Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Going forward and keeping positve

It has been a short bit since the last post but had to be with the issue at hand.
All is now taken care of that can and could be. So many people were there or had come by to pay there respects to my brother there friend, coworker, customers and officers that came to know him. A security guard that was gunned down for some meaningless thing in a grocery store. The irony of the whole thing is that the officer that got the murderer hiding in some bushes got his lay off notice just 2 hrs later.

Back to running though last Thursday and Friday I didn’t get to get out to run getting ready for the funeral. Saturday got up and out to run for a 6 miler which felt pretty darn good checking out large warehouses for distribution and shipping companies. Those were just huge buildings. Sunday I have no idea what the hell I did, the weekend being a blur. Now I remember that we knocked out a lot of honeydoo’s that needed done and went to see the 2 new baby horses at my parents that were not a week old.

Monday and Tuesday we, I am back at it with less than a week to go in taper. It is so hard to not go more than is on schedule to run. I need that 11 to 13 mile run. I know though that I will get more than I want this Saturday April 25th , 09 with my 100K race. Now only 1 – 5miler and 1 – 3miler to go and a off the feet day to the race. RTD!!! .

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