Sunday, February 28, 2010

One post I may regret, but not my MY RACES!

A race to pick out of my 3, I cannot decide which is the best. So much was done before and during each. I had waited 3 years before being able to do what I had planned for so long to do, well actually longer. To now where my trust had and has been greatly degraded. To make it short this is no longer a country of innacent untill proven guilty. I can though say it has helped me to grow to to become strong in the mind and will. We came close to splitting apart and losing everything and being told wanting to go from my job to my now current. Why do you think they would hire you?? You don't know anything about that job. But I knew I did my own investigation and made the public servants look like fools. Yes it was beautful!! And proved myself from that came my strong mind and will I saved all change and money and in 6 months got a laptop and applied to every job I would have been even 10% qualified for. 9 months later I had that job that I was told why would they hire you.
I had then been able to train then not for a ironman triathlon as I wanted for a first race. High goals huh. But a marathon, I trained in town and had been told that I was just running to show off. That had been the thing that helped me also pick my race. Searching I found a 50 mile ultra and signed up thinking how much more difficult could it be. Telling the wife after sending the registration in the evil glare and the 2 questions I will never forget! Why do you want to do 1 of those when you haven't even done a marathon? Why are you setting yourself up for failure? All I could say "Because it's there" and "I'm not". 10 months later I was lining up for my first 50 mile ultra after at least 20 years of no running. Then 6 a.m. 10/10/08 came and I was off. The wait was over and time would tell. I have had this saying from the begining. There are only 2 finish lines in a race, only one is a little more permanent! This race and the 2 times I've done it had 2 different inspirations and 2 different challanges. Last year there was a 77 year old that did the 100 miler but dropped to the 50 miler and finished 12:59. Then this year an amputee not only finished the 100 but won the womens race in 18:54. Last year and this it is not the miles or the body that would want to make you quit but your mind, but for me that is never the option. Last year it was 80 degrees an this was 35, with nothing but the flinthills there is no cover from the elements. 2008and 09 year were the best feeling to have to cross that line because some one told me I could not and that it was stupid! My 100K was inspiring also and although I never got to finish that one I did make 52 of the 62.7 because of tornado's. It was a rough run and still strong when they caught us coming out of the bottom. I have no regrets on any of the runs or part of them. I did what I could and finished! Now with one goal left and one of 2 reasons to complete. Now firing it up break is over.

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