 9am with a 4 hour run the first one for the year which is not good. I got the 13--18--and the 15 done had the day off Thursday then busted my another 13 Friday. It was really kind of rough to get done. I don't know if I'm doing it right this time but I was actually tired after that. Getting ready though the reason I say I don't know of I'm doing this right is because for the Saterday I did a 20 miler In 4hrs. With the jacket and warm up pants onfor that I was finished.. It was not the greatest of runs but it was running exhausted and still had to go to the retail job for 8 hours of standing. There I made that with a lot of cramping. Streching as much as I could though that, it was an ordeal. Do remember to strech after you run or you just may regret it. There nothing else special except I got In 6.75 on Sunday and have streched all day at the store when I could and am feeling better in the knee's. Now to keep that up at least I better!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Long runs for 3 days

Just a tad over a month to go to the race and I'm thinking it's not quite enough. I did a 16 then 18 and a 13 miles In a row. Running on dead legs for these next two weeks I hope will be enough to get it for the 100k. I think did pretty well by the end. I have 1 rest day then a hard 18 to 20 miler before Saterday which I hope to get a marathon in bofore I have to go to work. Yes you read it correctly before work.
All 3 days on the runs I am fighting against time. the 16 and the 18 were not to bad though the legs were still strong and would have kept going but ran out of light with no moon. Though the 13 put sort of a challange to it with running 4 of it in a pasture. If you ever want a work out or run that will kick you around try that. You will feel it the next day for sure. Of is not looking good for the weekend runs prediction RAIN!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Two weeks of big miles coming up!

This is the only thing I can think of is to run some really big miles in these last 2 weeks before the taper. I've done what I could with the limited time that I had and now have. It just does not seem to be enough though. Begining of the year with 13 extra miles no marathon training runs. I do not know, but one thing I do is it will be tough it will test me more than last year. There and so I still say there are only 2 finish lines both are real just ones a little more permenent. There are no quitting lines. I do plan on making it there are no other options. I got to have that buckle I am not waiting one more year.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Getting back into Free State

Low on cash I just had the fee for Spirit of the prairie 100. The wife though said why don't you go on your run and think about doing both but doing the 50 at the Spirit. After a good 12 mile run to clear the head and think about it I thought why not. I can get 2 races for the price of one. Finish a longer distance then try to better my time from last years 50 miler.we will prolong the 100 just for less than a year. I think Free State will still be a tough race. I've only done half of what I did last year for that 50. All in all at the begining of that day the first and only goal is to cross that line, just to finish.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Breaking News Breaking News

He is going to the Free State 100K trail ultra.
I repeat he is going to Free State. The registration is in the mail. More to come later gotta run.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Was worried but just a dork.

I was just a little worried something was wrong I had 2 nice runs on Fri and Sat and a day off on Sun. Las night I only planned a lowly 6 mile easy run. Or at least I thought on the normal route that I just could not seem to get out of pain and stiffness mode. I ached and legs were just plain heavy keeping going was more of a challenge than running that 50 mile ultra last year. Then just this morning I looked at buckeyeoutdoors.com there was the reason for the not very good feeling run it was that I ran 70 miles last week. As my daughter would say you dork. With no free state because no money left there was no tension in really getting in the miles, I just ran. I will be getting registered for the Spirit of the Prairie 100 mile in the second Sat of Oct tomorrow though.That’s what took the money for the first race all $115 of it. I think I will be simmering down and building miles in a cut pasture.

I also when starting my run I had seen the daughter’s 7th grade group of distance runners heading on their way back. Having to give her the sign to get up there quit slacking.
The other nice thing to end out the day was I got to tell her now she’s a runner because she always told me she was not. All she had to say was “shut up you dork.” That was because she says I run too much and aliens must have come down and swapped out my brain or something.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A run without and with

Friday and now for 2 days my daughter has not run with me. Has not been feeling well there is a bug going around that has been putting people down hard. that's not it though. I am not pushing and no more telling her what to do. She does now only what and how she wants to do it. I'm tired of getting told I'm pushing her to hard. That girls can't be pushed like that. I don't believe that though but have to go with it for now. She's begining to say we'll be running everyday at track practice.

On that that the lighter side of things I got to run with the guy whose had the reputation for running all over town since when I was in schoolm. It is the rep that I'm now starting to steal away from him which is kind of weird thing. I had planned for just 6.5 miles and seen him and we started chattin it up and before long I had 10.75 miles. It was about last years race, running jobs and things. It was kind of nice running with someone. Hopefully we were talking a night run or so for 18 to 20 miles around the lake that would be kind of fun.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Yesterday I had been hoping to to do the Free State 100K and the Spirit of the prairie 100 mile ultra. As it always seems though reality raises it's ugly head. I found from the wife that I could do the 100k and 50 mile but the 100 mile is and was my A race and the 100 K was a prep for for it. But no longer I'll have to figure that out now without it. I have been training for it hard to running through around a cut open pasture. It also the last 3 weeks has kick my butt. My thighs and knee's are just now coming around running 4 to 5 miles of my runs on it whenever I'm out, but of fun though. For now though I can go out for a long run and just have fun for awhile and enjoy. Unless!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Getting a push from walkers

The best day so far getting in 2 miles with my daughter again and then taking off again. I headed off to the lake to make my trek around. I felt really good and was way ahead of the pace I had been at and waiting the the hammer to fall. It was 80 deg and there were alot of people around the lake walking and that really helped. With me going around the loops then to catch up to them. Then trying to catch the next set on the west side. That's were its really needed the ones on the west side probably think I'm nuts. I think just coming out of the sort of injured list the legs are a little tired but there working better than they have in 2 weeks. So I can't complain all that much for on time with a little of the daughters pace in the mix.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

It was a great run

Finally a great run and I can say on the mend. Taking nothing I took off
with my daughter as she's getting ready for track for a 2 mile run in which we did in 20 min and dropping her back at the house I did the rest of my 13 and some miles it was awesome. Where I normally do stretch a little I could get up on my own from a squat position and was now headed around the lake. Beautiful afternoon to alot of walkers and helping me to get a push off them to doing loops on the side roads and catching them again. I was only a mile slightly off pace and going. I believe I finally figured what the problem was with the knee's, thighs and legs. 2 weeks ago when it started I started to run this cut prairie field and that was it 3 miles a night on that is what did it. I may not get to free state and my not get to the spirit of the prairie the funds I have for one then none for SOP or not enough for SOP and in waiting to gather enough I may be out due to it being full up. DELIMA It you have 40 thats burning a hole in you pocket just let me know!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Knee's and thighs

Yes the knee's and thighs are being a big issue. I have not quit running for any length of time, I have new shoes and theres only been a bite of tread mill time. So what is it that makes it that it is very painfull untill about 3.75 miles. Because at 2 miles tried streching and got to sitting on my heals and didn't have the button because I could not get up. I had to go from sitting on the ground. This had better turn around an quick! It's been 3 weeks and getting worse.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Long awaited update on training

Training well it was going well till about a week ago. Last week I got 50 some in on bad legs. Don't know whats going on there knee's and muscles are very bad for atleast 2 if not possible 3 miles. Every stinking day. Don't know if it was from the TM or what, but I'd think it would beover by now and weekends have been takin by work or a sewer line leak that I fixed myself. I got to really ramp it up this week 4/25 coming to fast. Then again i may have to make a choice between Free State and or 100m Spirit of the Praire. Sucks!