Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The last week

Its been a hard last week I took a day off a couple days after the dog incident an last Wednesday my knee and calf seized up. It felt like someone was driving a stake though my calf everytime I came down on it jogging.
I went to the school sports trainer where he looked at it and told me I should lay off the running for a week or I may not finish or even start my 2 races this summer. He did kneed it an put the ultra sound on the knee and back and right side of the calve which I think helped after 2 days. This was also with no cycling or work on that leg.
Then again I could not stand it anymore. I lasted till Tues 4/27 in the afternoon and had to go for a 10 miler which was something, seeming slow and feeling a little sore still somehow managed a 1:37:00 -- 10m. It's a little irratated today but both legs are or have a weird ache to them anyway. Which I think would go if I would just get more than 4 hours of good sleep sitting in my chair infront of my desk and would actually lay downin bed.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Staring into the eyes of Tank!

Well yesterday 4/17 was memorable run. I had a 3 hr run for today and had planned to get as many of the new found hills in as I could. Being saterday we got the house cleaned up for the wife and everything had been done while she organizing prom. I headed out and stopped off to help put a little stuff away for her and away I went on my usual route as of late no big deal or so I thought.
I went north and up to 70th and west to the dike road. Then north again I thought at 60th I'd go back to Ohio and come back across those hills and up Foulton around to buffalo and back home. But then I turned east on 60th and a few hundred feet later I had been in the air. I came down on my hands and right knee an rolled came up and looked right into the eyes of a rottie named (Tank). At that time I thought I was lunch and yelled at the house a few choice words in which I found no one heard. 2 kids thankfully came from the house on the south side of the road and called his name an distracted him from me but he still kept trying to come back to his orginal objective. We got up to the house an the lady was so apologetic and also came to find out I knew them. Which saved that dog from being called on. Not one of my brightest. I did though get 18.5 done in 2:54:00. But because when I got home and just wanted to tell and ask the wife if it would create problems at her work. My daughter came out but I telling her to go in that I wanted to talk to her mom only I was being an ass and by the end of that discussion I am to chalk it up to a dumb ass runner going down the road and those things will happen.
Sunday I took off and Monday was a 12 miler an tues 10 miles. Wednesday I did 27 miles on the bike an thurs 20 on the bike. I couldn't even run down the road the right leg calve hurts like a stake is being driven though it everytime I come down on it running. I now am wrapping it at work an trying to massage it and keep it elevated. I now only have tenetive long runs this weekend. It just started to fall into place before that damned dog!!

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The real begining starts right now 4/5/10

I thought I had already been into the schedule for a few weeks of training. Because I hadnt made out the schedule yet. But just last weekend I rolled back the schedule from the end to the begining. October 9 to July 23 then back to now and amazingly enough it came up to his week to be the start of time to hit it. It also came up to the week of bad shin splints. I think they came from that ache of the whole leg thing I had felt. Things though are still going as planned just a little slower on the runs than I like but it's still getting it done as I'm just looking to finish these 2 races coming up. Which also doesn't mean I get to let up on the mileage any w/ 50 sum the week before and 63 this last week.
Being so good at putting these posts out I've broke in to the longer slower distances and those shin splints have just about gone with the Achilles but there I probably jinxed that now. Though I just put out 30 miles in the last 2 days I think I'm on the mend.
4/4--4/10 week 1
Feeling much better on the runs still a little stiff it will work out. Long runs have shifted to the way back country roads with lots of hills of course.
Inconciderated people: Many
Total miles: 63
Sunburn: 1

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