Tuesday, October 6, 2009

3 days till Heartland 50

Only 3 more days till I then we find out if it was enough to surpass last years time
of 9:38:20 for the 50. I got my 2 runs in for then weekend and they were only to be a
1.5 hour and a 1 hour run. But like last year I didn’t follow that either. I went ahead for the 2-10 mile runs and there’s not much difference in those either. Though my heals are very tight in the morning, I just have to be very careful in getting going. I don’t know what the deal is with that.

Thursday was an off day for my daughters volleyball game, which they lost they get a great lead and then they blow it by getting to confident. You can always tell when it’s going to happen they get that smile on there face and it’s over.

Friday was a 9 and Saturday was 10 and 10 for Sunday because I don’t think a extra 30 minutes is going to kill me. The wife can’t get that lucky!! Got some hot tub action for the Achilles and left leg and no I’d rather do Badwater before that. That I thought helped. But the heels were stiffer Sunday.

For the race I have a pair of everyday shoes (Asics) and 2 pair of (Asics) w/1700 and 800 miles on them and a pair of adidias with 800 also. Hmmm which one to pick to run in for the race. Planned on a new pair but not going to happen with a story about that, that is to long. Paranoia don’t know but there’s different aches this year and something is just not right. Though after 13 miles of the race I will have achieved one of the goals to break 2000 miles for the year.

Friday, October 2, 2009

During taper

Does it seem that there are more aches and pains during taper or what and it’s just started? Or is it just in the head that its come down to the end and either you have it all done and your good, something blows up and your done being to careful or and you just didn’t get it all down right to make the goal. All the questions that are floating around in your head and all the answers that won’t be given till 10/10. Last year I had that reason to prove it to someone this year, I don’t know. This year was to break 9 hrs, then to just walk / jog it or be happy just to finish and or being under 10 hours to qualify for a 100 miler. I still don’t know which will happen yet. I hope this is the just the taper depression.

The left leg is good one day and questionable on another anymore. The Achilles and the nerve are just not cooperating very well. The friend I conned into doing this race blew up his knee in a Tri and says he’ll be lucky to make it to the turnaround. It is beginning to be not the very best end of the year run. I have not felt so sore 2 weeks and so many aches even from the last 2 races.

The last 2 races I’ve gone all out for 3 to 4 days 3 weeks out and didn’t do that this time to see if it worked better and now not so sure that was a great idea. Well see the only thing different is the great deal of stretching I’ve been doing with the yoga. There I do feel a lot better. But the legs just feel more tired and good sore.

A link to the race: http://www.upinthere.com/movies/heartland.htm