Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The one long run

Friday was the one and only long run for my 100k on the 25th of April. It was one to hopefully instill some kind of confidence in me for that race with no real long 4 and 5 hour run other than this one. Leads me to then think that why would just this one give me this great giant boost. I felt pretty good starting out at 3:30 pm in fact doing all that stretching through the day and week must be working. I was not sore in the knees and was able to run going out from the start. That is at least one positive thing. I was a little cool so I had wore my workout pants to run but no jacket to where at the end I wish I had it but really didn’t need it. I kept going around the lake road a 4 mile loop and just listening to podcasts, no music to just go at a nice even pace. On the 5th loop the local fishing group was out in force at the north creek end and I guess I was making them tired seeing me run around and around. They asked if I was almost done an I told them I had just 2 more times round and if they were wondering it was 23.60 miles done as I ran past.

It was getting chilly and time was running out started heading back wishing for that jacket but was still warm enough. Legs were tired but could have gone on, but for how long was the question. It does need to get warmer on race day though. A little stiff that night but alright

Saturday I went out with my daughter on a 5.75 mile run and was great with no stiffness yet. She and I were going to just go just not to stop anywhere in which we didn’t. She was just a little mad because it was to be a shorter run than that and on the way back we had to buck the wind for the last .75 which was a constant 25-30 mph. There I was smiling and she was dying but did make it. It was a good day. Taking Sunday off.

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