Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If it is not going to be hard enough!!

The race and training has started going good Monday I ran well with 13 miles in the bag at about 2:10 with little trouble. Going 1 mile to time my daughter and 12 by myself and felt good and no problems to speak of. The only one at the time was that I got home and was pushing my daughter I was told. But she wanted to be timed on her mile. My thinking though is she cant do that with me there by her side and pacing me. But now I don’t know anything about that now.

Tuesday her track meet went fairly well for her first races with the mile, half and 800 medley. They did get 3rd in the medley. Which that was the last race and made the meet OK with her.

Then the bad news came in the middle of the meet. The flood of calls from family members to the other that my brother had been killed in a shooting at the store he was guarding. There I know will go a couple of days of training and not very good for the legs long rides in the car. Now with some figuring I at least have to do 3.5 miles for 18 hrs to make it at the least. I believe it is still doable. With no plans made yet on things to happen. Runs are still up in the air on what where and how long they will be. Keeping this paragraph short to stay anon.

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