Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Have to get that rest

I'm now guessing it was not the best idea to have that tylonol last night. I was able to run good but at what cost I really couldn't feel what I was doing to the 2 pains. But hey there is no quitting and have to make that 50m in 9 hrs and less. Especially after I talked John into it Ive got to beat him. There I'm kinds counting on him being a little burnt up as he's running pikes peak.
But then this is a few days on a post. last night only 1 tylonol and keeping pace in check and no doing anything stupid I ran a 12 in just under 2hrs was fair. This morning though it not that bad running through that pain a little more smart, depending on what you call smart is working so far or so it seems. And I have been getting to the actual bed earlier to a possible plus to.

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