Friday, July 24, 2009

Win, lose or a draw?

OK I get cranky when I haven’t run. But hey it somewhat worked only one bike has got to go. The rule is she's got to find that needy one around here and they have to pick it up from me. Unlike the last 2 I gave up that I've never seen used and know it to. This one is not going to lie rusting!! I call it a win. The other thing that was great she (the wife) had got so tired of me hanging around for the almost last 6 days she agreed to that and told me I am not doing this again and I will be running and better get caught up in my training b/c she does not want to hear it. Another win in my book!

  So today I went running and am done. It was one hell of a run after 5 and half days off and turned out to be 14.41 miles in 2:19. Not bad not good but I’ll take it any run is a good run. Right! At first though I needed to drop off unbelievably a registration for a biathlon that my mother so thinks I need to do. Told the wife I was going to drop it off at there house. She said your not running all the way out there and it is not even as far as I would normally run. I had to come back into town and run around the lake to get the extra 5 miles.

   On the way around the lake this gal and was having some trouble she was dieing. She was with her boyfriend I had to tell her to relax, your thinking to much about it, just let your legs to the work and look around and enjoy it, your doing good so far. Just make it one even pace just to make it and just don’t quit or say that one very irritable word c—‘t. I don’t know how she faired out because he was no help and I never seen them again. At home walked in the door and a good thing the recorded soaps were on and not a peep.

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