Sunday, March 21, 2010

The clock is ticking....

Again it feels like I'm not doing enough to get ready for at least the 100K in July. Getting in at least the 40+ miles a week just doesn't seem to be getting it done. Though my legs are telling me I am. It is something you have to feel it is not a running sore but an ache that just is all through the legs which I just push though till about 4 to 5 into the run. I've not been sore at all.
I have been getting a lot of core work in to have no problems with cramps there. Which have been no problem this year unlike the the other 2 years.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Well we lost GOLF!

It's been a week into my daughters try outs for golf and she's doing pretty well. She is excited about it but then again maybe it's because she beat her so called x-boyfreind in a couple rounds. It's been raining and she's amped and dissapointed, ready to get back on the course to get some more practice.
I'm thinking it's going to be alot to get her out on the track anytime soon.
But then I'm also think if it's a good day for my 100 miler. I just might be able to get her to do the last 3 miles from the mirage aide station in October. Just to get her back on the road. I mean trail!!

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Talking a freind into a 100k!!

A freind and I find one or the other most times around the trail or lake out havin some fun running and then tag along with the other till we have to actually be done an kick out 10 to 23 miles with out a thought.
This year though he's only ever raced a half marathon whenever he's raced and and I have the brillant idea to talk him into a 100k. Yea I'm an ---, and your thinking what am I doing to this poor guy. Before that he did do every distantance run I did last year for my 50m ultra with no problem. He knows it will be tough and it will hurt but will be one of the best feelings of accomplishment you can have. Well a little convincement he's going and and one if not a couple others a girl and guy with most or half of us just going just to finish. It's going to be a fun run to see how far we can push ourselves. For all 4 of us it will be our 1st all night run I believe and should be a blast!
Other then that trainings been going well with 40m a week and about 45m on the trainer. With a lot of push up's and crunches being on the daily burn. Achilles feeling better with icy hot an wrap at nite along with a long yoga stretch program for runners is doing good. For me it's to just finish both of my races because I just have this feeling this is my one shot to get it done. It should be a fun training run in July for the 100m in October.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dentist = painless running

Getting it done and doing the miles that need to be had. No excuses and no whining to be able to get it all done this year. 3 weeks now into training and putting in a little trainer action on the bike also. Then I had the rest day but wanted to run anyway I thought 10 but opted for 5 I wanted to get a good long run this weekend just to test it. An thank god I did I hurt and ached and cramped for 4.5 of the whole run that I finished and which had been getting worse all week and could not figure out why. I found out the next morning brushing teeth and I shouldve known from the last 3 races. Getting going and a week and a half before each race I've had one hellish cavity and there it was. Calling the dentist mine has always got me in that day an never like the wifes wanting me to wait till Friday. I don't think so!! 30oz water and 2:30 later I was of an running and almost pain free. The doc says he does not think it's the reason but there's nothing else to explain it and it even better today. Now I'm back to my 1:30:00 --- 10 milers an lovin it again.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Build up into it hmmmm.

It has been a nice time of relaxing and just plain having fun.
That also ended 3 weeks ago also. Just 3 months of fun and now a build up, awe (excuse) screw that. The first week was a 40 mile week then a 36 mile week with 50 miles on the trainer. This morning thought to get a 10 miler in today but life and wife plus a couple of skunks on the trail didn't work to that favor. Had The time for a 5 miler in 49:10 which sucks as I tried to get the legs warmed an loose. That never happened till mile 4.5. I'm just waiting for the warming starting tomorrow should be in the 60's.
Of the 2 goals I can mention there are 2 races that need to be done a 100K in July and a 100 miler in October. That's all that needs to be done, can be done an will be with only one reason why they will not. Notice I didn't say c 't. There is no quitting or cutting it short. Can you say DI for a pacer!