Sunday, March 22, 2009

It was hell!

I was out at 9am with a 4 hour run the first one for the year which is not good. I got the 13--18--and the 15 done had the day off Thursday then busted my another 13 Friday. It was really kind of rough to get done. I don't know if I'm doing it right this time but I was actually tired after that. Getting ready though the reason I say I don't know of I'm doing this right is because for the Saterday I did a 20 miler In 4hrs. With the jacket and warm up pants onfor that I was finished.. It was not the greatest of runs but it was running exhausted and still had to go to the retail job for 8 hours of standing. There I made that with a lot of cramping. Streching as much as I could though that, it was an ordeal. Do remember to strech after you run or you just may regret it. There nothing else special except I got In 6.75 on Sunday and have streched all day at the store when I could and am feeling better in the knee's. Now to keep that up at least I better!

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