Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Were some would taper

I did take this Sunday off and my idea of the start of the taper is mon, tues, and wed to do 10 to 13 miles per day and take thurs off for my daughters 1st track meet. She has the mile, half and 1 mile medley. It should be interesting. Though she is not to sure of her possibility of placing. We shall see. For me Monday and Tuesday I got my 10.5 in on both days at 1:30 and 1:40 and had not felt bad at the start and or at the finish. This to me is good in that respect, because before the last week an a half that didn’t happen. Confidence is just a little higher but still could be better. That’s because last night with the sun coming down glared in the sunglasses and did see the branch I have gone by many times reached out and whacked me in the face. Learned rule #1 one watch wear you are going running into the sun and don’t be fiddling with no ipod’s. Still as planned.

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