Monday, March 30, 2009

Not a good thing!!!

Yes I was hoping to get a 30 miler in on Saturday the 28th but someone wants to make it even more interesting. When we did and had a March snow storm with blizzard conditions with ice and snow for most of the day Fri and Sat. It was not a very good opportunity to get out for that last long run and the only one done for this race and the only one that was going to be able to do. This is now 3 weeks out and it’s not looking to good. It’s not going to be that spectacular of a finish but I’ll just be glad to finish. So as it goes I got confirmation of entry last night in an email. Snow storm Fri. and sat. Clean up of melted snow in basement from LEAK, part-time work for 4hrs and do the taxes. Three days gone with stretching and getting loosened up has been the main goal in these days of nothing. Got to get it this week this is the last chance ditch effort to get in that one more big week and 30 mile day. Because.

There are 2 finish lines and no quitting lines!!

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