Thursday, July 23, 2009

Almost 5 Days

The 5th day is today and I am holding fast if not to just be an a>>. There has been no running and there is none planned for today even though the calendar says so. She says I don’t need to run if I’m going to be selfish and not give 2 of my bikes of 4 away to some one who needs one. Well I said no as I put 2 of the 4 together from junk with original parts. A mountain, road, antique 1973 Fuji 10 speed and a K2 that is a work in progress. We see who will hold out longer and how interesting training or no training for the next race will be. There are only 2 finish lines in every race and no matter what time I cross either preferably the 1st one will be good for me. Because how many do actually cross a 50 mile finish line. Well I guess though since I just got a call on why am I not running and she’s not play’in this game. It’s I better go running or I’m a pack’in. OOOooooh! So much for the break I was really so looking forward to making it interesting this year. That call was prompted from last night when she asked why I was not running  she even got the daughter in on it. Trying to make me feel bad that I quit and that was not a very good influence for her to just quit. I told her I ran the first to just prove to your mom that when she said last year why are you setting yourself up for failure and she didn’t think I could do it. I DID!

Well happy running today still debating on weather to do 2 or 15.

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