Monday, January 28, 2008

I thought I broke 100 for the month

It was coming close 100 miles for the month. I thought I made the hump Sunday with the 5 miles then, but it was not the case I was a whole .5 miles away still. I still have 3 more days to bust it over and get ahead.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Running and Riding with podcast easy day

5 miles -- 42:45
10 miles -- 32:00
1 mile -- 8:35

What they might think

I wander what they might think when I get off that tredmill after an hour. The long period of just running and if that towel drops or something good on the tube. I'm still straight away on the tread mill. At the hours end or 6 miles the shirt is soaked and ready to be rung out but usually the bike is next. Which makes it worse. There is 80% of the time the large ones, though you have to give them credit there out there trying are right in front while I'm on the bike. You have to wander how many are really there for the New Years res. and how long it will last. Where at the begining of the year there is the big upswing in people and memberships. Not dragging on those but you cannot wait till it thins which always happens. So well today it was 6 miles at 51:50 and a 5 mile bike at 10:00.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Run just to run

I just had to get out to run and still just to cold and having to treadmill it again.
At the gym it was quiet only one person there the whole time for 3 reasons small town, 9:30p.m., and a gym tucked inside of an old drug store. I thought I'd try to PR in a 5k and that would be good for the day if I did. If not I would go 4 Miles needless to say I didn't make the PR. I guess to many good times for the week already tried to break it at the 4 but ran out of steam. It was a good run for the hour I had to do it in. It was nice to just clear the mind for the while and push it. I said once in an email I have 3 things to run for and they are (reason) (will) and (goal) and unlike a Kona triathlete that lost that reason because he had attaind the goal and lost allot of motivation. I believe my goal will be hard to achieve but sill could be done. Then there would be no use for the blog if I have. Though one day it will be attained. I am going I think for one of 3 races here the big O, The tim man long course or the eizenhourer marathon. Hopefully a little money will come in somewhere.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A PR on the treadmill

I can't believe it it said 40:15 for 5 miles. It though makes me wander about the accuracy of those things. It was tough though. It will be hard to get it down again soon when time is slipping by fast.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

imatating the tin man race

At least the short course I've got it.

3.1-- 24:30
3.1-- 26:30

It's not summer and it wasn't the course but I can believe.

Monday, January 14, 2008

To make the cut off

Last night was awesome! Going on the bike in the last 10 minutes I thought, lets see if I can make the 10 miles in 30 like it was the cut off for the big O. I was just over 6 miles and was lagging behind I had only about 9 min left and at a usual 4 min mile pace that was not good. I though did pull it off and busted it out 10 sec before cut off. That was a damn good feeling to get it done, just for myself. Then do the 5 mile run which I surprisingly got my best PR of 42:30 on a treadmill no less. I was a beautiful day after being a nasty one to start. It seemed nothing could go right for the last day and a half. It is the start of better things to come. Now to keep the pulled muscles and bruised feet away. You've only failed if you quit.


Nothing done last night. I thinking a break is due. Joined up w/ the 1000 mile club on and maybe to help push me to get it done more.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Going nowhere

7 miles on the treadmill is a long way of going nowhere in a hour and 5 min.
But it feels really good untill the next day.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Starting to feel good

Everybody is at the game tonight and I have no clue on if they've been.
I on the otherhand am at the gym and running and riding .
running 3 Mile at 27:30
riding 6 Mile at 22:30
running 3 Mile at 26:15
Then doing a little immatating of swimming on one of the machines for 15 minutes.
Don't really know if it is working doing that but I think so. It seems the cycling
is going fast but the treadmill running is I think creeping along. I sure I guess it will help more when I do get on the road back outside.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Can I keep it up look'in for a 1000 miles running and I have no idea for biking what I should try for.I've heard nothing of being there or running to long at the gym except that I'm not warming up enough. Maybe just glad to get me out of the house since the job change. Although I am waiting on the hammer to drop, where thats when my base gets dumped again. Gotta to go I think a little more higher milage for that possibility, but thats not the correct way to go about it either. All I really want to be able to to is the half IM in spring and atleast finish. Last of all tonight another 6m in 53:00 on the tredmill and 2 on the bike in 8:30. I am there
trying atleast.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Nothing heard yet about the long ride

It was a good so far no complaints from. I went on a long ride Sunday one more of the goals completed and without problem. The long ride consisted of going from Augusta to Douglas 11.6 each way. It was mainly a mind issue.There are alot of hills and the last one is downhill for 2 to 3 miles and not a bad thing till the way back. I started out at 5 pm and it was great basicaly inbetween your in the middle of nowhere although it did get alittle nippy when it got dark it was 23.3 miles at an 1:33:00.

Today Monday was alot different 5 miles on the treadmill at the gym, which took 44:00 and is boring to boot. Atleast there I hope to just be able to get a pace mile thing down. I think I'm getting it there.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

You have time but you don't

Today was a good one work was great out after 6 1/4 hrs nothing to do. Got home and the snow was melting fast. Had to get those X-mas decorations down now. Then to work out. Not though before church.After everthing was put up and church was done. There was pretty much nothing left of the day and my wife wanted me home around when they are to get there. So that ment a real fast one. I rode 15 miles in 44:00 and 1 mile running in 9 mins. It will sure be nice when it gets a little warmer. I think I'm going t go for a goal of a 1000 miles running for the year. I'm not sure what a good goal for the for the bike would be.Be looking in to that. How come all the good days always go by fast.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Only one today

I am it that made it there today 5 miles in 44:00 on the treadmill. just seems to long on it or is it just me. I can run it faster outside I beleive. I just hate it indoors I sweat like a pig, which probably looked real good. Like Hey, look he's going to keel over. though it did feel gooood.

Inside wishin I was outside

It was a great evening till sometime during the evening. Went to workout and got 11 miles in 33 min biking and 3.1 running in 26 min then 2 miles in 5 and a half min.
Then some upper body weights and it felt damn good.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

So far

Keeping it going another day with weights and 5 bike / 3 mile run. The rest are still going and made it there before me. All still getting in to it.

A family working out whoa!

The family, yes the family is all working out. For various different reasons. How long that lasts will be the test. The wife is in it to get in shape and lose alittle.
My daughter wants to and mom. I finally get to go to the gym and run and bike because now she wants to pay money for it. For New years we all were there at 10 and were working out. I got some weights in an 5 miles on the bike at 90 rpm w/ a 3 mile run at 26 min on the 1st. Will see how long this last beyond me. I can usaully guess it but I-don't-know.

Getting back at it

Well I got out for a short 2 miler when no one was home that day.
Needing to get out went on a short bike though the holiday week and I did
and my wife and daughter though I am nuts for doing it. I guess thats why
after everybody got what they wanted for X-mas. She thought we should sign up
for a gym membership. It was pretty sweet being able to run a 9:30 mile pace for
20 monutes then bike for 20 at 95 rpm and back to a 9:30 mile pace for 20 again. Then the next day bike, run, bike. It was just nice to do it for the total time and pace and not just going for a PR on a training run.