Sunday, March 8, 2009

A run without and with

Friday and now for 2 days my daughter has not run with me. Has not been feeling well there is a bug going around that has been putting people down hard. that's not it though. I am not pushing and no more telling her what to do. She does now only what and how she wants to do it. I'm tired of getting told I'm pushing her to hard. That girls can't be pushed like that. I don't believe that though but have to go with it for now. She's begining to say we'll be running everyday at track practice.

On that that the lighter side of things I got to run with the guy whose had the reputation for running all over town since when I was in schoolm. It is the rep that I'm now starting to steal away from him which is kind of weird thing. I had planned for just 6.5 miles and seen him and we started chattin it up and before long I had 10.75 miles. It was about last years race, running jobs and things. It was kind of nice running with someone. Hopefully we were talking a night run or so for 18 to 20 miles around the lake that would be kind of fun.

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