Monday, July 13, 2009

Decaffinaton weekend / history

The 3rd caffeine detox weekend started Friday nothing just milk, sports drink and water nothing else. No I’ve done this for 2 races now and this is the 3rd time. Why I like my coffee and it's not going to kill me. It is easy to quit cold because I've done it with Copenhagen, chewing for 20 yrs 24/7 365 just threw it out the window on thanksgiving driving 4 yrs ago and have not had one since. That Is where you will find if you are weak or not 2 and 1/2 weeks of hell. Working retail on black Friday weekend didn't help nor locating underground electric and gas lines. So people better not tell me I ---'- do this. I still have the lingering headache here Sunday night. So a massive migraine all weekend Saturday and Sunday with the nerves and other fun stuff. You ask why well my saying is " There are only 2 finish lines in a race only one is just a little more permanent" and for me I know that other one will not come because I know the wife is just not that lucky. Though I did miss out on 2 long runs hopefully the 3 1/2 hr one made up Monday.

In 08 I ran 1,705 miles after 20 yrs of no running. Now with this year I'd hope to have 2,000 in by October 10 before race day plus I want more a time of 9 hrs or less on that 50 miler. For that one quick prayer and to tell him he can only watch. Last year in 08 the wife signed me up for the 50 then I told her how long it was then got the look and the 2 questions "why are you doing one of those when you haven't even done a regular marathon and why are you setting yourself up for failure. All I said was I'm not. So my 1st 50 miler was 9:38:20.

Now let's get this 3 1/2 hrs run done Monday!

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