Sunday, July 5, 2009

Down time an nursing injuries.

Resting up is not always it's cracked up to be. It always comes with a little more doubts running though the than you like.. This year more than ever I've needed the down time to just keep the base I've aquired. That's been tuff though to with a mucle pull or tear in the back right leg and an achilles acting up for some reason. It's just a nagging pain that for the first 4 miles and the leg feels heavy but after that it works out and feels good till morning again and the other I think I I turned at Free State . Lately I've turned down the running and have gone to swimming 1200 meters for the last week or two. I think I need to get that up and higher to do a little more good. I am still putting out the base I think but without the running I feel I havnt done anything. I'm worried about that less than 9:38:00 PR going down the drain. This is all time between 4/25 and 6/22/09 from the ultra and the start of training for Heartland. Needing to get moving I always get that unsure feeling even though I' still feeling pretty strong compared to last year with a lot more confidence. Training starts soon though with to much going to be going on.

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