Sunday, August 26, 2007

1st bike goal met

One of my first cycling goals was met today. I biked to one of the 6 towns that surround us although I have been farther that is 1 down and 5 to go. At the beginning of the day I didn't think that a ride was going to happen today with things to be done around the house. I didn't get up early enough then church and almost had to go to Lowes. Though calling eliminating going. I reaaaly hate that spanish at the begining. We're not Mexico yet though damn close. Now after mowing, trimming bushes and edging the grass cleaning the garage. I got to go ride and couldn't believe it. I took off and and headed south then thought I could make it to (And) in time. So I turned around and turned it up. It was 8pm and and 17 to go on a 10 speed Fuji old and a classic a great ride. Got chased by 2 dogs half way there and made it to (And corner) a great feeling got a picture and back I go. In the dark and along the highway I got back what felt like a fairly good time and no one knew and no worse for wear. That I had gone all that way which they would have said (why!) that was stupid and ohh-my-gosh daaad. I would have had to said just because. There's something about being out there and knowing you got there yourself in the peace and quiet on the road. Oh yeah ther was the Prairie Peddler this weekend it was a good thing the paper dinky little town or the chamber did any promotion for the 2 large rides they had going maybe more people would show up than just 80. I didn't hear or see squat. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Well enjoy the ride then run easy.It was 16 miles.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

My running partners

My running partners are getting really mad at me as they get left behind. It's just to darn hot they love to run the playground with me but at 90 as it's dark I think not. the white one will keep up but the chunk cheats and does half loops and has fun doing it and gets wore out anyway. They like me cannot wait for it to get cooler but does not look like it's going to happing soon.

Did a 8 mile bike and 2 mile run with the 2 mile at 8m 24sec miles. That could be way better. Had a kid on the last quarter kick it and not let me get ahead and it was a brutal run. A pic from the ride i just wish the date could be taken off havn't figured that out yet. The bike also subs for a time machine hence the date

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8/11/07 16 mile bike 1 mile run and alot of work to do

It was great finally a 16 mile bike and 1 mile run in 1h 20m. Not a record time but good for me for not being able to get out very often with 2 jobs and whatever else comes up. With feet hurting and taking inflammatory med's. It's good to get on the road. Trying to do some small brick workouts not really going by any real plans. Just going out to have some fun. I wanted to do the Salty Dog Tri but with the foot problem It was hell just walking. Now getting back at it after six weeks of pain. There's really no way to be ready in a week.

3 goals for the next year
  1. Get job at 1 of 3 plants.
  2. Do the Wichita or the Eisenhower marathon in spring 2008
  3. Be ready to finish a 70.3 Triathlon fall 2008

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