Monday, February 16, 2009

Getting ready for another

It has been awhile trying to get ready for the race in April. Needing to get some miles in I have ran in weather I might not have run that much in before. 200 in January and 100 for February so far not to bad of a start but needs to pick up in a hurry. Beyond falling asleep at the computer and running, plus 2 jobs AGAIN plus honeydews at the house. Back off 3 day wk week since 1/5, still did not help this ship from sinking. Free state has opened registration just need to get the form off. This time the knee's are really giving fits and just the aches and pains. Being on buckeyeoutdoors and the daily mile I just keep trying to keep ahead of everyone else. I just can't keep from being competitive and blowing the schedule. So far this week I've got 36 miles under the belt and can hopefully keep it going. The days are getting shorter to April 25th and with the nerves from every other day just doesn't mix with nerves for a race 13 miles longer than the last. With more than I have gone before. Because before 10/11/08 I never ran more than a 10k race.
50 mile---check 9:38:20
100k-----in process
100 mile--in process
As I say there are only 2 finish lines at a race both are real, because there is no quitting line!

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