Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Starting week off well (45 days left)

I did need that day off Monday that weekend of 43 miles busted me up. I still am a little fuzzy in the brain today. Though the 10 miles I'm to do should do the trick to clear the fog. I wished I could have ran yesterday with someone on the rampage thinking that stuff was not done and that we were done with what we (my daughter and I) were doing. Today though I got out for a 10 miler even that it took 2 and a half hours to get out the door to get it done. I thought it was a slow run but actually got it done in 1 hour and 30. I will take it even though I am not learning to drop the pace for the ultra. I crash and burn for that if I don't watch it.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The day after 26 miles

The day after to do 3 more hours of running on Sunday. I worked from 6 am to 1pm unloading and stocking shelves. Then to only get home to detail the car before going out to run which didn't happen till 6:30 pm. It was tough to get going though after 2 miles I finally got going on cruise to 17 miles in 2:56. Now really feeling it at work this morning light headed just not all togather here, dizzy. I've drank water and everything and have eaten. I think it's just recovery because I just feel blahh. It's good thing it's a day off today and I will be taking this day off with no small run. Streching the cafves I believe has helped.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

One hec of a week and 48 days to go

I can't believe this week, though it is after a somewhat recovery week. I cannot get over that I have blown 2 of my personal training records away this week. One for the 10 mile and one for the 26.2 mile unsupported even by the wife I might add. For the 10 I made a best of 1:19:57 on Friday I was feeling great and ran at a strong pace the whole way to and around the lake and passed one of the school principles twice. A little (Godsmack) Hollow, Sick of life and Temptation along with a little Ted N. helped a great deal to. I have a pace down and I know its still just a little to fast but to get the miles in the time the schedule my short legs have to pick it up a little. There I know I am thinking wrong there to. I am though not pushing it to the point of possible injury. There's to much riding on this ultra all I need to do is finish. The second best PR training run is 26.2 that one was Saturday today with another unsupported with just a water bottle and 2 granola bars I made it in 04:26:42 and shaved off a good 20 minutes from the last one. Now as long as we don't see a union strike from Boeing I am good. We would be looking a 3 day work weeks at my job which depends on them and or a 21 day shut down. Which means I'd be working 7 days and not knowing when I'd be getting off the other 4 days that are the most important. The paperwork and the UA is done and now ready for my word go to be a locater again from previous job for those other days. A 3 hour run is scheduled for tomorrow It is from what I can feel right now is going mind toughening. BECAUSE IT CAN BE DONE!!! To tomorrow.

Friday, August 15, 2008

light weekend before it gets rough

This is the light/down weekend before it gets tough. The schedule says
for next 2 I’ve 4 hr runs on sat and 3hrs on Sun.. Today and tomorrow
were 2 and 2 1/2 hrs. I got 3 in today and I need a break so I think I
do a 30 mile ride in the prairie peddler. It should be fun and I wanted
to do this ride for 3 yrs.

Fordging away

Yes it’s been a few but not that long Tuesday the 12th I had the teacher meet and greet with the daughter and took that as the day off / rest day. Stayed out of trouble not mentioning my running unless someone other than myself did. Which though it did anyway with people telling me I do run a lot and or they see me running everywhere. I was only able to say I was in training for an ultra and that was it.

Wednesday was a tough day there for awhile but did finally got my stride in there. Though it was no record it was a good run. 10 miles to the garmin All but for the signage that the city put around the lake on the west side was worthless. Inside of both blind turns that was so unbelievable were 2 signs saying 20 mpg. For any runner or walker that happened to be on the other side to late by then .I’ve been almost hit 3 X’s and that was my 1st round and only got 3 extra signs for 20 mpg put up. I’m working on the next step and could use any idea’s!

Yesterday I had another great 10 miler again and made a training PR of 1:26:44. I guess it helps to listen to a little Ted Nugent. Pretty good I’d say since I paused a couple of times to see what a couple people thought of the signs that were just put up, in which they thought the same way.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

News from a crew meeting

I have not been looking forward to these upcoming crew meetings. The word with aircraft company's in Wichita is not good with the IAM. Hawker/Beechcraft is on strike now and the vote for Boeing is in Sept. Which in case they are not very happy campers at all and does not look good. Which we may get laid off or 3 day weeks somewhere in that line which means I'm going to have to get a couple of short jobs real quick.Then means no training for the last month before the race. Beautiful once again for life when you waited for 4 yrs and again another curve ball. I will still be there ready to go. It will be ran weather or not

Monday, August 11, 2008

the 5 hr run

It went pretty good 4:53:something and 27.13 miles a few shy because of a severe stom that was coming up. I no I'm not whining because of a little rain I had been running in it all day. Having to bring out and put away the Ipod for the whole 5 hours. The other rumbles and lighting yesterday were all up in the clouds though this one didn't want to go that way we had lightning coming down everywhere and I just didn't want the wife to get that lucky. It was not all that bad though if I would not have stopped to hand a freinds house key and get a check plus stop and talk to another runner (NO not Adam) that was going out as I was coming in I would have broke 30. That will be left up to next time.

Both of these runs are after work which is the only way they will get done. Today was to be a 3 hour run though I made 2:45 with 15 miles in. It just got to late and I had to get up for work at 4:30. The problem was the wife finally wanted to get the boarder up in the bathroom and be done with it. It was to only take 30 min but between prep getting it done and putting the bathroom back togather. which didn't leave much time left. I believe that was the kind of mileage the schedule was looking for though. It was hard to get it going usually takes just a mile to shake it all loose and it took about 2. It was pretty smooth after that. I did break my 13 mile PR but am not really sure of the exact time.

The days are flying by and I was really hoping to have a rest day today, but is not the case. My daughter and schools meet and greet, plus the wifes same for the HS on Tuesday. Which means if I'm going to get the run in it's going to be today. There was no loosening up there all 10 miles were pretty grueling. then knee's and legs just were not there. I was only about I believe less then a minute off pace. That's with no Ipod which is kind of shocking.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Rest what rest I just have a 5 Hr run tomorrow

Rest apparently I did not need rest today before the 5 hr run tomorrow thats coming up. I did a 10 mile bike around the town. Had a little fun and I may or may not pay for it tomorrow. I was a beautiful ride not hot or to cool riding the lake and around town the somewhat quiet and peace. One good thing that has come about with the rise in gas prices.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

It was HOT!!!

I just got up way to late to run but no time left in the day to go some other time. So here I go 2 small water bottles, Ipod and a garmin. The sun was getting over the trees by the time I got to the lake and you could feel the heat and humidity rising by the minute. I was also thinking it would have been a better choice to have gone to Newton to pick up my daughter coming back from the grandparents. I though on the other hand had a run in with an old guy that had no common respect for other people around the lake and speeding by and kicking up much dirt for all the walkers and runners to deal with. He saying that I'm the only one that had a problem with him and his blue van and other gray haired fishing buddy and silver/blue truck. I came back with no one else has the balls these days because there all afraid someone will pull something on them and unfortunately I'm to stupid to know any better. I also said I've been told I'm an a___h---- and I slow down for people so they don't have to eat the road. Well hopefully I am fixing his cookie because knowing 2 of the city council we can get that speed knocked down to 10 with some enforcement. Which one of them when I got a hold of him said it was a great idea and can happen but not overnight. Other than that it was a great run of 15.44 at 3hr 1min felt pretty good after getting done. Just one more extra blister and a little chaffing to man up a bit. Well they got home got unpacked and the daughter and I went to the pool for a little regular and family swim with the wife cooking up the dinner since she could not go because of just getting a tattoo. Great dinner and bike ride after to finish off the evening which cooled off or I just got use to it. I'll take either way though.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Coming into the hard weekends

I know I can't wait for it to get here but then again there are the big weekend coming up to put a little ding in my excitement. I am getting there but with a few blisters and both black and blue 2nd toes and a bit of chafing. That has not deterred me yet. I put in the miles last month and now just need to keep it up for 2 more months. It is going to be a challenge and is doable. Keeping it together and the mind staying focused on the job ahead is the tougher part. I have been doing 10's Tues, Wed, and Thurs and it has now been stepped up to 4 and 5 hrs on sat the 3 and 4 hrs on Sun. So far all goals are met so far.