Sunday, April 12, 2009

Seems he just isn’t with it this time.

Well Thursday didn’t get out severe storms out and daughter’s track meet was that day but the meet was rained out. Lighting and hail and then just never stopped raining that, that afternoon into the evening then was too late by the time I could have gone because of a early morning of 3:30 a.m. for work. Friday and Saturday I did get my run in though a good 10 and 13 mile run at the normal pace time that it should be. Not the haven’t stretched time of before which does give me some kind of confidence for the race. It is shaky to it will be brutal when I get done. Looking at the numbers it will take at least 3.5 miles an hour for 18 hours to get it done which I believe is doable. Just have to keep it under control for the first part of the run and remember that it not for time and it is just for a finish this time. Now though Sunday comes and what happens thrown another curve. Church with Easter is a norm and not a problem as was taken into consideration. Nor the time that we had my parents over for Easter dinner where we had a good time after a long time during and after dinner. It was the rain and the rain that would not stop. All day!!! Where my trails would be all rivers or lakes. To cool to be getting soaked and sick 12 to 13 days out. Not taking the chance! Hopefully I can work this as a off day and still work in Tuesday as one also. As I was volunteered to help out at my daughters track meet at home. One plus I did get little more than 55 miles still for the week.

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