Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Selfish or not?

What do you think is it selfish to have 4 bikes trail / road / tri bike and a antique.
The wife say 2 have got to go because we have 6 bikes altogether. I say no per I do ride all of them or the 4 that are mine. She says yes per look at all the kids that don’t even have a bike in our town. Well I don’t know where she lives but if there walk’in it’s on there own prerogative. I had already given 2 bikes away already before that I had put together from scratch from ones being thrown away. That there I was told if not I could quit running and bike instead but I’d still have to get rid of 2 of them in the discussion that lasted to long. So the 20 mile run became a 10 miler of 1:38:00.  Legs were better with less tension from no caffeine. I’ll can still slip in that 20 before the weekend So anyone I like those rounded 4 bikes let me know selfish or not ! I’d like to know!

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